Title: Pres Obama's New Plan to Make the Current Social Security Fraud Legal, and Screw the Working Middle Class.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue April 9th, 2013


4/9/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Obama's New Plan to Make the current Social Security Fraud Legal, and take one more socialist step towards CHANGING American into a Giant Cuba.

I've been fighting the Left-Wing for over 40 years, and one of the things that I'm 100% sure about is that Down Deep almost all left-wingers have a PROFOUND HATED TOWARDS CLASSIC AMERICA.

The Ultimate goal of almost all Left-Wingers is to Change America into something that is no longer America. They HATE John Wayne and love Charles Rangel. They HATE Daniel Boone & Davy Crocket and Love Nancy Pelosi. They HATE George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson and love Dan Rathe, Tom Brokaw & Barney Frank.  They SINCERELY believe that America is a Racist Nation, an Evil Nation, and they sincerely believe that White American males have more BECAUSE White American males steal the wealth and work of everyone else. Every time they stand in front of an America Flag THEY ARE LYING.

If you want to find a TRUE LEFT-WINGER just start talking about how it's a PROVEN FACT that no amount of communism or free money socialism can CURE genetic stupidity. Ron White is 100% correct when he says, "There is No cure for Stupid."  A true believer in the power of socialism will go totally Apoplectic.

Actually, there is a Cure for Stupid, but it's NOT socialism.  It's phasing OUT Home sapiens and bring in the new human species. There is NO CURE for stupid, but there IS a cure for stupidity.

(Sidebar Note) as one of America's 40 year PROVEN and re-proven best military grand strategists I'm 100% sure that the Nation(s) that start bio-building the new species will militarily DOMINATE the last half of this Century. Right now, I'd say those Nations might be China, or Japan, or both. 90 IQ America soldiers, with 110 IQ America officers, are NOT going to win wars against 175 IQ new species Chinese soldiers, with 250 IQ Chinese officers.

The US Pentagon is locked in day-dreams about WWII. However, the NEW ultimate Weapons-System that will WIN Wars in the last half of this Century will be the New Human species.    

My long term readers know that for the past 30 years I've been saying that the Gov's NUMBERS have become progressively becoming more and more of a FRAUD. The Federal economic numbers, America's true Debts, school test scores, EVERYTHING important, they've all become USSR three-dollar-bill statistics.

The recent Public School Teacher arrests in Atlanta for Fraud, Racketeering and Theft came as a Surprise to 99% of the big media reporters. But WHY? The phony test scores that are in 90% of all Public Schools (and are specifically designed to Discriminate AGAINST White Males) are just Part of the giant Matrix of "politically correct" LIES and Corruption that run though most current Federal, State and local American Governments.

Forty Years ago it was crystal clear to me that for Left-wings ANY KIND of lies, cheating, dishonesty, half-truths, statistical fraud, manipulation, fabricated numbers and racketeering IS JUSTIFIED if it helps to DESTROY the Classic America Culture they so profoundly Hate.

The American Left-Wing is basically INSANE. If you TAKE AWAY all of the National Characteristics, all of the Cultural Characteristics (like owning guns for one) that MADE America into a Great Nation and Great Civilization, then it's NO LONGER a great Nation/Civilization. It's just another place with a lot of hot-bodies like Nigeria or Bangladesh.    

For over 15 YEARS I've been writing in my essays that the "official" inflation rate for calculating Social Security increases has been UNDERSTATED. SS benefit Increases have been for years, and are still, UNDER the Real World Inflation Rate.

Now, Obama wants to make the already de facto fraud into Official Fraud, BUT his new plan is to GIVE EXTRA Social Security $$ Money to all "Poor Groups" that vote 80% or more Democratic. This IS the real kind of "Change" that Obama means when he talks about "Change." It's a "Change" from Classic American work and "can-do" self reliance towards making America into a one political party, George Orwell Animal Farm. 

All through his last 2012 Campaign Obama: Blah, Blah, Bladed about "Helping Middle Class workers." (Obama Re-proved the old rule of taking what a Democrat tells you and believing the exact opposite). So WHERE does this new Obama Communist VOTE-BUYING Plan leave the "Working & Tax Paying Middle Class"?

 If you're a Middle Class tax paying worker who pays INTO Social Security, and an employer who's already paying more INTO FICA (with a LOT more FICA $$ Increases to come) it leaves YOU with a very LARGE rough-cut wooden Obama stick up your ass. A stick up your ass that will grow bigger and BIGGER as you get older. Welcome to the new left-wing Obama "Changed" America.

Oh, and in the Short Term let's take all guns away from White American Males before most of them realize how badly they are going to be screwed in the New "Changed" America.

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