Title: The Bottom Line and Answers for ALL of the Current in the news Firearms Issues.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed April 10th, 2013


4/10/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The Bottom Line on ALL of the Current Anti-Gun Media Mania.

I've been in the American firearms industry since 1968. Over the last 45 years I've been personal friends with many of the major firearms manufacturers. I've written 1800 essays, with over 1400 of the essays having something to do with the sale of firearms, law enforcement and protecting innocent people. I have been invited to the White House to discuss "policy." I've testified before Congress. I've been on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. I've been on the front page of the Financial Section of the New York Times. The June 15th 1995 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine called me one of the most dangerous people in America, and they were absolutely CORRECT because our side eventually WON the 2008 Supreme Court affirmation of the 2nd Amendment. Something that for 30 years every left-wing newspaper and TV station in America said would NEVER Happen.

I own guns, and most of my friends own a lot of guns. Speaking for myself, and MANY gun owners I personally know. If I was convinced that taking guns out of American society was OVERALL and BIG PICTURE good for America then I and my friends WOULD throw all of our guns into the Ocean.

We have NOT done that because the: lies, half truths, disinformation, and pie-in-the-sky socialist delusions have NOT "Sold US" in 45 years, and the same Old Lies in the same old way are NOT selling US today.

The anti-gun fanatics lie, deal in disinformation, in half truths, in fabricated numbers, and basically live in a fanatical dream world that's almost totally detached from reality.

BIG Lie #1. The anti-gun fanatics keep screaming about "Gun Shows," and how you can go to any one of thousands of gun shows and walk away with new AR15 having ONLY paid cash with no background check.

The TRUTH and FACTS are that almost all "Gun Show" operators today restrict the booths that sell modern guns to ONLY holders of FFLs who ARE doing NICS background checks at the "Gun Shows."

If there was a person at a "Gun Show" with new guns, and NOT doing background checks, the holders of FFLs  at the Show would Call BATF and have that person arrested as an unlicensed dealer.

WHY doesn't Piers Morgan, or any of the as*hole reporters, go to a "Gun Show" and say, "I was at this specific gun show and I bought these two AR15s that I'm holding up in front of you, and all I gave to get them was money." 

It's NOT going to happen. Piers is in my opinion an as*hole Liar like most of the anti-gun reports who 99% refuse to report the TRUTH.

BIG Lie #2. The anti-gun fanatics, and even some non-thinking FFL gun dealers who should know better, talk about "Car truck gun dealers" who are unlicensed. Where are these fantasy "dealers" getting their guns from? As an EXPERT in gun sales I don't know. Many firearms manufacturers will NOT even sell to FFL holders, but ONLY to firearms Distributors. ALL firearms Distributors will ONLY sell to an FFL holder. So where are these MYTHICAL car truck dealers getting their guns?

Yes, 20 years ago BEFORE the NICS system some people would get an FFL, and at shooting ranges, gun shows, etc WOULD sell new guns out of their car for 5% to 9% less than the local store front gun dealer. THAT'S ALL ANCIENT HISTORY.

Today, any person who has an FFL and is NOT doing background checks WILL eventually end up in a Federal Jail.

If anyone is out on the street buying guns from "private individuals," and then re-selling them on a regular bases, that person is an "unlicensed gun dealer," and that is ALREADY against the law. If you know of such a person, call BAFT who will arrest them.

A "Sub-Lie," mainly coming from Hollywood's Lies, is that there's fantastic BIG profits in selling unregistered guns on a regular bases. THAT'S NOT TRUE. ALL guns have serial numbers, and WHEN they are traced back to the Seller, then the Seller is in BIG Trouble for SMALL Profits.

There's 1000% MORE profit in selling Drugs than selling non-registered guns, with only 1/100th of the risk.

For Decades I've heard anti-gun fanatics say, "I don't know of anyone who's life was saved by a gun." The NRA has an Extensive File of people who HAVE HAD their lives saved by the private ownership of firearms. Have the as*hole Piers Morgans ever investigated the FACTS?  NO.

Every time the Police stop a killer, by shooting the killer, guns are being used to save lives.

Then there is the news-reporter con game trick of going from specifics to generals. We have ALL heard on the "News" this line,  "Twenty innocent children were just killed at Sandy Hook, and we have  31,000 gun deaths in America."

About 11,000 of the above 31,000 are murders by firearms. Most of those 11,000 murders ARE drug dealers killing other drug dealers. My response, "Good riddance."

When Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was shot and killed was it really ANOTHER TRAGIC HANDGUN DEATH?  When Benito Mussolini was shot and killed by an angry crowd was it really ANOTHER TRAGIC HANDGUN DEATH?

About 18,000 of the above 31,000 total gun deaths are Suicides, and about a 1000 are accidents. 95% of the anti-gun left-wing fanatics are Democrats who ALSO believe that women DO have a Right to terminate the life of their unborn child (i.e. murder their children). Most left-wing Democrats believe that the Government SHOULD Pay for Abortions. Arguably, the unborn child is a separate person. However, the anti-gun crackpots do a TOTAL SCHIZOPHRENIC TURNAROUND on the Suicide Issue and say that people DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT to take their own lives. The fanatical Democrats are saying that a woman has the "Right" to kill her unborn child, but NOT a Right to kill herself, and this is WHY America needs total gun confiscation NOW.

My point is that the left-wing's usual habit of linking the murder of children to suicides, and then using that a reason to END freedom is a thought process worth of Hitler.

The question of running ALL gun sales, including "Private Sales" of one individual selling his old gun to somebody else. MANY gun dealers, (FFL holders) support this idea because the NICS checks will have to go though FFL holders who DO and WILL charge a fee.

When I tell the anti-gun looney-toons that such a law means a LOT OF MONEY $$ for gun dealers they say, "Oh, no, no! The FBI and BATF will set up offices all over America and people will do their gun transfer checks at these government offices for FREE."  Really?  America is ALREADY DYING because of too much paper pushing bureaucracy so what America needs is MORE BUREAUCRACY for BS projects of ZERO proven value.

When I tell the loony-left anti-gun morons that universal background checks for private sales is going to cost A LOT OF MONEY they say, "But when two private people sell and buy a car they have to go to the Government for a title transfer - so why not guns too?"

In my State of Florida, a car Title Transfer costs between $400 and $900. MY answer to the issue of guns being like cars is, "You CANNOT hide a car under your bed, but you CAN hide LOTS of guns under your bed. You don't need the Government to sell a gun because they're NOT going to know."

If it cost $50 to Transfer a gun worth only $50  from one private person to another; what's going to happen in the REAL WORLD?  What's going to happen is that Millions of people EVERY YEAR will sell their guns illegally without paying the transfer fee. You're NOT going to park you gun out on the street. The bottom line is that the new law would CREATE Millions of New Criminals every year.

WORST OF ALL, millions of guns EVERY YEAR will become UNTRACABLE. A person sells their $40 old Jennings pistol to somebody without paying the $50 NICS background check fee because they can't afford it. Then suppose a year later that gun is found at a murder scene with a dead body. The police come to the original owners door and ask, "Have you got your old Jennings pistol?" The new universal background check Law has ALREADY made the seller a criminal, so he's going to say, "Oh, that old gun. I took it camping a year ago and it was lost. I couldn't find it." For the Police, what could have been a murder conviction turns into a DEAD END. Is this what we really need for better law enforcement?

The left-wing retards ALSO go crazy over Police Profiling. BUT, good Profiling is the Core of good crime prevention. To be effective the Police have to spend 90% of their time on the 5% of the population that causes 90% of the serious crime, and NOT the other way around. We don't need to MAKE MILLIONS of people who are 99% honest into criminals because the anti-gun nuts have their twisted, delusions and anti-American fanatical insanity.

My attitude is that firearms ARE A BIG PART of American Civilization and what it means to be a real American, and the kind of American that made American into the greatest power in the World. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. If Piers Morgan doesn't like it he should take his stinky ass back to England.

Everyone in the American firearms industry is DEEPLY concerned about saving innocent lives, and helping law enforcement. Especially helping and protecting the Police Officers on the Street. As to Public School Shootings, I've had the CORRECT Solutions since 1999. I Once Again, in my April 5th essay below, gave the Correct SOLUTIONS for Ending Public School shootings. However, in the last 45 Years the fanatical left-wing NEVER WANTED the correct answers, they ONLY wanted their wrong answers. It's the Left-Wingers who are killing kids in Public Schools (and WILL kill more kids in future Public School shootings) because they Fanatically refuse to see the correct solutions.

The Republicans have lost their IMAGINATION and Courage, and it's time to find them. Republicans should be Turning all of these old issues to their advantage. Republicans need to expose the fundamental Schizophrenia by introduce a Bill for a Universal Federal ID Card for everyone in America. On the ID card, a person would be approved to either own or NOT own firearms. (This answers the gun owners objections of a LIST of gun owners. Just because you are approved to own guns is not proof that you do own guns). Then, let the anti-gun left-wing media go crazy and say this is an invasion of privacy and ant-freedom. DO introduce the Bill in the Senate, and then let the Democrats vote it down.

In Good Strategy you position yourself so no matter what happens you WIN Something. If the ID Bill passed the Republicans would win, and if the Democrats defeat it the Republicans win.

The 2014 Congressional Race is very much ON. It's time for the Republicans to get some street smarts.

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