Title: The FED/Obama Stinky Queer Money Pot is Calling the Japanese & Chinese Pans Dirty - the Currency War Grows.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat April 13th, 2013


4/13/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The Headline on today's Wall Street Journal says, "Treasury Warns Japan on Yen."

The story went on to say that Japan, and NOW China are starting to flood the world with QuEer Money, and this was for the USA intolerable.

This is the stinky FED/Obama faggot, QuEer Money Pot calling the Japanese and Chinese Pans dirty.

The growing Currency War IS very serious for the FED and US Treasury. One big country like America playing the Let's flood the world with our Queer Money Con game; that WILL (and Has Worked) for America. However, the more Nations that start playing the same Con Game the LESS value it will have for the US FED and Treasury.

The bottom line is that Bernanke and the FED faggots have stayed in the Queer Money Whore House for TOO LONG. Now the Japanese and Chinese are crowding into the same gay whore house.

The FED faggots should have ended their Queer Money in 2010 and FORCED Congress and the White House to concentrate on CHANGES like: Tax reform, tort reform, regulation reform, welfare reform, insurance reform, and all of the Hard Stuff that can be the ONLY bases for a real and long term sustainable recovery.

In my opinion Bernanke really is a WEAK, very Weak faggot, and an economics moron who sincerely believes that faggot dollars are real wealth.

Yes, the Stock Market is UP, but WHY? The current Stock Market high is a BUBBLE driven up by Five TRILLION dollars of Queer Money. Aside from that, the Stock Market is NOT a real economy - it's a DERIVATIVE. The same kind of BUBBLE Derivative that crashed the economy in 2008. The FED faggots have NOT cured anything, all they've done is bring BACK the BUBBLE.

REPRINTED below is my essay of 4/8/2013.

4/8/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. After 5 years of Bernanke flooding the world with Trillions of US Queer Dollars; Bernanke and the FED faggots HAVE finally succeeded in starting a Full Scale CURRENCY WAR between the US and Japan (the world's 3rd biggest single country economy).

Christine Lagarde, IMF chief, and former Mister of Finance for France who is very close to the EU finance ministers (the world's biggest multi-country economy). IMF Chief Lagarde, speaking IN CHINA, Praised Japan's creation of Trillions of Queer Yen, and said it should continue.

When IMF Chief Lagarde praised Japan's currency war against America she was In China for the Asian Boso Form Meeting, that has MANY Asian leaders. So, how soon will it be before the EU and China also join the CURRENCY WAR? With BOTH the USA and Japan ALREADY flooding the World with queer money any Nation that does NOT do the same to protect itself is letting American and Japan steal its wealth.

If a major nation is creating tons of queer money, and your Nation is NOT. Then the queer money Nation is EXPORTING its Inflation to YOU. So once a world currency war really gets going then EVERYONE has to do the same. It becomes a RACE to see who can create the MOST queer money the fastest.

What does a Currency War mean? It means the World PRICE of all basics: food, oil, commodities, ARE GOING UP. It means that the Gordon Gekkos of the World are going to make a lot MORE Money, BUT Billions of poor people worldwide (including the poor of America) are GOING TO BE DEVASTATED. The poorer you are (like North Korea) the WORSE it will be.

There will be MORE worldwide social unrest, more revolutions, more worldwide conflicts, and possibly a significant new large war. The Bernanke double dealing queers are proving that GOD was right when He said that eventually you DO reap what you plant. HOWEVER, I can give you a 100% guarantee that when gasoline is $5 a gallon the Bernanke faggots will still be saying, "There's no inflation in America."

One of the historical truths in Grand Strategy is that it's usually very easy to START Wars, but usually very hard to END Wars. Starting Wars (attacking others FIRST) is usually fun, but ending the once started war is usually NOT much fun. Once a worldwide Currency War really gets going, the ONLY WAY for America to End The War would be with a Significantly RAISE in USA INTEREST RATES.

Raising Interest Rates will Devastate the Value of Trillions of Dollars of Low Interest Fixed-Mortgages that the now Nationalized Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, etc currently hold. Significant interest rate increases will DESTROY a big part of the Bond Market Value. Without free FED queer money to doctor their books American's big Corporation "profits" will crash, and the stock market will crash. The "Raising Interest Costs" and "Rollover Costs" for the Trillions and Trillions of NEW Federal Bond DEBT that Bernanke helped create will blow any Federal Budget into pieces. America's Banks would be on the Horns of a Dilemma and de facto insolvent. WITHOUT the ability to live off of Bernanke's Queer Money Cocaine the Federal Government will have to enact Massive welfare and "entitlement" cuts, AND have massive NEW Tax Increases.

That's when I'll have to unfortunately write another "I told you so essay" about how Congress should have caged the FED when it had the chance. Better late than Never, take the "Employment Mandate" AWAY from the FED. The "Employment Mandate" NEVER should have been there.

PS. The FED faggots use the "Employment Mandate" to KEEP pumping out Billions of Queer Dollars when the Stock Market is already high, the Banks are safe for the immediate future, and Real World INFLATION is increasing. The GOP needs to find the guts to bring "employment" BACK into Congress where it always should have stayed. The GOP can then use "employment" as the Leverage to make REAL CHANGES.     

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