Title: The Boston Bombing, a Grand Strategy View, and Short Term Safety Advice for YOU.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed April 17th, 2013


4/17/2013. Most of the time it seems like the Big Press is a collection of 14 year old girls. The death of few people in a Nation with 320,000,000 is NOT the end of the world.

The Big Press HYSTERICALLY re-running the video pictures of the Boston explosions, 400,000 times per day, plays into the hands of the terrorists.

The ADULT TRUTH is that the death of a few people in Boston, or Sandy Hook, is statistically meaningless. We can't re-write the Constitution every time a few people are killed.

The TRUTH in the Sandy Hook case that that private ownership of firearms in America SAVES 350% More innocent lives every year than innocent lives are lost. The Promise of a DICTATORSHIP making everything "Safe" is the ultimate political Con Game.

Playing the American Press and Government for SUCKERS is a Game That Works for al Qaeda. Osama bin Laden knew that the World Trade Center bombing would stamped President Bush into attacking Iraq. Osama know the Americans would de facto LOSE that war, and Speed Up America's financial DECLINE. Osama was correct, and his grand strategy plan worked. Osama is dead, but history will eventually record him as one of the most brilliant grand strategists who ever lived.

For decades people inside of  the firearms industry have known that old pressure cookers, the kind you can buy in yard sales and junk stores everywhere for a few dollars, the old pressure cookers make excellent bomb casings.

In general, the longer you can keep a burning explosive contained under pressure the bigger the explosion. Now, thanks to the Jerk-Journalists, EVERYONE knows where to buy good bomb casings for a few dollars.

Hey, Pres Obama and ding dong Joe Biden. Here's a NEW LAW that will Save the World. Let's put tractable serial numbers on all Pressure Cookers. You can't "transfer" a Pressure Cooker without taking it to an FFL gun store and paying the gun dealer $$ for a NICS background check. This would WITHOUT QUESTION totally Stop all future terrorist bombings in America - Right?

The Big Press made the same horrible diarrhea-of-the-mouth mistake with the 4/19/1995 Oklahoma City bombing. (A bombing that "conveniently" destroyed all of the  records connected to Bill Clinton and the Mena, Arkansas drugs for guns deals). Everyone inside of the core firearms industry knew that a powerful explosive can be made by simply mixing corn fertilizer and ordinary diesel fuel, BUT WE IN THE FIREARMS INDUSTRY KEPT IT A SECRET for decades. However, after the Oklahoma City bombing the Big Press blabbed this highly dangerous information to the World.

As a side-note, it didn't the Clinton Democrats long to EXECUTE Tim McVeigh so that poor, brain-washed dupe would NEVER regain his memory and talk. Maybe McVeigh was a real Jason Bourne?

Most Americans are TOTALLY BLIND to the tens of thousands of innocent women and children that America murders and enslaves.

How many women and children did America in Iraq, either directly or indirectly, MURDER in the process of looking for those "Weapons of Mass Destruction" that were NEVER anything except a Con Game? Was it 200,000?  300,000? MORE?

The "Drone Bombs" are Still Flying and still killing innocent women and children every month. There have been 315+ Drone Bomb Attacks ordered by Pres Obama with MORE to come. So there needs to be 314 additional Boston like attacks for al Qaeda to get even?

My belief is that most of the Muslim "Leaders" the Drones kill are REPLACED by younger Leaders who are smarter and more sophisticated.

Washington DC just DOES NOT GET IT. The idiots in Washington DC are Fanatical in their belief that they are fighting Bonnie & Clyde. What America is fighting is the IDEA of Muslim freedom. The idea of ENDING Colonial rule of Muslims by Christians or Jews. The More America tries to Colonize the Middle East the stronger al Qaeda will become. The correct grand strategy for America is to militarily GET OUT of the Middle East, and especially GET OUT of supporting West Bank Slavery.

America gives its total support and financial backing to the CONTINUATION of the West Bank Slave State, and the de facto repressive Colonial Slavery of Muslims. The West Bank is the ONLY Colonial Slave State left in the World, and it's continuation is backed by American power and money. Frankly, I'm surprised there have not been More attacks inside of the USA, and sooner.

Every day in Congress, the Zionist fanatics keep insisting that America has to attack Iran and be killing MORE Muslim women and children for the glory of Jesus.

Who wouldn't want nuclear weapons to protect themselves for the US Congressional murdering fanatics?

My belief is that when in doubt about what to do, go to the Book of Instructions:

Galatian 6:7-8. "God is not mocked, for whatever one Sows that is what he will also Reap."

Job 4:8. "Those who Plow Iniquity and Sow troubles will Reap the Same."

Luke 6:38. "For with the Measure You Use it will be Measured Back to You."

Proverbs 22:8. "Whoever Sows Injustice will Reap Calamity."

Hosea 10:22-13. If you have Plowed Iniquity You will Reap Injustice."

Jeremian 17:10. "I the Lord give every man according to the fruit of his Deeds."

Let's be honest, for most Americas the killing of tens of thousands of Muslim women and children is a lot of fun and MEANS NOTHING. But a few people in America suffer the same and we cry like little girls, and ask, "How could this have happened?"

My Long Term advice is that if we don't want killings and bombing in America than America should STOP killing and bombing people around the world.

My Short Term advice is do NOT go to any big public events that have a symbolic meaning, especially ones covered by a lot of Press, and especially in high profile symbolic places like: New York, Washington DC, Boston, and so forth. 

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