Title: Where did the Tsarnaev Brother's Handguns Come From?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat April 20th, 2013


4/20/2013. ANDY'S QUESTIONS. With the Tsarnaev Brothers, a Conspicuous piece of LACKING Information from the Press is WHERE did the Tsarnaev Brother's Handguns come from? I think the eventual answer will be more proof that the just Defeated Obama/Biden Background Check EXPANSION was, and is, 98% Bull Sh*t.

As the NRA so correctly pointed out, from the Columbine public school shootings in 1999, to now, if the Obama/Biden Expanded Background Checks had ALREADY been Law they would have been TOTALLY USELESS in preventing any of the shootings. The Expanded Checks certainly would NOT have stopped the Boston Bombing, and clearly NOT any future Bombings.

If passed, the Obama useless Paper-Work EXPANSION would have Cost honest firearms owners Over Two Billion Dollars in the next 10 years, and cost the Federal Government (FBI) at least $75 Million Dollars over the same time. For Law Enforcement there are BETTER ways to spend $75 Million. 

America is ALREADY de facto Bankrupt. America ALREADY has over $80 Trillion dollars of Total Debt. The Total Gross Product of the WORLD is about 70 Trillion US$ a year. America Already has MORE Debt than ALL of the Money spent in the WORLD, on all of the World's Products, and Services in one year. At $1600 per troy ounce, ALL of the Gold in THE WORLD is worth $8 Trillion US$. America ALREADY HAS More Total Debt than TEN TIMES the total amount of all of the Gold in the World.   One of the many things America Desperately Must Do to Survive and AVOID a financial collapse and death of the Dollar; is to CUT 50% of the Stupid Government Paper Work and Bureaucracy, and NOT be Adding To the INSANITY.

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