Title: The 65th Birthday of Modern Israel, and Thoughts about Grand Strategy and the Middle East.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun April 21st, 2013


4/21/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The 65th celebration of the creation of the modern State of Israel has already started. Although the actual date for declaring independence was May 14th 1948.

As one of the proven best military grand strategists in America, my view is that Israel at age 65 is already on the Down Side of its Bell Curve.

Everything is relative, and it's Not that Israel in 2013 has less population or wealth then 15 years ago when it was at the top of its Bell Curve. The relative factor is that the modern Middle East, Muslim, Bell Curve that started with World War One is still on the UP Side.

In world history sometimes a nation and people have only ONE Bell Curve, and when it ends its DEAD. When the Magnificent ancient Greek Bell Curve (one of the greatest in world history) ended 2,000 years ago the hot-bodies that were still on the same land never did anything significant again.

On the other hand, the oldest continuing culture in the World, the Chinese culture, Re-Set and started a NEW modern Bell Curve in 1948. China today is still on the UP Side of its modern Bell Curve.

The Jewish Culture, arguable the second oldest culture still in existence, ENDED a major Bell Curve in 66AD when Israeli Zionists declared war on Roman and Israel was destroyed. Jesus had spent his life warning against the Zionist national suicide, and Jesus died trying to change his fellow Jews.

It's not a coincidence that the two oldest, continues cultures in the World, the Chinese and Jewish, BOTH Re-Set their Bell Curves in 1948.  

A military grand strategy basic rule is that Nations and people who are still on the UP side of their Bell Curve are almost impossible to defeat. However, nations on the Down Side of their Bell Curve almost never win wars.

The Russian Tsarist Bell Curve was already deeply on its Down Side in 1914. Tsarist Russian had already seen its Vietnam in the 1905 defeat by Japan. In WWI, even though Russia had almost 100 million MORE people than German (Russia 166 million, Germany 68 million). The Tsarist Bell Curve totally crashed under the German attacks in WWI.

However, Stalin Re-Set the Russian Bell Curve and Stalin's Bell Curve Russia was still on the UP Side when Germany attacked Russia in 1941. The "Rule"  of Not being able to defeat nations on the Up Side of their Bell Curve held, and even though the German 1941-1943 attack was one of the biggest and most brutal in the world history of warfare, and MUCH BIGGER than the 1914-1917 German attack that Defeated Tsarist Russia; Stalin's Re-Set Russian Bell Curve did NOT break.

In the early 1800s the Russian Tsarist Bell Curve was still on its Up Side. In 1812 Napoleon's Grand Army of 685,000 troops invaded Russia. Napoleon's Bell Curve, in what many historians call the real First World War, had turned to its Down Side by 1812.Eventhough on paper Napoleon still had the biggest force in Europe. Because the Tsarist Russian Bell Curve was still on its Up Side the Russians suffered great loses but did NOT Break. The Russians destroyed Napoleon's Army, and in 1814 Tsar Alexander 1st marched the Russian Army across Europe and battled his way into Paris. French Army land power was destroyed for almost three generations. 

Likewise, the Re-set and new Israeli Bell Curve of 1948 to 1985 was still on its UPSIDE, and despite massive size differences between Egypt/Syria/ etc and Israel, in the 1948, 1967 and 1973 wars, Israel could NOT be defeated.

The unwanted Truth in America is that it was the Stalin-Russian Re-Set Bell Curve that destroyed the German Army. When American troops landed on D-Day in June 1944, the Hitler Bell Curve as already Dead, and the German Army Bell Curve was at its End.

The Stalin Bell Curve was long term full of contradictions, delusions, and wishful unrealistic thinking. In 1989 the Stalin Bell Curve, that had destroyed Hitler's Army in the biggest and most brutal war in history, collapsed of its own Delusions and Internal Rot.

America is definitely on the DOWN side of its Bell Curve. I view America's Bell Curve as having a Triple Top: One around 1900 when America became the most powerful Nation in the world but did not know it, one in 1929, and one in 1946.

It's NOT a Military Coincidence that America HAS NOT clearly and decisively won any significant shooting war since 1946. Once a Nation is on the DOWN Side of its Bell Curve most shooting wars of any size only INCREASE THE SPEED OF THE Bell Curve DECLINE.

So, we are back to Israel, or as the General Staff in the Pentagon says, "America's Greatest Military Ally."

Let's all pretend that nobody knows that the total Israeli economy is about HALF the size of Walmart's yearly gross sales.

However, the forces of Zionism in America are constantly trying to get America to attack modern Muslim nations in the Middle East, and thus round about force UP the Israeli Bell Curve by forcing Down the Muslim Bell Curves. Something that historically can only be done at GREAT COST to the Attacker (i.e. America).

The Zionist grand strategy for the last 20 years has been, "We'll fight to the last American soldier and last American dollar."

Brainless Pres Bush bought into the Con Game and MURDERED thousands of American troops. However, the Black guy from the South Side of Chicago has some Street Smarts, and is NOT buying into the Con Game.

To President Obama, I'd like to say a truly sincere, "Thank You" for NOT murdering more America troops in a stupid attempt to roll back history. "Thank you" for not Increase the speed of America's decline with more Con Game stupid wars, in stupid places, and for stupid reasons.

As a military grand strategy footnote, if the American Zionists really wanted to "checkmate" Iran they should have kept Saddam Hussein in power, and let Hussein keep Kuwait. They make the mistake of thinking they could Con Game a President McCain into a war with Iran the same way they Conned stupid Bush into Iraq War Two.

My unpopular opinion,  Zionist Israel does not have much of a future. I do NOT wish that, and wish it was different, and otherwise, but that's the way it see it. If you run into totally unreasonable people who are hell bent on suicide for some religious reason - What do you do? The answer is you STAND ASIDE and let them enjoy their death.

What's the reality? The reality is that after 65 years of "Peace Talks" Israel's relations will ALL of the countries around it: Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, are NOT much better than 65 years ago. Is that 100% the Muslims fault?

The reality is that 2013 Israel is a lot like 13AD Israel.

The reality is that all of the Nations around Israel are growing in population, and technical expertise. The current Middle East wars and revolutions are "growing pains." The modern Muslim nations are still on the UP Side of their modern Re-Set Bell Curves.

Frankly,  I CANNOT see Israel surviving as a Zionist State that is de facto for Jews only. My military opinion is that for Israel to survive it has to Stop being a Zionist State for Jews and become a Middle East state with True Equal-Rights and Equal-Freedom for everyone: Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc. Realistically, what's the probability of that happening? Small - very, very small.

The Zionists will scream, "Then Israel won't be a Jewish State!" YES. That's NOT the problem, that's the SOLUTION.

Theoretically, the USA could drag the Zionists, kicking and screaming, into doing the right thing for the long term survival of Israel. One way would be for America to STOP blocking UN Statehood and FREEDOM for the West Bank.

However, Washington DC has turned into the Political Coward Capital of the known universe. The ONLY thing that Washington DC seems to understand are already Proven Failures. Like let's have more "Peace Talks" after 65 years of FAILED peace talks. Like let's have socialist medicine, but only this time with the corrupt "that's NOT covered" insurance companies right in the middle of everything.

The deadlock, indecision, and ability to concentrate ONLY on trivia is CLASSIC of a Nation that's well into the down side of its Bell Curve.  

The future military grand strategy of America must to be based on the FACT that the existence, or non-existence, of Israel means NOTHING to the vital interests of America. Good grand strategy means NOT jumping into wars that mean nothing to a Nation's vital interests. America's Planners MUST keep in mind that America is ALREADY Bankrupt, and Already living off of Trillions of fabricated Queer Dollars. If it wasn't for the Trillions of Queer Dollars America would Already be Greece. Any future American war that is NOT Absolutely Vital to America's immediate survival will only make the American process of DECLINE go Faster.

As a reminder to the Penagon's, My Testicles are Bigger than Your Testicles general staff. The historic TRUTH is that American was the Big Winner in both WWI and WWII mainly because America was THE LAST TO FIGHT, and not the first to Fight.

World War II actually started in 1931 with the Japanese invasion of Manchuria. It wasn't until almost 1942 that American got into the shooting part of the WWII. While everyone else was killing each other in 1914-1917 WWI, and 1931-1941WWII, America was at Peace and making a LOT of Real Money selling guns and food to everyone killing each other.

I have lots of bad words to say about President Obama's delusional domestic economic fantasizes. Here's the Bottom Line, the Teddy Kennedy Plantation Paradise Bell Curve is Dead, Dead, and DEAD.

However, under Commander & Chief Obama, America has gone back to the CORRECT winning Strategy in Libya, and now Syria. The PROVEN WINNING strategy of being the LAST to fight. When it's clear that the Syrian revolutionaries have almost won that's when American can high profile join them as close allies and good friends.

In the future Middle East wars, America needs to follow the same classic PROVEN CORRECT strategy. In a war between the Zionists and whomever, American troops need to be the LAST ONES to arrive.

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