Title: The USA Government Sincerely Believes it can OUTRUN its Debts by Creating a LOT More Debt FASTER.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon April 22nd, 2013


4/22/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. It's Time to Get Back to America's REAL PROBLEMS. 90% of America's PH.D economists AGREE that America's Total Debt and promised obligations are somewhere between 75 and 90 Trillion Dollars.

I calculate USA total debt/promises at almost $100 Trillion, BUT  let's put  it at $80 Trillion.

All of the GOLD in the World, owned by Everyone, Everywhere, at $1600 a troy oz. is worth about $8 Trillion Dollars total.

For America to pay all of its Already Current Debts and Promised Obligations, America would need TEN TIMES ALL OF THE GOLD IN THE WORLD.

Bernanke and the other fanatical faggots at the FED Sincerely and totally Believe that American can OUTRUN its Already $80 Trillion in DEBT By INCREASING America's Debt Accumulation at A MUCH FASTER SPEED.

In my opinion Bernanke is INSANE. In my opinion Bernanke is MORE DANGEROUS to America than 500,000 Tsarnaev Brothers. In my opinion Bernanke is like the Cocaine addict who's "Solution" for every problem is MORE Cocaine.

Just as BAD, Pres Obama and the US Congress ALSO sincerely believe that a Lot More Queer Money Debt can and will OUTRUN America's current $80 Trillion Debts.

Remember back in pre-2008 when hundreds of thousands of people had 30 old credit cards that they were paying off with by using 50 new credit cards? In my opinion that's today's American Government. 



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