Title: A New BATF (ATF) Report says that ATF does NOT have Enough Money to Inspect all Gun Dealers. What's the Story?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed April 24th, 2013


4/24/2013. 1:30 PM. CBS News Radio (New York Office) called and asked about the ATF Report (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) that ATF was falling behind on FFL gun dealer (Federal Firearms License holders) inspections. As an expert in this area they wanted my viewpoint.

I told CBS News Radio that some gun dealers have only been checked every four years or longer, and this has gone on forever. WHY? Because effective Law enforcement is about Profiling and Concentration of Force. Just like running a profitable business is about Profiling your customer base, and concentrating your Work on that base. This is Basic good management.

The "Customer Base" for Law Enforcement are the 5% of the population that causes 95% of the Serious Crime. 

If a gun dealer in North Dakota has been in business for 20 years, and has Zero gun trace requests from law enforcement and zero complaints, why get excited about him? 99% of all FFL holders are Honest and Patriotic Americans.

However, if a gun dealer is in Philadelphia and gets four gun traces a year you can be sure that ATF is there all of the time. The gun traces do NOT mean that the gun dealer was breaking any Local, State or Federal Laws. What it means is that the gun store is in an rear of "Diversity," and the gun dealer is treating everyone "Equally" like the Democrats and the President Obama wants. That gun store is NOT "Profiling."

What we could use is a Federal Law that says any FFL holder can legally, and with total immunity for all Federal, State & Local laws NOT sell a firearm to anyone that in their opinion should NOT be buying a firearm even if that person passed the NICS check. This would ADD a new layer of law enforcement to the firearms area at ZERO COST to any Government.

About 20 years ago there were 250,000 FFL holders. That number went DOWN for years to about 50,000 (14,000 stores of one kind or another selling guns, and about 30,000 Collectors). However, gun sales have been excellent for five years and will be excellent for many decades to come EXACTLY like I had predicted five years ago. The number of FFL holders is going back up, and ATF probably COULD use some extra money to make sure the new FFL holders are doing what they should be doing. This is keeping the FFL holder out of trouble.

As an expert in this field, I would say, "YES, there is a good case for added funds to ATF. Take the money AWAY for all of the MANY total bull shit projects, like electric cars for one, and give it to ATF.

American CAN Cut Costs without losing any real effectiveness by cutting the hundreds of Billions of dollars of pig fat and vote buying crap. 

My Concern is this, as per my comments of 4/23/2013, is this the start of ANOTHER Democratic & Left-Wing Press Smear Job? Like, "Because of the cruel and heartless Republican Budget Cuts ATF does NOT have the money to inspect gun dealers. This means thousands of Tsarnaev Brothers can now go to gun stores withOUT worrying about background or ATF checks,  and they can buy: fully automatic M16s, .50 Cal. machine guns with AP ammo, ground to air rockets, plastic explosives, remote control timers, and Hand Grenades just like in the 1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger move "Commando". Those HORRIBLE Republicans and their Budget Cuts are going to KILL millions of innocent children - etc etc."


4/23/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The Left-Wing ass h*les on the Band change, but the Song the Band plays stays the same.

NBC TV News was bitching about BAD Republican "Budget Cuts," and how Republicans are cutting things like Air Traffic Controllers, and implied that the Republican Budget Cuts will kill innocent people, etc etc.

A half century ago I was a Democrat in the Chicago Mayor Daley machine (an election judge and like Mr. Obama a South Side "Felicitator"). The Republican Chicago Tribune Newspaper would sometimes have Editorial Campaigns against the "waste" in the Chicago Budgets.

As a Side Note, I met the original Mayor Daley several times. At one point I was a well known person in Chicago, and on the "A-list" for invitations. It wasn't unusual for me to attend three parties in one night. We owned a penthouse on the 55th floor of Lake Shore Towers. In 1981 my wife and I said "enough of this game," and we moved to Florida. Yes, I've been happy in Florida. Yes, it is a tropical swamp - you need to re-set your mind-set to, "Jungle."

When the Tribune, and the few honest Chicago reporters like Len O'Connor would start talking about "waste" in the Chicago Budget. We in the Daley Machine would "Cut" things like Teachers to Retard Children, free school lunches in ghetto areas, and Nursing Home funds for poor old people.

Then we'd get the Democratic Sun Times Newspaper to run stories about how thousands of poor people and children were suffering because of the rich, pig Republican Budget Cuts, and how greedy Republicans only wanted the rich to get richer.

For over a Half Century it's been the same old song in the same old way. After a Half Century the dumb Republicans STILL have Not figured out how to counter the Media Scam with Concrete Examples of real "waste" that is NOT being Cut.  

In the mean time, the MASSSIVE Amounts of Chicago OVER Payments (real waste) to the left-wing unions, and City suppliers, and the Union/Supplier Kickbacks $$ to the Chicago Democrat Party Machine have rolled on and on for over 70 years, and are still going on today.

The Bottom Line of a half century of Democratic Party lies, double-dealing and kickbacks is that today, Chicago, a City that was the 5th (fifth) most import City IN THE WORLD in 1900:  London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Chicago. Today Chicago is so hopelessly deep in un-repayable DEBT its pathetic.

Side Note. In 1927 Detroit was the Richest Big City in the World; Not just the richest big city in America, but the WORLD. Detroit's Democratic One-Party Dictatorship to "Save The Poor from the Rich Republican Pigs," HAS succeeded in making Detroit "Equal." Today everyone in Detroit is Equally Poor. Detroit is like Chicago, hopelessly deep in un-repayable DEBT.

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