Title: The SOLUTION for Air-Traffic FAA Controller Delays and Flight Delays.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu April 25th, 2013


4/25/2013. Today's Wall Street Journal headline is, "Senators Seek Way to Ease FAA Cuts." But yesterdays (4/24/13)  WSJ editorial headline on page A14 had it Exactly Correct, "The 4% FAA Spending Cut that Somehow Delays 40% of Flights."

It's a DELIBERATE SLOW DOWN to f*ck the Republicans.

Many lifetimes ago I was a real Democrat, a Truman Democrat, and my question as a REAL Democrat is, "WHY are the tax payers Funding Private Corporations?"

A single working Mother of 2 small kids in Kansas is paying income tax to employ Air Traffic Controllers who are making 250% MORE $$ than she does. SHE NEVER FLYS. She never uses what she's being FORCED to pay for.

A "Sports Player," making 3 million $$ a year for being a Monkey in a kids game flies to Las Vegas all of the time to f*ck his favorite whores. WHY IS THE WORKING MOTHER WHO NEVER FLYS SUBSIDIZING THE ASS H*LES? WHY is she subsidizing Airlines where the top fat cats are making millions of dollars a year in bonuses? 

The SOLUTION is to have the Airlines pay for ALL of the Air Traffic Controllers. Put the Cost into the Tickets and let the USERS of the SERVICE Pay for the Service. How's that for a "Radical Idea?" If there is a real need for more Controllers then the Airlines can HIRE MORE Controllers.

Why don't ALL tax payers PAY for all of the Airline's fuel? Why don't ALL tax payers BUY all of the new airplanes needed, and give them to the all of the Airlines for FREE? Why aren't the drinks at Air Port bars paid for by all Tax Payers? Why are the poor subsidizing the services used by the rich?

Come-On Republicans - Wake Up! What would Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher do? They'd say, "You want to f*ck me, I'll f*ck YOU."

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