Title: A Prediction for President Obama's Second Term in Office.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat April 27th, 2013



 A reader asked me, "What about Obama's 2nd Term Agenda?"

Pres Obama's 2nd Term certainly started out very BADLY. The old saying is, "A BAD start usually means a Bad Ending."

"Gun Control" is a Dead Horse. It's a DEAD ISSUE. "The Gun Control issue" for the Democrats is what the Abortion Issue is for the equally brain-dead Republicans. BOTH are Dead Issues that ONLY have the ability to: waste time, waste work, waste energy, and LOSE Votes.

Fat Heads Obama and Biden thought they could succeed where Democrats have FAILED for a Half Century. Obama PROVED that he could take the "Gun Control" Dead Horse and make it MORE of a Dead Horse.

I've been saying for years, "The ONLY thing 21st Century Washington DC knows how to do is take Proven Failures and make them bigger failures."

There are over 400 Million guns in America, in the hands of 80-90 million Americans. The Supreme Court has said the gun owners have a Constitutional Right to Keep them. WHERE is the "Gun Control" issue going except Nowhere?

As to things like Sandy Hook, it's the corrupt Public Schools that are turning White Males crazy and into killers. If people are too weak and too stupid to face the TRUTH about the corruption of America's Public Schools than they can put up with the many FUTURE  Public School shootings by White males because there WILL be more.

Blaming Gun Dealers, and firearms owners, for the corrupted Public Schools driving White males crazy, and the Public School shootings by  Only White males (and only since 1999), is like blaming wheat farmers for big city air pollution. WE 80 Million+ FIREARMS OWNERS (and voters) ARE NOT BUYING IT. We are NOT Going to Buy it in the Future.

Part of Mr. Obama's 2nd Term "Agenda" is the CLASSIC, Half-Century old Democratic Party fantasy of making Teddy Kennedy's Socialist Plantation Paradise a reality. A "Paradise" where the Government and Left-Wing Unions run everything, and everyone is on some kind of government and/or left-wing union welfare.

Teddy's Plantation Paradise is ALSO a DEAD ISSUE. It has as much chance of happening as the ultra-right's desire to repeal any and all kinds of Income Tax, and go back to Gold Money.

Pres Obama has been drinking Bernanke's Kool-Aid and SINCERELY believes that all of Bernanke's Queer Trillions $$ are going to finance the Teddy Plantation. History will PROVE Mr. Obama to be delusional.  

What Obama does NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND is that the American, & Japanese, & European EU economies are ALL slowly, slowly, slowly STRANGLING to DEATH on Too Much Debt. The MORE Trillions of QuEer that Bernanke pisses out, the SLOWER economic growth will become until America's economic growth is ZERO.

WHAT ARE THE PROVABLE FACTS? From 1790 to 2012 Average US Economic Growth was 3.8% a year. During the 1800s Century it averaged 4.6% a year. From 2000 to 2012 Average US growth was 1.8% a year. 2012's growth rate, AFTER Trillions and Trillions of Dollars $$ of fabricated FED money was 1.7%. The More DEBT the FED creates the SLOWER America's overall growth rate will become.

Yes, each new QuEer Trillion $$ from the FED will create a "bounce," but then the overall growth rate will eventually go LOWER and Lower.

The Trillions of Queer Dollars have 90% ONLY re-created the Stock Market BUBBLE. The Trillions of FED QuEer Dollars are Definitely making all of the Gordon Gekko's richer, and the Queer $$ keeps making Bernanke's Stock Portfolio bigger and Richer. HOWEVER, 50% of what WAS the "Black economic middle class" in 2006 has ALREADY been DESTROYED and they are NOW back to Lower economic Class.

The Gordon Gekkos and Bernanke are getting ever richer, while millions of "average workers" go from $25 an hour factory-manufacturing jobs to $9 an hour "Greeter" jobs at some discount store selling mainly Chinese products.

If Bernanke's Trillions of Queer Money DEBT is NOT SLOWING the America economy than WHY has America gone from 20 million people on Food Stamps to the current April 2013 number of 48 Million?

Bernanke keeps creating NEW DEBT by the Trillions. So, because of the FED Trillions of "Invested Money Debt" how many New Steel Mills have opened in America? NONE. How many new computer manufacturing factories? NONE. How many new telephone and TV manufacturing factories? NONE. How many new Appliance manufacturing factories? None, none, ZERO!

In the year 2000, 12.8 Million cars were manufactured IN American factories by American workers. After Trillions of FED New Debt, by 2012 that number was Down to 8.8 Million - a 33% Decline.  HOWEVER, the Gordon Gekkos and Bernanke, who know how to "Game" the FED's Con Games, they ARE getting a LOT richer.

If you are an insider Gordon Gekko, Wall Street pig, and want a Billion Dollars at almost Zero Interest you CAN get that Loan. But if you're a 25 year old "nobody" looking to borrow $30,000 to start a business you CANNOT get a Loan at any interest rate.

If you're a Gordon Gekko, and borrow 10 Billion Dollars from Bernanke at 1/2 of 1%. Then you can buy Russian Bonds that pay 3 1/2%, you're making a 500% PROFIT on your Bernanke loan. That's $300 Million Dollars a year ($300,000,000.00 per year PROFIT) while you set on your Yacht in Monaco writing thank-you love letters to Bernanke.

Are the Corporations in the S&P 500 making "good profits" because they are hiring more workers? NO. They making good profits because if you can borrow money at 1/2 of 1%, and you re-invest that money at only 1% return, you are making one-hundred percent (100%) on your borrowed money. If you can re-invest at 2% returns then you are making 300% return on your money. It's the Bernanke magic act to make decline look like growth. 

For years I've said, "When doing analysis you have the hear what isn't being said and see what isn't there." Does anyone "see" the Gordon Gekkos on Wall Street complaining about Bernanke? NO.  

Bernanke has America on the road to an economy that for AVERAGE WORKERS is going to be at TOTAL STOP. The more Debt the Government creates the SLOWER the American economic growth will become. It's like pulling a wagon, the more weight you put into the Wagon the slower it goes until it's at Dead Stop. That's too hard of an economic concept for Bernanke to understand.

Bernanke and the other FED ass h*les constantly talk about what should have been done in 1933. That was 80 Years Ago. It was a Different World. It was a Different America. In the last four years there have been MANY band new economic studies done by some of the best economists in the world and they all PROVE that the MORE Debt that is created the SLOWER an economy grows until it totally STOPS.

Somewhere in the future the FED will still be pumping out a Trillion Queer Dollars a year, and still making the Gordon Gekkos and Bernanke richer, but the overall USA economy for average workers will be at ZERO Growth. So how will Mr. Obama in his 2nd Term finance the Teddy Kennedy Socialist Plantation Paradise with a ZERO Growth economy? The answer is -  He won't. At the end of the day Mr. Obama will be just ANOTHER Black Man f**ked by Bernanke and his rich Wall Street friends.

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