Title: If the Republicans Want to Start Winning Some Elections they are going to have to Dump Their LOSER ISSUES.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu May 2nd, 2013



Two days ago a USAF 747 crashed taking MILITARY equipment OUT of Afghanistan. That's OUT of Afghanistan, not In. When the US Army leaves Afghanistan in force IT WILL NEVER RETURN.

Likewise, the US Army will NEVER Return to Iraq in force. 

For me the 747 Crash highlighted the FACT that America is eyeball deep in 95% DEAD & ALREADY DECIDED POLITICAL ISSUES: Gun Control, Abortion, Gay Rights, America attacking Iran, etc.

The Republican Party called for American attack on Iran. First, as one of America's proven best grand strategists I can give you a guarantee that any "Bombing" in Iran would do almost nothing (unless the bombs were nuclear and that's not going to happen).

"Bombing" is high on military masturbation and low on decisive results. German WWII war production kept going up until the factories were overrun by Russian and/or American/UK British troops. To STOP Iran from enriching uranium US troops would have to be ON THE GROUND and occupy a major part of Iran, and Iran is almost FIVE Times as big as Germany in land area.

For a successful ground attack on Iran, America would need massive troop/air/armor power in Northern Iraq to attack East, AND American would need massive troop/air/armor power in Afghanistan to attack West.

There are ZERO American troops in Northern Iraq, and THERE NEVER WILL BE ANY. There will ALSO be FEW American troops in Afghanistan. So WHERE is a USA Military ground attack on Iran going to come from? NOWHERE. A USA ground attack on Iran is a DEAD Issue.  

Dupe Romney STILL does NOT "Get" that he LOST THE ELECTION Mainly because he was a total Dupe of the Zionists, and supported America attacking Iran.

The so-called "Republican Leadership" refuses to SEE that they Lost mainly because President Obama was NOT a Dupe of the Zionists, and wasn't going to murder thousands of young Americans to make the world safe for West Bank slavery.

 The "Republican Leadership" is TOP Heavy with Dupes of the Zionists because they've been systematically targeted for 30 years. BUT, there are not enough dupes of the Zionists in the NATIONAL VOTING population to Elect a Dupe of the Zionist like Romney, or any other Brain-Dead Duped Republican for President.

If the Republicans want to keep the House in the 2014 election, and the Republicans do NOT want a President Hillary in 2016. Then the Republicans MUST De-Dupe their so-called "Leadership."

The Republican leadership MUST Lose ALL of the Loser Issues: Anti-Abortion, Anti Gay Rights, Anti Women's Rights, Anti Freedom & Equal Rights for the West Bank slaves, etc and so forth.

The Correct Battlefield for the Republican is the battle between the Keynesianism economics fanatics like: Pres Obama, Bernanke, Larry Summers, etc., who support Queer Money Keynesianism that IS NOT WORKING TO CREATE GOOD JOBS, AND NEVER WILL.

Versus REAL REFORMS that Would create good jobs.

The Democrats: Pres Obama, Summers, the FED faggots, the left-wing press ALL say that, "More Debt creates American economic growth."

The Republicans need to be saying, "More Debt slows the economy, and even more debt added on top of the current debt will keep slowing and slowing the economy until it's at Dead Stop."


As the American economy continues to slow under the FED faggot Debt, AS IT DEFINITELY WILL. The Republicans can keep saying, "We told you so, we told you so. We are correct and that's WHY the voters need to elect us."

Question, Why aren't the Republicans supporting taking the current 5000 pages of tax laws down to the 50 pages, and keeping it there?

Question, Why aren't Republicans supporting Tort Reform so hundreds of thousands of small businesses don't have to carry Trillions of dollars in insurance to protect themselves from lawyers?

Question, Why aren't Republicans supporting the, "Everywhere in the World Law EXCEPT AMERICA." The universal law (except America) that says if somebody sues you and loses THEY pay your legal expenses.

Question, Why aren't the Republicans expanding the income tax to the 50% of workers who pay ZERO Income Tax and thus have ZERO interest in America's long term survival. Let's have ALL of the workers put some "skin" into the game to make it harder for the Democratic Party Demagogues to promise FREE money to voters who NEVER PAY.

Question, Why aren't the Republican's advocating a small tax on each Stock Market transaction? Wall Street is 90% gambling casino that is NOT Taxed and DIRECTLY employees almost nobody. Force some of that money OUT OF THE CLOSED CASINO and into the Real Economy where it would create real jobs.

Question, Why are Republican Congressmen Bernanke's whores? WHY when it should be clear to a 10 year old that it's Bernanke's Queer Money that is FINANCING THE DEMOCRAT'S TAKING AMERICA INTO BIG GOVERNMENT COMMUNISM.

Question, After Trillions of Dollars of new FED Debt, there are FEWER percentage Americans working today than 5 years ago. AND, the jobs that MILLIONS of Americans HAVE today are Lower Paying and Worse than 5 years ago. Yet, every time Bernanke shows up in Congress all of the Republican Congressmen are stumbling all over themselves to suck his d***.  Talk about being so totally blind you can't recognize your enemy!

There is a long, LONG list of programs that would get Republicans votes AND help save America. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY WAITING FOR?

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