Title: The Cause of Public School shootings in American, and the CURE for Public School shootings in America.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri May 3rd, 2013



The CAUSE of Public School shootings by White Males since 1999, is because in the last three decades American's Public School System have become increasingly corrupt Keynesian School Systems.

Recently, several Public School teachers and principals in Atlanta were charged with giving student's of "diversity" the answers to State and National Tests.

It came as no surprise to me when several of those arrested said, "We weren't doing anything wrong." I totally agree, in THEIR MINDS they were not doing anything wrong. Just like the Boston Bombers in THEIR MINDS were not doing anything wrong.

The cheating, fraud, corruption, dishonesty, and left-wing fanaticism is NOT limited to the Atlanta Public Schools system - IT'S EVERYWHERE IN ALMOST ALL OF AMERICA'S PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

The left-wing is Working Very Hard to crate the DISHONEST illusion  that many kids of "diversity" who are genetically dumb and lazy are NOT genetically dumb and lazy.

For many years, in the 1950s to 1980s, the left-wing belief was that many kids of "diversity" were dumb, lazy, and almost worthless in an advanced economy because they were NOT getting enough Welfare, Equal Rights, and Income Transfers.

So in the last 25 years in particular, people of "diversity" HAVE been receiving MANY Trillions of Dollars worth of every kind of Welfare, and MANY Trillions of Dollars of "Income Transfers."

America has bankrupted itself with Welfare and "Income Transfers." HOWEVER, Many kids of "diversity" are still dumb and lazy. What is a left-wing Democrat Party FANATIC going to do?

The NEW SOLUTION was to have a Keynesian Public School System for ALL of America. In Keynesianism, if the Government needs a $100 Billion dollars, it opens a window to its checking account, and types in a $100 Billion dollars, and Presto - the "Problem" is "solved."

America's Public Schools have became "Keynesian." Kid's of "diversity" are being given the answers to National Achievement Tests in most of America's Public Schools. AND IT WORKED, Presto - the "Problem" of kids of "diversity" being lazy & dumb IS SOLVED. If they TEST HIGH, then by Keynesian Logic they ARE smart and skilled.

There IS a flaw. White males in Public Schools, who are NOT viewed as having "diversity," and ARE viewed in the Public School system as THE ENEMY. White Male students are NOT being given the answers to National Achievement Tests.

What's happening all over America, and what's been happening for over 20 years, is that a 2nd year High School class is given a National Achievement Test. The White Male who's an average kid, but was NOT given the test answers by his Teacher, gets an 81. The kid of "diversity" who CANNOT do 4th grade math, and CANNOT speak English past the 4th grade level, and doesn't know (or even care) who America's first President was, get's a 93.

So there is PROOF, EVIDENCE, permanent records documentation, official test results, and "genuine facts" to confirm that the person of "diversity" is a lot smarter and BETTER American than the White Male.

Millions of White Males ARE driven Half-Crazy by the current Public School system's DEEP Corruption. However, one in five million Public School White Males are going to be driven TOTALLY 100% CRAZY. They will go to their schools with guns, and they will kill their corrupt and lying Teachers. They will shoot up the racists school they so profoundly hate.

Ever since 1999 and the Columbine public school shootings. I've been saying that the profound and SERIOUS deep damage to America is NOT the one in 5 million White Male public school student who's driven 100% insane and shoots his double dealing teachers. It's the millions and millions of White Male students who are driven only half crazy.

IT'S A NATIONAL DISASTER. The millions of White Males who were driven half crazy by the Public School corruption are good for only watching sports, drinking beer, and working at NOTHING jobs.

Ever since 1999 and Columbine I've been giving a 100% guarantee of  more Public School shootings by more White Males. That prediction still stands, and the left-wing press, and left-wing Democrats, will as always say again and AGAIN, "How could this happen? What's the answer- we just don't know! It's those evil gun sellers who are responsible for everything!"

Let's all ignore the FACT that for over 300 years there were guns in Public Schools and ZERO school shootings. In the 1950s and 1960s most High Schools had ROTC classes and TAUGHT SHOOTING, and there were ZERO school shootings of any kind.

Let's ignore the FACT that in today's private schools, like the Catholic School system (with OVER two million students) the Non-Public Schools have ZERO school shootings. WHY? Because the Catholic Schools are HONEST AND ETHICAL, and NOT like the massively DISHONEST and upside-down racist Public Schools that are controlled by Public School Teacher Communist Unions. 

Let's ignore the FACT that's it's only been in the last 20 years that Public Schools have become "Keynesian Dishonest," and have thus produced White Males who were driven 100% crazy. Blaming guns for the current Public School shootings is like blaming Wheat Farmers for Big City air pollution. The Wheat Farmers were there for hundreds of years BEFORE the pollution.

Let's ignore all of the MANY FACTS like Public School "Black History Month" being almost every other month in Public Schools when significant Black history contributions to America could be covered in a few hours. Think about being a White Male in a Public High School, and WWII history is being taught, and it's full of mainly pictures of Black people; when in FACT only 708 (seven hundred & eight) American Blacks died in WWII. It goes past just being massively DISHONEST, it's a profound insult to American White Males who were 97% of the dead in both WWI and WWII.

The dishonesty, corruption, and BRAINWASHING in American's public schools runs DEEP and starts EARLY. In Jacksonville, Florida, Mr. Aaron Harvey, the White Father of a White Male 4th grader at the Cedar Hills Public Elementary School, was going through his son's Backpack. He found a writing assignment where his son had written, "I am willing to give up some of my Constitutional Rights to be safer and more secure."

I'm sure that both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin would totally agree with, and endorse that statement.

Mr. Harvey , the father, went to the school and Teacher and asked what the Hell was going on. The Teacher, Cheryl Sabb, said that Mr. Harvey's son had created the wording himself. HOWEVER, his son said it was part of a class assignment and he was given the wording.

A girl in the same class said that the "assignment" was given mainly to White Male students.

The Public School Principle supposedly implied that Mr. Harvey's son was a trouble maker (aren't ALL White Males?), and the Teachers had a Right to Teach whatever they wanted.

I think that the Republican State Governors need to tell their State Attorney Generals to keep an eye out for reverse-discrimination in the State's Public Schools. And where there is systematic cheating by the Teachers, the Teachers and Principals should be arrested and charged. This IS the way to REDUCE Public School shootings.

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