Title: The Republicans wanting a VOTE on the Repeal of ObamaCare is a Strategy MISTAKE. Let ObamaCare Go Down in Flames.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat May 4th, 2013



The Republicans want to put a Repeal of ObamaCare to a vote. This is a strategy MISTAKE.

In January 1944, the issue of assassinating Hitler was STILL on the table for the British & Americans. Winston Churchill said (in secret), "At this point Hitler's insanity has become a UK and USA asset. Hitler's total hatred of communism is destroying the German Army in Russia. The more Germans who are killed in Russia, the fewer German troops there will be to oppose us when we return to Europe in June. America's growing war production has put time on our side. If we kill Hitler now, he'll become a Legend and we might NEVER defeat the idea of Nazism. A non-Hitler German Government might make peace with Russia, and that would be bad for the UK and America. Having Hitler go down in TOTAL DEFEAT is the best long term strategy."

The Canary in the Coal Mine (me) says, THE SAME WITH OBAMACARE. The best political strategy for the Republicans is to let ObamaCare go down in flames.

 Obama and the Democrats told the voters, "Medical Insurance Costs for EVERYONE will go DOWN with ObamaCare." That was a BIG LIE. The best Republican strategy is to Let ObamaCare happen and have Yearly Medical Insurance Costs go UP for 50 Million Voters.

WHY would Republicans at this point let themselves be Conned into Saving Obama and the Democrats from their own Lies? The Republicans have to STOP being All-Day-Suckers. Sure, vote to Repeal ObamaCare, and SAVE THE DEMOCRATS FROM THEMSELVES. The Republicans will find their Repeal ObamaCare voting pencils right next to the Iraqi missing weapons of mass destruction.

After 50 Million voters have HIGHER ObamaCare yearly Insurance Costs, the Republicans can say, "We told you so. We were always correct, and the Democrats were ALWAYS Lying, and will Always be Dead-Head de facto Communists trying to make the Teddy Kennedy Plantation Paradise work. The Democrat's massive and constant increases in DEBT will ONLY SLOW the economy. It's a PROVEN FACT based on 500 years of World Financial History that the more DEBT a Nation takes on the slower and slower their Economy Grows. The more Debt-Rocks you put INTO the wagon the SLOWER the Wagon moves. If DEBT is what made economies grow faster, then Greece would have the fastest growing economy in the World. Right? Someday, withOUT a change, the American Economy will be at Dead STOP even with the FED pissing out two or three Trillion Queer Dollars a year. America needs Change & REAL REFORM, and ONLY Republicans can give America True Reform."

The next time economics moron Bernanke is in Congress, is there ONE Brain-Alive Congressman ANYWHERE who can ask him, "If Debt was and is so good for promoting fast economic growth, then WHY does Greece have Negative economic growth? If Debt is so good for economic growth, then looking at the Long Term figures WHY is America's real long term economic growth going slower and slower as our long term Debt keeps going up and up?"

The 2014 Congressional Race is ON. The Republicans need to get some Big Picture Smarts and play the game to win.

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