Title: Is Ben Bernanke Vladimir Lenin's long Lost Grandson? The Answer is, YES.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat May 11th, 2013



It was the morons Bernanke and Greenspan that CREATED the original Real Estate Bubble of 2002-2006, and THAT Real Estate Bubble was the #1 CAUSE of the CRASH of 2008. The crash of 2008 was the economy trying the HEAL Itself from the FED faggot's communist like manipulations, distortions and classic USSR like Economic Contradictions.

Bernanke is now buying hundreds of Billions of dollars of Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), and by this year's end the FED faggots will have 26% of ALL of the MBS. Bernanke IS SUCCEEDING IN BRINGING BACK THE REAL ESTATE BUBBLE.

Bernanke IS Also "Buying" 71% of the Treasury's monthly T-Bonds with Queer Faggot Dollars that keep INCREASING America's DEBTS by Trillions. Average people are NOT benefiting from the almost zero FED rates, the ONLY people that the FED is making rich are the Gordon Gekko Pigs.

By lowering Bank Savings Rates to ALMOST NOTHING, Bernanke and the faggots have driven ALMOST ALL of the Bank Savings into the Stock Market that is NOW a Stock Market BUBBLE waiting to crash.

The Stock Market is NOT the real economy. The Stock Market does NOT mine coal, grow corn, pump oil, make steel, etc. The Stock Market is 90% GAMBLING CASINO. Bernanke has given America's bank savings to Sam Rothstein at the Casino.  

INSANITY really IS doing the same old MISTAKES in the same Old Way and expecting Different results. 

Yesterday I was looking at a building in Miami for a possible new retailing business that would HIRE people. It was a so-so building, 4000 sq feet, at a cost of eight (8) million dollars. THERE IS NO WAY AN HONEST BUSINESSS PERSON CAN MAKE NUMBERS LIKE THAT HONESTLY PROFITABLE.

All businesses have LIMITS as to how much you can make in any location, and when the FED drives UP Real Estate Costs like in 2001-2005 the numbers DID NOT WORK. The RESULT is JOB stagnation, job QUALITY Decline, and a decline in the total percentage of Americans working. Exactly what America has had since 2008.

A Question NOT asked by the TV Kramer Clowns is WHY the USSR Economically Collapsed in 1989? Russia had MASSIVE AMOUTS of:

Oil, (MORE OIL than Saudi Arabia).

Natural Gas, (40% of the world's total).

Gold, Platinum & Silver, (48% of the world's Plantinum, More Silver than Mexico, more Gold than the USA).

Chrome, (38% of the world's total).

Farm Land, Wheat, Cattle, (More Cattle than the USA, and the USSR was #1 in the world in Wheat production).

Sheep, (The USSR had MORE Sheep (Wool) than Australia).

Fishing, (In 1989 the USSR was second only to Japan in fishing). 

Pigs, (the USSR was second only to China).

Timber Land, (In 1989 the USSR had 50% MORE timber than ALL of South America combined - the USSR had 780 Million hectares of forests).

Coal, (The USSR was the third biggest Coal producer in the world, ALSO it has 65% of the world's proven Lignite reserves.)

 Iron Ore, (29% of the world's total). 

Copper, (14% of the world's total).

Nickel, (24% of the world's total).

Uranium, (Exact amounts not known, but VERY LARGE).

Manganese, (41% of the world's total).

Tungsten, (17% of the world's total).

Mercury, (33% of the world's total).

Vanadium, (Essential in making very hard steels - the USSR had 33% of the world's total).

In 1989 the USSR and the USA were the ONLY two Nations in the world that could build and man Space Stations.

In 1989, the USSR/Warsaw Pack had: 51,000 battle tanks, 70,000 Armored Personnel carriers, 43,000 Artillery Pieces, and 14,000 Nuclear Bombs for 8,000 Combat aircraft, plus 255 Submarines with half of those capable of firing nuclear missiles.  

For decades the CIA rated the USSR as the No. 2 biggest economy in the World. The USSR in 1989 WAS without question the Greatest military LAND POWER in the World. 

HOWEVER, The USSR economically collapsed. The USSR in its old form, and the Warsaw Pack, were GONE without a shot being fired by the USA. WHY?

The reason WHY, is because at the TOP of the old USSR there were LOTS of Ben Bernanke like fanatical assh*les who were massively DISTORTING, "Twisting," Deforming, Contradicting, and Mangling the economy until the USSR finally economically collapsed under the weight of the stupidity.

This is EXACTLY what is Currently happen to the USA. In my opinion Bernanke and the FED faggots are  massively DISTORTING, "Twisting," Deforming, Contradicting, and Mangling the economy until the USA (like the USSR) economically collapses.

FACT, almost EVERYTHING the FED is doing IS in violation of some SEC and/or Federal Law. If ANY private corporation tried to do what the FED does every day the people in the private corporation would be in JAIL.

If this was 1918, you could take Ben Bernanke anywhere and introduce him as Vladimir Lenin's Brother and everyone would buy it. 

In my opinion Bernanke IS Lenin's Brother; they BOTH fanatically believe that EVERYTHING can be solved by BIG Government manipulations from the top. They BOTH believe that an Adam Smith FREE Market, where prices find their Natural Value, is the ULTIMATE ENEMY that Must be DESTROYED with faggot money and DEBT at any Cost. Lenin is Dead in Russia and China, but VERY MUCH ALIVE in the USA Federal Reserve Building.

I'm a proven good military grand strategist. What I know as a good grand strategist is that the BIG Systems are HIGHLY COMPLICATED and Dynamic. I'm NOT a genius, but I know that a person has to be a true genius to be able to wrap their head around the really big issues. Nobody in the old USSR could do it, and for-sure nobody at the US FED can.

Bernanke in my opinion is a Pea Brain - a one-step thinker. His one-idea is create Trillions of $$ queer faggot dollars, throw Queer $$ out of the Helicopter windows, and everyone lives happily-ever-after off of so-called "money" that's a FRAUD. A dream that's MORE delusional than Lenin's Communism.

In my opinion Bernanke is too stupid to understand what he doesn't understand. Bernanke is playing a game of checkers in a world where the game is three-dimensional chess.    

The Bernanke's did NOT work for the old USSR, and in the Long Run they are NOT going to work for America.

How's this for a Radical Idea? Let's RETURN to FREE Markets and get the communist FED faggots OUT of the business of distorting and "Twisting" the economy. Yes, in the short run there would be a LOT of Detox Pain as we got the FED shit out of America's economic system. But, the saying is TRUE: "No Pain - No Gain." If we had started in 2008 all of the Pain would have been ALL OVER by NOW, and we'd be looking at a REAL RECOVERY instead of the current queer money driven happy-face Illusion between crashes.

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