Title: Is the US Stock Market Going to Change into a Long-Term "Sucker's Market" that Will ZigZag Lower and Lower?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon May 13th, 2013


Below are my 5/13/2013 comments from one of my THREE Facebook pages under: Andrew M Molchan

5/13/2013. The FED is sending out signals that the process of throwing Trillions of Queer $$ Dollars Out of the Helicopter windows might be slowing (see yesterday's 5/12/2012 comments below). Is this for real, Or a FED ploy to blunt the growing criticisms? I think it's for REAL because the Queer Money has PROVEN to be a FAILURE for growing good jobs.

FOUR years ago I said it would FAIL, and ONLY National Legislation and Deep Reform can grow good jobs. Dr. Plosser (see yesterday's comment) is totally correct when he says the FED has become the enabler for DO-NOTHING Politicians that INCLUDES: 100% of Pres Obama, 95% of the Democrats, AND 90% of the Republicans.

The BIG QUESTION is if FED will start cutting back on its DEBT INCREASES next month, or in the next decade? I'm tempted to say the NEXT DECADE. However, today's Stock Market BUBBLE is a Queer Money driven BUBBLE. Without tons of Queer $$ going out of the Helicopter windows long-term the Stock Market is GOING DOWN.

As Dr. Plosser (President of the Federal Reserve's Philadelphia Branch said on Bloomberg News, "The great unwinding will happen here in America, and it will happen around the world."

At this point the Stock Market looks like it has very limited long-term upside potential, but a massive downside risk. BEWARE of a long-term "Sucker Market" that VERY SLOWLY zigzags down, and where the new lows are always lower than the old lows, but the new highs are not as high as the old highs.

In November of 2007 I wrote, "We are in a sucker market. Every rally is going to be a sucker rally followed by a lower, low."   


Below are my 5/12/2013 comments from one of my THREE Facebook Pages under: Andrew M Molchan.

5/12/2013. The Canary in the Coal Mine (me) has been UNPOPULAR for a Half-Century. In 50 years what the Canary said, no matter how unpopular at the time, eventually came to happen. Sometimes it took 25 days, sometimes 25 YEARS, BUT it happened.

In 1964 the Canary predicted that the United States would LOSE the Vietnam War. It took Ten Years, but the Canary was proven correct.

Dr. CHARLES PLOSSER, (Ph.D in Macroeconomics, U of Chicago, Also a Degree in Engineering), President of the Philadelphia Branch of the Federal Reserve, said on Bloomberg News basically what the Canary (me) has been saying for over four years. Dr. Plosser said, "All central banks around the world are making up for the fact that their political systems are dysfunctional. When governments don't work, people are out of work, economies aren't growing, and easy money turns out to be the easy thing to do. It's the one thing that governments can do because they can't simply do what they're expected to do, and it's dangerous. Central banks around the world have become enablers of dysfunctional democratic systems. The day of reckoning will come and all of you have to think about the great unwinding. It will happen here in America, and around the world. It's easier to print money than it is to raise taxes or cut spending, and that road usually ends in a not very pretty place. I think that it's very dangerous for us to think that monetary policy is a solution."

For Four Years the Canary has been saying that the FED needs to let the economy BECOME WORSE because that's the ONLY MOTIVATION for real reform, and a real long-lasting recovery NOT driven by a Trillion Queer Dollars $$ per year. As long as the FED Queer $$ keeps flowing, BOTH the Democrats and Republicans will KEEP Kicking the Cans Down the Road, and good jobs will Continue to DIE in America.

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