Title: Andy's TWO COWS, and What Is Keynesian Economics?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat May 18th, 2013



A One-Act Play. Andy's Two Cows, and what is Keynesianism?

Cow One, "Everyone talks about Keynesianism, but what is it?"

Cow Two, "It's an updated variation of Communism. Kind of like, Horror Move Two."

Cow One, "What does it say?"

Cow Two, "Keynesianism says that a Nation can live off of fabricated queer money forever, and a Nation never has to worry about Consuming a lot more than it Produces."

Cow One, "Isn't that kind of crazy?"

Cow Two, "Absolutely, but crazy is kind of the normal. Forty years ago, sixty-five percent of the World's population lived in Countries where either Communism, or its brother Socialism, was the official Government Economy."

Cow One, "Why did most the countries, like Russia, China, India, even England change back to a freer market?"

Cow Two, "Because they all learned the hard way that a Nation really CANNOT live forever off of fabricated queer money, and really CANNOT forever Consume more than it Produces. That's NOT economic theory, that's the basic laws of physics. You can create the magic ILLUSION of energy from nothing, and keep it going for years. However. No Communist/Bernanke Nation in the history of the World has ever kept the queer money Illusion going forever, and America is NOT going to be Different."

Cow One, "But it's so dumb, how can anyone buy Keynesianism?"

Cow Two, "The German's are NOT a dumb people, but they bought Hitler's Socialism. The Russians are NOT a dumb people, but they bought Lenin. The Italians are NOT a dumb people, but they bought Mussolini's Socialism. The Japanese are not a dumb people, but they bought Tojo. The Chinese are NOT a dumb people but they bought Communism until they de facto changed to Capitalism. The Koreans are NOT a dumb people but the North Koreans bought Kim. The Indians are NOT a dumb people but for many decades after 1948 they bought de facto National Communism. Even England was highly Socialist until it went bankrupt, and Margaret Thatcher became PM. So now America is buying Bernanke and the FAD faggot's Keynesianism. I guess every Nation has to go through its STUPID phase and learn the Hard Way - now it's America's turn."

Cow One, "What's the Core Problem and Core Flaw with both Communism and Keynesianism?"

Cow Two, "They are both exactly the same in they both fanatically believe that an economy can be managed from the top down. The old USSR was full of Bernankes who were constantly: TWISTING, distorting, and mutilating the economic forces. The USSR Bernankes were constantly turning the NATURAL ECONOMIC FORCES upside down. For the Bernankes of world the ULTIMATE ENEMY was Always the Free Market, and natural economic free forces."

Cow One, "But the stock market is way UP, isn't that good?"

Cow Two, "The Stock Market BUBBLE is a perfect example of why the Bernanke sh*t heads always eventually fail. Sure Stocks are up. You FORCE bank savings account interest DOWN to BELOW real world inflation. Then you dump five Trillion dollars of queer cash into the economy. The ONLY place it can go is into the Stock Market. Bernanke, the FED faggots, and all of their Gordon Gekko friends are getting ever more wealthy, but fifty percent of the American people have zero stocks. Eighty percent of Stocks are owned by only Ten percent of the population. What used to be the Black economic middle class in 2006 is already fifty percent GONE. There are MORE poor White people today than in 2006. However, the people at the FED are richer."

Cow One, "I'm trying to remember, didn't Clinton go down this road?"

Cow Two, "Absolutely. In 1998-99 Pres Clinton, and then Treasury Sec Robert Rubin, and the FED, they FORCED bank account interest DOWN to BELOW real world Inflation. That forced Bank Savings Account money into the Stock Market. The Government made a LOT of tax revenue because Stocks pay a lot more tax then bank savings deposits. This was the so-called Clinton Economic Miracle of 1999. BUT, once most of the Bank Savings Account money had been forced into the Government created Stock Market BUBBLE of 1999, and there was no more cash, then the Stock Market collapsed in 2000-2001. Then, in 2002 Greenspan started building the Real Estate Bubble that collapsed in 2008. Today, Bernanke has re-built the Stock Market Bubble via the Clinton/Rubin scam of forcing all of the Cash into Stocks, AND creating lots of Queer Cash."

Cow One, "It seems like Bernanke is smarter the Robert Rubin. Back in 1999, once the Bank savings account money was gone there was nothing left to keep stocks going up. However, Bernanke will just keep creating new Trillions of Queer Dollars and keep the Stock Market going forever. Right?"

Cow Two, "I think you could get a job at the FED." 

Cow One, "Really, isn't Stocks going up good?"

Cow Two, "NOT if it's a BUBBLE that will Crash! NOT if it's sucking in all kinds of Little People Money like what's happening right now. Stocks are a DERIVATIVE. The modern Stock Market is not the real economy; it's eighty percent Gambling Casino. Stocks don't make real things in real factories, and give average workers GOOD JOBS. When it comes to creating good jobs for average workers the Stock Market is masturbation. Look at the FACTS, the real non-BS economic growth rate of America is one-percent, but Stocks are up by over ten percent. That's a Thousand Percent difference between Stock growth and the real world growth. If Stocks were the real economy how could they be up by ten percent when the real economy, of real jobs for real people, is only up by one percent? The answer is a faggot money created BUBBLE."

Cow One, "Stocks have gone UP a lot faster than the real economy for many years."

Cow Two, "Yes, that's true, and Today America's total Debt is up to $100 Trillion Dollars. The Stock Market so-called growth above real economy growth was really the growth of DEBT."

Cow One, "Well, the Treasury just had LOTS of extra income tax revenue in the first quarter of 2013."

Cow Two, "Sure. Exactly just like 1999 and for the same reasons. However, like 2000-2001 longer term the Stock Market will Crash."

Cow One, "Not if the FED keeps creating a Trillion Dollars of Queer Money FOREVER."

Cow Two, "Well, you are certainly in the mainstream of thinking."

Cow One, "It's a comfort to be part of the crowd. So, why doesn't President Obama and Congress do something that's significant?

Cow Two, "Congress do something significant? Have you heard any other good jokes lately? Congress is NOT the solution, it's the Problem."

Cow One, "But why?"

Cow Two, "President Obama, and the Democrats, AND the Republicans DO live in TOTAL FEAR of there NOT being lots of Bernanke queer cash in the future. The faggot money makes it possible for EVERYONE in Washington DC to keep kicking the cans down the road. Without the FED's Queer Cash, Congress would actually have to do something."

Cow One, "Shouldn't the Republicans be doing something?"

Cow Two, "The Republicans are doing something, they are Dancing Around all of the total DEAD Issues like: Abortion, Anti-Gay Rights, and more stupid wars to murder more Muslims because that will supposedly bring the Seconding Coming of Christ."

Cow One, "Ah...what would you do if you were a Republican?"

Cow Two, "Game the system, make lots of money from lots of payoffs, and move to Singapore,"

Cow One, "Seriously."

Cow Two, "I'd cut Bernanke's faggot legs off, and crash the Stock Market. It's the Party in the White House that gets the blame. Obama, Bernanke and the Democrats are trying to run out the scam until after the 2014 Congressional elections. After winning the House in 2014 they'd flood America with so much Queer Money Debt they'd win in 2016. Bernanke has this giant flashing neon sign on him that says, Obama's Money Bag Man, but the Republicans are so out of it they can't see what's right in front of them."  

Cow One, "So, what's going to happen long-term?"

Cow Two, "Without MAJOR CHANGES, and real reforms that will cause pain, America will be the next USSR. All of the massive Economic Manipulations, Distortions, Contradictions, Twisting-Twisting, and Accounting Fraud will come crashing down and the American economy will end up as the second or third economy in the world. America is going to be like Russia is today, an economic JOKE with a very BIG Military."

Cow One, "Do you think America will break up like the old USSR did?"

Cow Two, "It's definitely possible. We live here in Florida. If places like California, Illinois and Massachusetts were a different country it wouldn't bother me."

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