Title: WHY in my opinion, Ben Bernanke and the FED have Become America's #1 Military Enemy.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed May 22nd, 2013



 As one of American's Proven best military grand strategists, in my view Bernanke and the FED have now become America's #1 long term military enemy. WHY? Because in a Nation already downing in $80+ Trillion Dollars of DEBT the FED faggots just keep creating Trillions MORE Debt in the fanatical belief that if you make a FAILURE BIGGER in some magical way it will turn into a success.

Those readers who are old like me, think back. From the 1950s to when the USSR economically collapsed a lot of people (including ME) would ask the communists, "If communism is so good WHY isn't it working?"  The World's Communists would ALWAYS say EXACTLY THE SAME THING THAT BERNANKE IS NOW SAYING. When asked WHY COMMUNISM was NOT Working, for almost 40 Years the world's Communists all said, "Because it's NOT Big enough. When all of the world is Communist it will Work." Today, when anyone asks Bernanke WHY the FED faggot money is not working to make good jobs Bernanke says BECAUSE IT'S NOT BIG ENOUGH.

In my opinion Bernanke is EXACTLY THE SAME as the world's communists up to 1989. When asked WHY all of the faggot Trillions of new DEBT have Not created good jobs he says, BECAUSE THE AMOUNT OF NEW DEBT IS NOT BIGGER ENOUGH. WHAT AMERICA NEEDS IS A LOT MORE DEBT, MANY, MANY TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF MORE DEBT. THEN EVERYTHING WILL WORK.

Idiot Paul Krugman says the same, but John Maynard Keynes DID NOT believe in endless Massive DEBT and advocated surpluses. If the Stock Market was at an all time high, and somebody (Bernanke) called for MORE Trillions of Queer Money Debt probably if Keynes were alive he'd call Bernanke an Assh*le. My favorite economist, Dr. Arthur Laffer, has said in a nice why that Bernanke is an idiot.

In my opinion the difference between Nikita Khrushchev and Ben Bernanke is Bernanke has a beard. Khrushchev said, "We will bury You." What Khrushchev buried was the USSR. What Bernanke is WORKING HARD AT BURYING is the USA.

As a military grand strategists I know that it's tricky for a Nation to try and be a World military power AND Bankrupt at the same time. England was at the top of its Bell Curve right before the start of WWI. Wars are the USUAL  #1 cause for nations going broke, and WWI STARTED the process with England. Even though England was on the "Winning Side" in both WWI and WWI. In classic historical form the wars destroyed the British Empire and bankrupted England.

Big events ALWAYS cast long shadows and the shadow of England's DECLINE was long. After 1919 there was ZERO growth in the land area of the British Empire. After WWII England LOST: the Burma war, it lost in Kenya war, it lost in the Malaysian War, it Lost in Indian and Pakistan, as early as the 1920s England LOST in their Afghanistan and Iraq wars, England lost in Nigeria, Lost in Rhodesia, lost in Uganda. EXACTLY like America has de facto been losing wars since Vietnam and the early 1960s.

Margaret Thatcher did win in the Falkland Islands war, but only because it was an Island and England had a few more ships than Argentina. The Argentina Army had long ago turned itself into a Police Force, and as I've pointed out for decades you CANNOT turn your Army into Police and then win a Military War. America is making THE SAME MISTAKE in the Middle East. Do NOT, Never, turn your Army into Police if you ever want to win a Military War.

As I've pointed out in decades of essays about grand strategy, when an Empire in on the DOWN side of its Bell Curve it DOES NOT win wars. In the above example England was on the down side of its Bell Curve, but Argentina was even MORE on the down side of its Bell Curve.

The FACT that the UK was the #1 force for defeating Germany in WWI, and the #2 force for defeating Germany in WWII (Russia was #1), that was YESTERDAY. God's Universe keeps moving forward and Yesterday was yesterday. Every day is a new ball game for every person, and every Nation.

What does this have to do with Bernanke and the FED now being America's #1 enemy? The FED is driving up Trillions of Dollars of DEBT TO SPEED UP THE PROCESS OF AMERICA'S DECLINE. America is ALREADY on the Down Side of its Bell Curve and Bernanke is doing EVERYTHING HE CAN to Drive It Down FASTER.  

There are TWO Kinds of Debt: Good Debt that's used to CREATE more wealth and a Profit Stream to PAY BACK the Debt, and Sh*t Debt that is spent on sh*t and is Wasted Money. 85% of what the FED faggots pump out is Sh*t Debt. It creates nothing, reforms no taxes, reforms no destructive regulations, does not reform the legal system, does Not reform welfare, does NOT encourage manufacturing in America, it builds almost nothing that produces real National wealth, and that's WHY both the Quality and Percentage of American Jobs KEEPS GOING DOWN, and despite the LYING GOVERNMENT NUMBERS will continue to go DOWN in Quality, and as a gross percentage of American's total workers.

Yes, the FED faggots HAVE Recreated the Stock Market BUBBLE of 2007 via Trillions of Dollars of NEW Sh*t DEBT. One of the many things that Democrats are too stupid to "GET" is that $7 computer e-trades turned the Stock Market into a GAMBLING CASINO where 99% of the money volume produces NOTHING of value to 50% of the American people. And Very Little of value to 80% of the remaining 50%. The only people making Big Money on the current Stock Market Bubble are the Gordon Gekkos and their very best friend in the world - Bernanke.

President Obama has his good points, and although I did not vote for him, I was okay when he won and viewed it as the lesser of two evils. I didn't vote for Romney either, I left the 2012 President choice blank on my voting ballot. Romney's economic skills are a lot better than Obama's, but Romney was a total dupe of the Zionists.

What's good about President Obama is that he is NOT speeding up America's Decline by jumping into every stupid war in stupid places. Unlike moron Pres Bush, Pres Obama is NOT buying the Con Game of a Crusade against Muslims to make the world safe for West Bank slavery, and to bring the 2nd coming of Jesus.

HOWEVER,  Pres Obama does NOT understand business, and does NOT understand grand strategy National finance. Pres Obama is making the classic mistake of surrounding himself with people who only tell him what he wants to hear about the economy.

I'm sure Pres Obama has no idea of what Bernanke is really doing, but like ALL of the politicians in Washington DC Pres Obama is hoping that in some magical way the Bernanke communism, something for nothing con game, will magically work.

If Pres Obama (or Anyone) REALLY cared about "Poor People," and really cared about making the Gordon Gekkos "Pay Their Fair Share." He'd put a 1% Federal Sales Tax on the Wall Street Gambling Casino. A 1% Federal Sales Tax on the sale of all Stocks. Oh, dear me,  wouldn't that really hurt the 50% of the total American voters who own zero stocks?

Let me try and remember American history, please help me on this one. America had became the world's greatest nation by 1900 because of stock market paper pushing and FED faggot queer money - Right?

A Federal Sales Tax on the sale of stocks (Stocks Are real property, NOT a service) might encourage some of the GAMING ADDICTED FANATICS on Wall Street to go out and get honest Jobs.

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