Title: Bernankeism is the Economics of the NOT FREE MARKET.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri May 24th, 2013



 Keynesianism and Communism are Both the Same in that they "Sound" really, REALLY good, but just don't work. In the 1960s a good 70% of the world's population was living under Communist and/or ultra Socialist Governments, and they did NOT work Anywhere.

Now the world has a New Evil Economic system to replace Communism, it's called Bernankeism.

 Bernankeism is NOT Keynesianism. John Keynes NEVER Advocated the endless, massive DEBT that is the core of Bernankeism. Keynes advocated Government economic SURPLUSES whenever possible.

Bernankeism is the oppose of Capitalism. Bernanekism is the NOT FREE MAREKT. Bernankeism is the Opposite of the "Idea" of America. Bernankeism is in my opinion a Fanatical Cult. 

What is the "Idea" of America? In 1776, the "Idea" of America was a Nation unlike Europe. In Europe you had a few rich, and a lot of poor, and all of the Governments worked at KEEPING IT THAT WAY. The "Idea" of America was a Nation where the Government worked to make everyone Equal. The "idea: of America DID become the Shining City on the Mountain, and for 200 years WAS an inspiration to the world.

Today, the de facto Government of the USA is Bernankeism. The BENIFITS of Bernankeism go 80% to the rich Pigs: the Wall Street Gamblers, the Gordon Gekkos, the Real Estate Manipulators, the Pig Bankers, the Big Corporations, and the Super Rich. BUT, the Burden and Liability of Bernankeism's MASSIVE never ending Debt falls on ALL Americans. Especially America's young who will be paying for Bernankeism (via REDUCTED standards of living) for the rest of their lives.

Valid study after valid study has proven that the GAP between ordinary workers and the Bernanke Pig Rich keeps GROWING WIDER. The studies PROVE that the bottom 50% of the US population is becoming poorer. Yes, there are some new "Bernanke jobs" and "employment." They are sh*t jobs making $8 an hour, while the Bernanke Pigs make Billions of Dollars while sitting on their yachts in St. Bart and Gaming the FED's artificially low interest rates.

Ordinary, average Americans CANNOT borrow money at 1%, but the Bernanke Rich Pigs CAN and DO. If you borrow a Billion dollars for 1%, and you buy US Bonds at 2%, you're making 100% (one hundred percent) on your money, or $10,000,000 (ten million dollars) per year for doing NOTHING. Borrow a Billion dollars from the Bernanke faggots at 1%, buy Greek bonds at 6%, and you're making $50,000,000 a year for doing Nothing.

The FACT is that what used to be the Black economic Middle Class in 2007 has been 50% Wiped Out, and is now back to LOWER economic class. BUT, there have been 31 White people who have become Billionaires by gaming the FED's almost zero interest to SELECT PEOPLE.  

Bernanke Economics is the REVERSE of 1776. Bernanke Economics is the Government working Very Harder and using MASSIVE DEBT to make the rich richer, and the poor poorer. It's the American Government working HARD to make people unequal. Bernanke Economics is the NOT FREE MARKET Economics.

In my opinion what Bernanke is doing is massively Unconstitutional in BOTH the letter and INTENT of the Law, and the INTENT of what America is supposed to be. In my opinion Bernanke is an unelected dictator, and queer money fanatic.

What can YOU do to help save America? Congressman Kevin P Brady (R., Texas) has introduced a Bill, The Centennial Monetary Commission ACT H.R. 1176. This would establish a BIPARTISAN Committee to examine the FED's actions in terms of they being: Legal, Ethical, Constitutional, and unduly ENRICHING certain highly select groups at the expense of All taxpayers.

This is a Bill that needs to pass. Write and call your Congressman and Senator and tell them that America's future needs this Bill. In my opinion it is the MOST IMPORTANT BILL on the floor of both the Congress and Senate for America's long term survival. Call and email your Congressman NOW.

Thank you Congressman Brady. It's nice to know that NOT everyone in Congress is brain-dead and/or a Dupe of Bernanke. I hope we see you on the National scene in 2016.

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