Title: Is Paul Krugman a Bigger Fanatical Assh*le than Ben Bernanke?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed May 29th, 2013




Is Paul Krugman a Bigger Fanatical Assh*le than Ben Bernanke?


Dr. Paul Krugman, is a New York Times columnist, Princeton University economics professor, and a Nobel Prize winner. Krugman has been attacking Harvard Economics professors Dr. Kenneth Rogoff and Dr. Carman Reinhart.


In my view, the New York Times (a once great newspaper) has politically degenerated DOWN into favoring some policies and programs that are in my opinion very Anti-American. So it makes sense that Krugman writes for the NYT.


Ms. Carman Reinhart was born in Havana, Cuba, and became the chief Economist for Bear Stearns. Dr. Reinhart has a Ph.D in economics, has written extensively, and is currently a Harvard Economics professor.


Dr. Kenneth Rogoff has a Ph.D in Economics (MIT), is a Chess Grandmaster, and Harvard professor.


For 40 YEARS I consistently & non-stop fought the 2nd Amendment battle. Many excellent people fought that same battle, but I was a significant factor in the eventual WIN. Along the 40 year road I had to deal with a lot of fanatical Flying Monkeys from academia who used many "tricks" to muddy any truth that didn't fit into their big-government agendas.


For 40 years the Flying Monkeys in academia attacked me. Like, "His tie and his socks really don't match so that means EVERYTHING he says is Wrong." Or. "He spelled some words wrong and that means everything he says is Wrong." Yes, I do have sever Dyslexia (had it all of my life), and I do misspell words, but the Dyslexia also gives me a super ability to analyze complicated situations, and see things normal people (and fanatical people) cannot.


I've done original research for 40 years and know that it's a very difficult and sloppy process. Dr. Rogoff and Dr. Reinhart are doing GROUND BREAKING original research on the History of Government financial polices and their consequences. Their 2009 Book about EIGHT Centuries of Worldwide Government financial history is in my view a Masterpiece. Their Book, This Time is Different, paradoxically published by the Princeton University Press (Krugman's home), is still out there - you should buy it.


A Few of the MANY PROBLEMS with research on the history of world economics are: (1) there are NO universal accounting standards for Nations. (2) Nations are OFTAN Lying with the numbers they do give out. The American government certainly DOES lie with some of its statistics, and the USSR's official economic numbers fooled the CIA's analysts for 30 years. So in  BIG studies covering areas that were never made easily comparable there are going to be many small things wrong. The Decisive Issue is: DO THE UNAVOIDABLE LITTLE MISTAKES MAKE THE END CONCLUSION WRONG?


If I write an analysis of a complicated big issue, and because of my Dyslexia I misspell five words, does that by itself make my big picture conclusions wrong?  No. Only an academic Flying Monkey assh*le working at being an assh*le would come to that conclusion.


Krugman and the other Flying Monkeys are attacking Rogoff and Reinhart because supposed there was a "computational error" in the 2010 Rogoff/Reinhart study, "Growth in a Time of Debt."


Rogoff & Reinhart have said there was an error, BUT it does NOT change the overall conclusion that as Government Debt increases, the rate of National economic growth slows. The "error" is how fast and when, NOT "If."  In other words, the MORE Queer Money the Bernanke FED fanatics pump out the SLOWER the overall long term growth of the American economy will become. The "error" is how fast.


Krugman FAILES to mention the OTHER studies that have come to EXACTLY THE SAME CONCLUSIONS as Rogoff/Reinhart.




(1) The 2011 Research Study, "Government Size and Growth: A Survey and Interpretation of Evidence," By Dr. Andreas Berg and Dr. Magnus Henrekson.


Dr. Berg (Ph.D in Economics) is an economics professor at Lund University in Sweden, and a visiting scholar at the Center for Basic Research at Harvard University.


Professor Henrekson (Ph.D Economics), is also president of the Research Institute of Industrial Economics in Stockholm, and a Member of the Royal Swedish Academy. Dr. Henrekson has done basic research with Dr. Davis at the University of Chicago Business School as to how the financial rules change for businesses depending on where they are on the life cycle of their Bell Curves.


Note: the "Financial Rules" change for people, companies and ALSO for Nations depending on Where they are at on their life cycle Bell Curves. In my opinion both Bernanke and Krugman are too fanatical and stupid to realize that the "rules" in 1933 are NOT the same "rules" in play in 2013 because America is at a VERY DIFFERENT PLACE on America's Bell Curve.


Like daa, when you're 25 years old you DO NOT manage your finances and life like you do when you 75 years old. In my opinion Bernanke is too queer-fanatical and stupid to "Get It."


Basically, Professors Berg and Henrekson say that Rogoff/Reinhart ARE CORRECT, the More a Nation's DEBT goes up the SLOWER it's economic growth becomes, and they say that Krugman's/Bernanke's Queer Money Forever is WRONG.       


(2) The 2010 Research Study, "The Impact of High and Growing Government Debt on Economic Growth - An Empirical Investigation for the Euro Area," by Dr. Cristina Checherita and Dr. Philipp Rother.


Dr. Rother is the chief economic analyst for the Economic & Financial Affairs Division (ECFIN) of the EU Government and responsible for the economic and monetary affairs of the Euro Zone. He is also head of the Fiscal Policies Division of the European Central Bank. Dr., Ms., Crintina Checherita-Westphal has authored many economy analysis studies and is Dr. Rother's research analyst at the European Central Bank.


Basically, ECFIN Chief Dr. Rother and European Central Bank analyst Dr. Checherita say that Rogoff/Reinhart ARE CORRECT, the More a Nation's DEBT goes up the SLOWER it's economic growth becomes, and they say that Krugman's/Bernanke's Queer Money Forever is WRONG.


In my opinion, Krugman is an even bigger queer money fanatic that Bernanke. In my opinion Krugman is an economics assh*le.


The question Krugman has NEVER ANSWERED is, "Where in the last 7,000 years of world economic history has massive government DEBT produced long term sustainable prosperity?" As far as I know the answer is, NOWHERE.


Uh, Ah, we've make this great discovery. Like Christopher Columbus discovering the New World. It's called Queer Money Debt, and nobody had ever known of this great discovery before Bernanke and Krugman. It's wonderful, the more you borrow the richer you become.


In my opinion, Bernanke is a classic economics-religion fanatic. For most of the last Century, Communism was really a RELIGION to hundreds of millions of people. Now, in the 21st Century we have the new Kool-Aid economic religion of Bernankeism Queer Money.


In my opinion Bernanke is a classic fanatic. His behavior is stilted, it's rigid, and it's totally patterned. There is no flexibility or vibrancy;  Bernanke makes Al Gore look like Robin Williams. In my opinion Bernanke is even MORE Dead in his brain than he is with his outside behavior.


In my opinion Bernanke, and especially Krugman, are like the criminally stupid World War One Generals. Every FAILED attack had the same solution, make the next attack BIGGER. And when that some old attack in the same old way Failed again, you make the next one Bigger, and so on and so on. Just like Bernanke keeps making the Queer bigger, and bigger, and Bigger


Here's a News Flash for Dr. Krugman, FAILURE does NOT prove the economic policy is correct and needs to be bigger. Is Krugman so totally brain-dead that he's forgotten that's exactly the same excuse the Russian communists were using for the Failure of communism for the last 25 years of the old USSR?


In my opinion Bernanke has a fanatical compulsion for only ONE thing, More Queer. In my opinion, like all fanatics, the real world FACTS are meaningless to Bernanke.




Bernanke Fact. Greece has a very high degree of Government Debt, and that's why Greece has had a 5% per year economic growth rate for the last five years.


Bernanke Fact. Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and Italy have very high Debt to GNP ratios, and this is WHY the above countries have enjoyed a 6% economic growth rate per year for the last five years, and have under 3% unemployment.


Bernanke Fact. China has over the Trillion dollars in currency reserves. China produces more than it consumes, and this is WHY China as suffered from economic no-growth stagnation for the last 20 years.


Bernanke Fact. In France, Government spending is 55% of GDP, about where Bernanke say's America's should be. In France unemployment is under 2% and yearly economic growth is 7%.


Bernanke Fact. Japan has more Government Debt than any big economy in the world, and this is WHY Japan has had a 9% per year economic growth rate for the last 20 years. Japan PROVES Bernanke's and Krugman's belief  that the more Debt a Nation has the FASTER it economically grows. 


I hope we can all keep laughing when America economically collapses because the FED's suicidal queer money fanaticism?


This WAR is for real, it's NOW, and it could be DECISIVE. America CANNOT afford to keep doing the WRONG THINGS for 25 years like the old USSR did during the last 25 years of its life. Times change, conditions change, this is a time in history when America's economists need to come down from there comfortable ivory towers and get their hands dirty. Dr. Reinhart, Dr. Rogoff, Dr. Bergh, Dr. Henrekson, Dr. Rother, Dr. Checherita, they are doing THEIR PART. They are part of the solution, and not part of the problem - Join Them. Now.


What can YOU do to help save America right NOW? Congressman Kevin P Brady (R., Texas) has introduced a Bill, The Centennial Monetary Commission ACT H.R. 1176. This would establish a BIPARTISAN Committee to examine the FED's actions in terms of they being: Legal, Ethical, Constitutional, Sane, Rational, and Not unduly ENRICHING certain highly select small Wall Street groups at the future DEBT expense of All taxpayers.

This is a Bill that MUST pass. Write and call your Congressman and Senator and tell them that America's future needs this Bill. In my opinion it's the MOST IMPORTANT BILL on the floor of both the Congress and Senate for America's long term survival. Call and email your Congressman NOW.

Thank you Congressman Brady. It's nice to know that NOT everyone in Congress is a brain-dead Dupe drinking Bernanke's Kool-Aid. I hope we see you on the National scene in 2016.

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