Title: WHY Bernanke Needs to be Removed from Office NOW.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon June 3rd, 2013



Florida has in many ways become the "Bell Weather" State that California used to be. In some ways Florida has been a Bell Weather State (foreshadowing events) for 86 years. The Florida economy CRASHED in 1927, foreshadowing the 1929 Wall Street Crash.

In Miami, from FIRST HAND observation where I help run other businesses, I can assure you that the Real Estate BUBBLE has without question returned.

Two years ago there might be 2 or 3 people at a bankruptcy  sale. Now there might be 80. Speculators are "Flipping" homes again, and prices are again going CRAZY.

Bernanke and the FED faggots via Trillions of New Debt HAVE (in Miami) succeeded in bringing BACK the Major Cause of the 2008 CRASH. Real Estate prices that are insane-stupid.

Aside from the Real Estate BUBBLE, have any of the moron faggots at the FED ever stopped to realize that a $10 million dollar home on the beach is NOT: a steel mill, a farm, an oil well, a cell phone factory, a shoe manufacturer, a ship builder, an airplane, a cattle ranch, and so forth?

A $10 million dollar home on the beach, for two people, (with 8 bathrooms) is a massive WASTE of money!  Bernanke is too stupid to Get-It.

Has Bernanke ever noticed that  America has $80 Trillion dollars of DEBT and NOT $80 Trillion Dollars of money in the Bank?  Bernanke is too stupid to understand that one of the pigs he's made richer, going out and buying an $80,000 Hermes Birkin Bag, really does NOT make America richer.

Did a Nation ever try and win a war with bathrooms? Or $80,000 women's handbags? The people at the Pentagon don't Get-It either. (However, the Chinese DO Get-It).

The FED via Trillions of Dollars of New DEBT has Also Recreated the 2007 Stock Market BUBBLE. Has anyone at the FED ever noticed that Wall Street is NOT: a steel mill, a farm, an oil well, a cell phone factory, a shoe manufacturer, a ship builder, an airplane, a cattle ranch, and so forth? Bernanke is too stupid to Get-It.

Wall Street in mainly a Gambling Casino that only makes big money for the Gordon Gekko pigs who are rich enough to Game the FED. 50% of the American voters make NOTHING from Wall Street. That's WHY there should be a Federal Sales Tax on every Wall Street Gambling Transaction just like there's a Tax on every other Casino.

In my opinion Ben Bernanke is insane, and a total FANATIC who's completely OBSESSED with proving that Queer faggot money is the Universal Solution for every problem.

Somebody in Congress needs to introduce a Bill to REMOVE Bernanke immediately. It's NOT an advantage to have an "Independent FED" when the "Independent FED People" are in my opinion dangerous, psychotic, queer money loving fanatics who keep running up Massive DEBTS in repeated attempts to make a Nation-Destroying, Bernanke crackpot Faggot-Money Economic Religion work.

What can YOU do to help save America right NOW? Congressman Kevin P Brady (R., Texas) has introduced a Bill, The Centennial Monetary Commission ACT H.R. 1176. This would establish a BIPARTISAN Committee to examine the FED's actions in terms of the actions being: Legal, Ethical, Constitutional, Sane, Rational, and Not unduly ENRICHING certain highly select Gordon Gekko Wall Street pigs, and real estate speculation pigs, at the future DEBT expense of All taxpayers. Especially young American future taxpayers.

This is a Bill that MUST pass. Write and call your Congressman and Senator and tell them that America needs this Bill. In my opinion it's the MOST IMPORTANT BILL on the floor of Congress for America's long term survival. Call and email your Congressman NOW.

Thank you Congressman Brady. It's nice to know that NOT everyone in Congress is a brain-dead Dupe drinking Bernanke's Kool-Aid. I hope we see you on the National scene in 2016.

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