Title: After the American Financial Crash of 2014, will the USA Make the Same Old Mistakes in the Same Old Way?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue June 4th, 2013



The Canary in the Coal Mine (me) got it right again. Yesterday's Wall Street Journal headline was, "Improving U.S. Fiscal Health Eases Pressure for a Grand Bargain."

Hmmm, how about this healine, "Bernanke BUBBLE Makes it Possible for the Congressional Cowards to Keep Kicking the Cans Down the Road"?  

My long time readers will remember that three years ago I started saying that one of the MANY downsides to Bernanke's Trillions of $$ faggot money was that it WOULD DESTROY ANY VOTER/CONGRESS MOTIVATION FOR REAL CHANGE AND A TRUE LONG TERM AMERICAN RECOVERY. The Canary was correct, that's EXACTLY what happened.

The Republicans, now in 2013, with a Bernanke queer-money fueled Stock Market BUBBLE in play. The Republicans would be politically suicidal to propose the Painful CHANGES needed for fundamental long term recovery. The Demagogue Democrats (and their left-wing press helpers) would Politically Crucify the Republicans.

On the other side, Obama is NOT a dupe of the Zionists, but Obama IS a dupe of Bernankeism Economics - id est, Every problem Can be solved with MORE $$ Queer. The Democrats believe that the Queer $$ will work FOREVER.

The Democrats drink Bernanke's Kool-Aid Kueer like it was Mother's Milk, and keep asking for MORE.

When the FED was re-created in 1913, it's "Job" was to provide CASH Liquidity during the normal financial/banking crises times that periodically happen in every Nation. (Central Banks are a GOOD and NEEDED back-up institution in every advanced economy IF LIMITED TO THIS ONE JOB). After the immediate CASH Liquidity crises of 2008 was over, the FED should have STOPPED making queer $$, and the FED should have let the FREE MARKET make its adjustments.

The FED that was re-created in 1913 was NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE an unelected, financial DICTATORSHIP Running Up Trillions and Trillions of New DEBT year after year after year in Megalomaniacal attempts to Control the Total Economy.

After di*kbrain Bernnake had solved the 2008-09 cash liquidity crises he should have STOPPED trying to Communist Like control the total American economy. (Something the FED was never legally authorized to do).

If di*kweed  Bernanke had stopped his Queer $$ in 2009, Congress (and the voters) would have been MOTIVATED in 2009-2010 to accept the Pain of REAL Change. But oh, no, the fathead Bernanke ego-assh*les had to "prove" that with enough $$ QUEER you can Run The World on $$ Queer. 

If it hadn't been for Bernanke and the FED morons, by now, in 2013, America COULD have been into a real change driven Sustainable Recovery. The really painful parts would already be in back of US. But instead, America is eyeball deep into ego-fanatic Bernanke's QuEer-money BUBBLE-Boom, and on the road to ANOTHER CRASH because NOTHING FUNDAMENTAL has changed.

Mr. Obama could have gone down in America history as a true "Profile In Courage," who had the guts to do what was needed to bring America into line with the 21st Century world realities. Instead, when it comes to domestic economics, Mr. Obama will go down in history as, "Bernanke's Boy."  

Bernanke and the FED morons are so stupid they can't "see" that the Reason for the 2008 crash was because the BASIC SYSTEM and rules evolved and changed from systems that were ONCE workable, but are no longer workable. As a Nation travels on its Bell Curve the RULES CHANGE. The "rules" in 1933 are NO LONGER the rules for 2013 because America and the World are no longer the World of 1933.

The "Cure" is to CORRECT and up-date the basic American systems (as painful as that's going to be), NOT paper the problems over with FED Queer $$ wallpaper, while fantasizing  that World History will start flowing BACKWARDS and it will become yesterday.

As soon as the FED Queer money stops, the American economy will Crash Again. The next Crash should have the correct name, "The FED Crash of 2014." Hopefully, during the 2014 crash the FED will leave it along so Congress/Voters ARE motivated to accept the pain of what's needed for a true recovery.

What can YOU do to help save America right NOW? Congressman Kevin P Brady (R., Texas) has introduced a Bill, The Centennial Monetary Commission ACT H.R. 1176. This would establish a BIPARTISAN Committee to examine the FED's actions in terms of the actions being: Legal, Ethical, Constitutional, Sane, Rational, and Not unduly ENRICHING certain highly select Gordon Gekko Wall Street pigs, and real estate speculation pigs, at the future DEBT expense of All taxpayers. Especially young American future taxpayers.

This is a Bill that MUST pass. Write and call your Congressman and Senator and tell them that America needs this Bill. In my opinion it's the MOST IMPORTANT BILL on the floor of Congress for America's long term survival. Call and email your Congressman NOW.

Thank you Congressman Brady. It's nice to know that NOT everyone in Congress is a brain-dead Dupe drinking Bernanke's Kool-Aid. I hope we see you on the National scene in 2016.

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