Title: WHY Bernanke's Trillions of New Debt will NEVER be able to Create Good Jobs in America.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri June 7th, 2013



WHY Bernanke's Trillions of Queer $$ Debt has FAILED to Create Good Jobs, and WHY it will Always FAIL.

On a personal bases I'm sure Mr. Bernanke is a nice person. I'm sure he makes an excellent next door neighbor. His Problem, and it's ALSO American's Problem because Bernanke is the de facto economic Tsar of America, Bernanke's problem is that he's SMALL MINDED.

The General Staff of the last 50 years at the Pentagon has exactly the Same Problem. The General Staff at the Pentagon is a collection of excellent German Sergeants. They have all of the Tactics down perfectly, and are the best in the world at tactics. However, like the FED people, the current Pentagon general staff cannot SEE the Big grand strategy pictures.

People like General George Washington, Pres Abraham Lincoln, General George Marshall, General MacArthur, did have the ability to be both tacticians and grand strategists, but they are long gone. They were replaced by the SURGE. Make the failed attack bigger.

Bernanke is an excellent economic tactician, but he's NOT an economic grand strategist, and he's in a position that MUST HAVE a grand strategist. The Bernanke plan is the SURGE, make every Queer Money Failure BIGGER.

My belief is that it's very hard for "normal people" to be grand strategists because the "normal mind" is one that's limited to mainly tactics. To be a grand strategist I believe you need to be either a very smart big-thinker like George Washington or MacArthur, or you need an abnormal mind. I believe that for grand strategy it helps to be what I am, a person who is  severely Dyslexic.

One of the conundrums is that BIG, formal organizations like the military, and government bureaucracies, do NOT understand, do NOT like, and will NOT deal with people who have something like sever Dyslexia. So in-breeding takes place and you end up with an organization at the TOP of truly excellent and superior tacticians, but NO grand strategists who can see the big pictures.

In 1964 it was crystal clear to me that America HAD to lost the Vietnam War. To the tacticians that was a TOTAL JOKE. The American firepower advantage was like 10,000 to 1. The tacticians could Only See the SMALL picture, and could Not SEE that victory is sometimes more than firepower. I could SEE the Big Picture.

In 2004 it was crystal clear to me that King Bush's crusade in Iraq War Two, searching for the Holy Grail of WMD to end world terrorism forever. It was clear to me that the King Bush's crusade would end exactly like the First Crusades, and I wrote exactly that in many published essays at the time. I wrote that the Iraq War II Crusade would end like First Crusades with the Christian forces sneaking away in the night.

The SURGE in Afghanistan was ALSO supposed to bring the end of al Qaeda in the world. For the last 10 years I've been writing essays saying that al Qaeda is an IDEA, and you can ONLY defeat an Idea with a Better Idea, and America does NOT have that better Idea. America is in FACT supporting Colonialism, exactly the WRONG idea.

The bottom line FACT is that my Dyslexia predictions of the last 50 years have been a LOT BETTER than the Pentagon's General Staff predictions.

On the economics side, in 2005 I wrote several essays about America being in a Real Estate BUBBLE that HAD to explode. When the crash that I had predicted finally arrived the FED small minded thinkers were taken by TOTAL SURPRISE.   

Another conundrum is that 90% of the people with Dyslexia just Give UP on life, and move into very small worlds of their own making. The tacticians always think they are correct because most of the time they are the only ones around.

Going full circle back to Bernanke, and what's WRONG with his tactics of flooding the World with Queer Money. And WHY these tactics are NOT producing good jobs in America, and will NEVER produce good jobs in America.

Unlike Pres. Obama, AND Bernanke, and most of the people at the FED. I am a real business manager who has operated businesses and organization in the real world for over 40 years. Here is a FACT, business managers do NOT, that's NOT, like employees.

For American business managers, employees are the people who get scumbag lawyers to sue the company over BS non-sense. However, 80% of the non-sense, BS, lawsuits are paid off because America has the WORST Tort Law system in the World. The payoffs raise Insurance Costs and make the insurance pigs richer. Employees are the ones who join mafia controlled unions that extort $$ from the company. The FICA is a TAX on employment, so the more employees you have the More Tax the company is paying. Now, ObamaCare is a New, BIG, Tax on employment to pay for the Democratic Party's vote buying payoffs to people who do NOT work. The more employees a company has the More ObamaCare Tax the company will pay.

One of the CORE OBJECTIVES from American business managers, FOR DECADES, has been the objective of Increasing production while DECREASING the number of employees.

New machines, computers, robotics, new Information Technology Programs, they HAVE ALL made it possible to Increase Production while at the Same Time DECREASING the number of employees.

Let's look at the American Classic job (the cause of the Civil War) - picking cotton. Even in 1948, 80% of the cotton picked in America was still picked by hand, and 95% by Blacks. By 1960, ZERO percent was picked by hand, and the Blacks had moved to Detroit.

Let's look at another classic, making Steel. I grew up on the South Side of Chicago by US Steel. In 1943 US Steel had 340,000 employees in a Nation of 130 million people. By 1957 that was down to a peace-time of 260,000 employees. Today in 2013 its 40,000 US Steel employees in a Nation of 320 million people.

But the crackpot economists like Bernanke keep saying, "Oh, we've changed to a service economy, and it doesn't make any difference what people work at."

America did NOT win big in WWII because it was a "Service economy."    

YESTERDAY when I went to Home Depot to buy some paint, a third of the check-out "service" employees had been replaced with computer check-up machines. No FICE, no ObamaCare payments, no BS employee lawsuits, no unions, no employee insurance, no employees. Just lots of new machines financed with LOTS of Bernanke queer money.

New machines, robotics, new computer systems, new IT systems, they all COST a lot of Up Front money. It cost at lot of immediate money to fire employees, AND Bernanke IS providing all the queer money needed to FIRE as many employees as possible, and as soon as possible.

The grand strategy fact is that Bernanke has make it possible for Big S&P 500 companies to borrow Money at almost No Interest. S&P 500 companies CAN afford to Buy the new machines, the robotics, the new computer systems, the new Information Technology Systems, the new computerized check-out machines and thus FIRE a lot of employees.

With Bernanke's Trillions of Queer $$ almost FREE Money America's biggest companies can afford to REPLACE lots of employees with equipment, RAISE PRODUCTION, greatly Increase Profits, see their stock prices go way up so Gordon Gekko can make another Billion dollars that week, and give their CEOs multi-million, and even multi-billion $$ Bonuses.

In the REAL WORLD, big American corporations HAVE USED Bernanke's almost FREE $$ to replace employees with machines. They HAVE raised production, and they HAVE increased profits, and they have made a lot of money for THEMSELVES. The super rich get a lot richer, and the working class MOVES ON DOWN to lower paying jobs. It's the Bernanke way and don't we need a LOT More?

Because of Bernanke's Queer $$ money, there are millions of American Employees who have gone from $21 an hour jobs with benefits to $10 an hour jobs with no benefits.

The Grand Strategy BOTTOM LINE of Bernanke's almost Free Money to big Corporations is that the Bernanke New DEBT is financing  the DOWN GRADING of millions of American employees.

The More un-repayable faggot Debt $$ that Bernanke gives to big corporations in the form of almost free money, the FASTER the big corporations will degrade American jobs and REPLACE millions of employees with machines and computer systems.

Bernankism crackpot economics is the WORST OF ALL WORLDS. All Americans get Trillions of New DEBT that's totally un-payable, and has already LOWERED the Living Standards of millions of average American workers & voters. The Debt in the form almost FREE $$ to big Corporations IS Financing and SPEEDING UP the Replacement of employees with machines and computer systems.

If Bernanke's crackpot economics is so good for creating good American jobs like Bernanke keeps saying it is, then WHY has America gone from 10 million people on Food Stamps to today's 50 (Fifty!) million Americans on Food Stamps?

One of the MANY THINGS that Classic America DID RIGHT was to NOT have a Military that was a State within a State, like Germany had until 1946. Even the German Generals were, like the American generals of today, NOT grand strategist that could SEE the big pictures.

When I think of Bernanke I cannot help but get a picture of German WWI General Ludendoff.  Ludendoff was the de facto dictator of Germany in early 1918, just like Bernanke is the de facto dictator of America's economy today. Bernanke's and Ludendoff's tactics are exactly the same, Make The Failed Attacks Bigger.

In 1913 America DID make the Mistake of creating a FED that WAS a State within a State. The 1913 FED was NOT the Classic American "Separation of Powers." The 1913 FED was the creation of an INDENDANT unelected POWER.

It's time for the US Congress to accept and "SEE" the FACT that a so-called "Independent FED" is a MISTAKE MULTIPLIER when the FED's ideas are crackpot WRONG ideas. The idea was that the FED should be "Independent" to DO THE RIGHT THING. However, in the Real World the FED is has become "Independent" to do the WRONG THINGS.

Bernanke is a small minded failure. Congress needs to pass a law Immediately to remove him from office.

The first time I read Dr. Friedrick Hayek's 1944 book about how the USSR HAD to eventually fail I know that Hayek was correct. By 1969 it was Crystal Clear to most clear thinking people that the USSR's economic system was a Failure. (The CIA and Pentagon did NOT Get-It until 1989). However, in 1969 the USSR "leadership" kept it's "death grip" on the failure for another 20 years until 1989. The USSR "Leadership" kept trying to make the failure work by making the failures bigger and bigger. America CANNOT afford to make the same mistake in the same way. America cannot afford a future 20 years of FED Failure. It's time to End The Insanity NOW.

What can YOU do to help save America right NOW? Congressman Kevin P Brady (R., Texas) has introduced a Bill, The Centennial Monetary Commission ACT H.R. 1176. This would establish a BIPARTISAN Committee to examine the FED's actions in terms of them being: Legal, Ethical, Constitutional, Sane, Rational, (are they increasing the quality of American jobs?), and Not unduly ENRICHING highly select Gordon Gekko Wall Street pigs, big corporation CEOs, and real estate speculation pigs, at the future DEBT expense of All taxpayers. Especially young American future taxpayers.

This is a Bill that MUST pass. Write and call your Congressman and Senator and tell them that America needs this Bill. In my opinion it's the MOST IMPORTANT BILL on the floor of Congress for America's long term survival. Call and email your Congressman NOW.

Thank you Congressman Brady. It's nice to know that NOT everyone in Congress is a brain-dead Dupe drinking Bernanke's Kool-Aid. I hope we see you on the National scene in 2016.

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