Title: It's Time to SUE the FED for the Unconstitutional Use of Power.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat June 22nd, 2013


Below is the complete Un-edited copy of the summary that was FIRST POSTER 6/21/2013 on Andrew M Molchan's Facebook page #2.


The Wall Street hucksters are SPINNING the so called "Boom" in Real Estate, and how this is going to drive the Dow to 20,000. Sure, and the FED's faggot Easter Bunny is also real. 

What's happening with Real Estate today is EACTLY what I've been predicting for four years. Bernanke HAS made the Gordon Gekko Pigs Very Rich. The Pigs ARE making so much $$ the price of million dollar + Homes Have gone up 10% to 25%. BUT, the value of most ordinary homes is still LESS than in 2006.

The multi-million dollar pig end of the Real Estate market DESTORTS the "Averages" upwards. The Wall Street hucksters SPIN this statistical fraud to leave the impression that ALL Real Estate has gone up. The FED, and the Wall Street hucksters HAVE succeeded in conning a lot of Middle Class people back into the Stock Market. The "little people" will get fu*ked.

The TRUTH is that Low end Real Estate, like in Black areas, is DOWN another 4% in 2013. The Truth is that 70% of the Real Estate in America is still a lot LESS than it was in 2006. BUT, ordinary working, taxpaying Americans, HAVE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF ADDITIONAL GOVERNMENT DEBT that they ARE Liable for. 

When I need a laugh, I turn on the TV financial-news Creamers. They all talk about, "What a genius Bernanke has been." YES, for the Wall Street Rich Pig's Bernanke IS better than God. Bernanke is absolutely and definitely the GREATEST thing that's happened to America's Gordon Gekkos in the whole history of America. Let's all ignore the FACT that Bernanke has ALSO Wiped Out 50% of what in 2007 used to be the Black Economic Middle Class. But Hay, as long as the paper-manipulating Rich Pigs are Gaming the FED's frauds and making lots of $$ EVERYTHING is Wonderful. Right?

Isn't President Obama the same old communist story in the same old way? ONLY talking about helping the poor, while in the real world ONLY helping the rich Oligarchs become richer.

Bernanke's USSR like Central-Control manipulations ARE turning America into Russia. In Russia there are the SUPER Rich, and then there's everyone else.

The Wall Street TV hucksters have been talking about how, "Real Estate going UP is going to propel America into a fantastic BOOM."  The GRAND STRATEGY analysis is this: the 70 Million Baby Booms (70,000,000) are now ALL 52 yrs old or older. Their first-time home buying days are LONG GONE. The WW2 Vets, and after the Vets their children, who built the American Real Estate market Boom from 1946 to 1990 are either Dead, or NO LONGER first time home buyers.

In truth, most of today's American Real Estate market is the WALKING DEAD. High retirement areas, and Pig multi-million dollar homes are the only exceptions.

The Wall Street hucksters are saying, "Buy a home NOW because interest rates are going UP." Yes, interest rates have nowhere to go except UP because of Bernanke's MASSIVE USSR like MANIPULATIONS. Interest rates are DOWE because Bernanke is using a TRILLION DOLLARS of Fabricated-out-of-thin-air QUEER MONEY per year to "Buy" the US Treasury's Bonds. (It's Madoff like, Unconstitutional, de facto accounting fraud that's NOT going to last forever).

Normally, Real Estate trades like Bonds. When interest rates go UP, the VALUE of Bonds go DOWN. Likewise, then USA Real Estate mortgage rates go UP (and the world market will force them up someday), the RESALE VALUE of most homes will go DOWN. Once AGAIN, as in 2008, Bernanke and the FED faggots will have put MILLIONS MORE Middle Class homeowners UNDER WATER. Additional Home Owners will have "low interest mortgage rates" on a mortgage that's MORE than the market value of their home.

Average people from 2001 to 2005 where suckered into this low mortgage trap by Greenspan, now it's "ACT II" the same old thing in the same old way with Bernanke.

The Wall Street Creamer Con Men ARE saying, "But interest rates went up at times during the last half century, and home values still kept going UP."

Yes, the above is kind of true. First, let's NOT ignore inflation. In 1946 my father bought a very nice, brick, really well constructed three story home, that was only 5 years old, in Chicago for $8,000. The BIGGEST FACTOR for American Real Estate increasing in value was FIRST, 10 million GI's getting out of military service after 1946 and buying homes with GI loans. THEN the UPWARDS pressure of their children, the 70,000,000 baby boomers becoming FIRST TIME home buyers. HOWEVER, America No Longer has that market, and that's WHY today the value of millions of Middle Class homes are STILL LESS than they were in 2006.

SOLUTONS. We have the FED solution, which is also the old Greenspan solution. We take the 15 million illegals in America and make them citizens, give them the vote, and give them loans to buy homes. Presto! A Consumption BOOM.

A sane person might ask, "Millions of these people are genetically stupid. They can hardly speak English, or ANY language whatsoever past the 4th grade level. They cannot do 3rd grade math, and most are basic science illiterates. There are only so many tomatoes to pick, only so many lawns to cut, and only so many driveways to blow with those phallic symbol bowers. There are only so many jobs that can be taken away from American Blacks by working for one dollar LESS per hour. A Nation is ONLY as great as the sum total of the people in that Nation. So if you add a LOT MORE worthless people to America than America becomes a lot more worthless."

Once again it's the FED to the rescue, with the Bernanke plan (that's also the old Greenspan Plan), we give the 15 million stupid illegals 100% LOANS to "Buy" $200,000 homes. Then we put them on additional Welfare. We finance this the "old fashioned way," with 20 Trillion Dollars of additional DEBT. The illegal's ADDED CONSUMPTION will slingshot America into a fantastic BOOM, and make the 21st Century the American Century.

The Gordon Gekkos know EXACTLY how to Game the above plan and make a LOT MORE $$. But Hay, making the Pig Rich (who ONLY manipulate paper), a LOT richer is what the FED is SUPPOSED to be all about. Right? Absolutely! That's WHY we need to make Bernanke the USA Financial Dictator for Life. America NEEDS to become the Empire of Queer.

Today's Wall Street Journal headline is, "Fed Toils In Vain To Calm Markets." Perhaps somebody out there can remind me, exactly WHEN did we have the Constitutional Amendment that took Constitutional Mandated responsibility for running the economy Away from the President, Away from Congress, and Away from the Supreme Court and gave dictator powers to an un-elected group of FED faggots? 

The Inconvenient Truth is that Pres Obama is more than happy to keep giving dictator powers to Bernanke so Obama can continue the hide under a rock along with the Congressional cowards. 

What is Obama being paid for? So he can take a $100 million dollar vacation to Africa? Is he going to Africa to see how good governments should be run? He could save a lot of money and do the same thing as going to Africa -  he could go to Detroit.

In a Nation with more lawyers than all of the rest of the world put together; WHY is nobody suing the FED for the clearly Unconstitutional use of power?

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