Title: The US FED is Stealing & Embezzling Wealth from the World.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat June 29th, 2013



The US FED is Stealing and Embezzling Wealth from the WORLD. The US FED has Become History's Biggest Thief.

There ARE good reasons for having "Central Banks" and they ARE needed. "Business Cycles" are Normal and happen. Credit and Debt periodically over expanded and there is a Banking Liquidity Crises. That's when the Central Bank steps in, fabricates a LOT of Money, and puts "Liquidity" back into the Banking/Financial system. Usually the Crises part is over fairly fast, the economy adjusts, and the Central Bank mops up the queer money it fabricated so it doesn't infect the free market.

The above is SUPPOSED to be the way Central Banks work. It's how John Maynard Keynes said a Central Bank SHOULD work. When the immediate Liquidity Crises is OVER, mop up the queer money that was fabricated to solve the lack of cash problem, and let a FREE Economy naturally adjust, naturally heal itself, and naturally become healthy again.

It's like a hundred years ago when Doctors would give a patient cocaine to stop a severe allergic reaction. When the allergic reaction is OVER you're supposed to STOP giving the patient cocaine.

When economy's become "sick" with too much Debt, and Consumption-Production get WAY out of line, then economies SHOULD go into Hehab and Detox. Hehab should NOT be about feeling really good by getting a lot more cocaine FED DEBT.

The European in general ARE trying to do the right thing and Detox from too much debt. The biggest reason WHY the Detox in Europe is going so slowly is because the US FED is CONTINUING to flood the World with queer money DEBT.

In AMERICA, the Stock Market running on FED cocaine queer money went to an all time HIGH. The American Real Estate BUBBLE of 2005 is definitely RETURNING to "hot go-go areas." Big US Corporate profits are way UP. American Banks are BUILDING and opening hundreds of New Bank Buildings because they can "borrow" queer money for the FED for almost nothing. The Wall Street Gordon Gekkos are making more money than ever in the history of America.

HOWEVER, the US FED IS still pumping out over a TRILLION DOLLARS of Queer Money a year (Four YEARS After the Liquidity Crises was Over).

A few weeks ago the US FED HINTED that somewhere in the far distant future it might, just MIGHT, start to think about maybe slowing down the fabrication of its Trillions of dollars of queer money that represents ZERO work, ZERO savings, and ZERO Anything except Accounting Fraud.

The Wall Street Pigs went CRAZY. The Dow went down a 1000 points. The Wall Street Pigs were screaming at the FED, You CAN'T cut you queer juice, we need your queer, more queer, a LOT more queer. Without Trillions of FED faggot juice the American economy is NOTHING - it's a delusional maggot on the sidewalk.

The US FED immediately stepped in and said, On, it was all a mistake. We really didn't mean to say the queer cream would ever stop. The US FED promises to keep pumping out at least a Trillion Dollars of queer money every year forever and ever. We promise that the flow of queer cream will NEVER STOP.     

In my opinion, and my view, the US FED has become the biggest thief, the biggest embezzler, and the biggest colonial exploiter in the history of the world.

The USA is getting commodities: oil, copper, food, and manufactured products from around the World and "paying" for them with FED queer money that represents Zero Work, Zero savings, Zero anything except massive Enron/Madoff/FED accounting Fraud.

The FACT is that if any private person or company did what the FED does every day that person would be in Jail for Fraud.

The USA is getting cars from Germany, Wine from France, electronics from Japan, clothing from India, tools from China, coffee from South America, etc, and  "paying" for them with FED queer money that represents Zero Work by anyone, Zero savings, Zero anything except massive Enron/Madoff/FED accounting Fraud.

The US FED is f*cking the World. What the US FED is doing to the WORLD is what England did on a smaller scale to China during the Opium Wars (1839-1842). England sent Opium to China that it grew in India by paying Indian workers two-cents a day. England DRAINED most of the Silver OUT of China. For 5,000 years China had a CLOSED Keynesian economy that DID work. This is the WHY for China wanting to stay closed for centuries. Keynesian Economics DOES WORK (and ONLY works) in a CLOSED System. After the English drained the Silver money Liquidity OUT of China, the Chinese economy collapsed and STAYED in a state of crises for over a hundred years. England became the richest country in the World by keeping the Chinese Silver mainly inside of the 90% CLOSED British world economic Empire.

The US FED and Bernanke are doing the same thing today, but IN REVERSE. The end result is the same, America is economically Raping the World.

Today, the English are struggling to do the Right Thing. The English are struggling to get their production and consumption in line. The English Pound is NOT pure faggot cream like the FED's dollars. The English are NOT trying to screw the World.

In Greece the people are struggling, AND INDURING A LOT OF PAIN, to do the Right Thing and get their consumption and production in line. The Greeks send Olive Oil to America that represents a LOT of real work, time and investment of real money, and the USA sends Greece FED faggot money that's a FRAUD.

Greece school kids in 3rd and 4th grade are eating LESS food, and cheaper food, so the pigs on Wall Street can make even more money. The US FED is f*cking the Greeks.

The Japanese send America electronics that represent a LOT of REAL work, material and investments. America sends Japan queer money that represents NOTHING. The US FED is f*cking the Japanese.

The Germans send America cars and trucks that represent a LOT of REAL work, material and investments. America sends Germany queer money that represents NOTHING. The US FED is f*cking the Germans.

The Indians send America clothing that represent a LOT of REAL work, material and investments. America sends India queer money that represents NOTHING. The US FED is f*cking the Indians.

The French send America wine that represent a LOT of REAL work, material and investments. America sends France queer money that represents NOTHING. The US FED is f*cking the French.

The South Americans send America: copper, coffee, oil, fruits & vegetables that represent a LOT of REAL work, material and investments. America sends South America queer money that represents NOTHING. The US FED is f*cking South America.

The Chinese send America thousands of Products that represent a LOT of REAL work, material and investments. America sends China queer money that represents NOTHING. The US FED is f*cking the Chinese.

The Chinese, Japanese & Koreans bought a lot of US Treasury Bonds. However, Bernanke with his Madoff queer money accounting  Fraud is holding Interest Rates DOWN to only about 1/5th of what they would be in a FREE MARKET. Bernanke is f*cking the Chinese and Japanese out of tens of Billions of dollars of Interest every year.

Bernanke and the FED say, What we're doing is a great success. Just look at how HIGH American Big Corporation PROFITS are. How much MORE MONEY the Gordon Gekko rich ARE making!

YES, big American Corporation PROFITS are way UP. However, inconvenient truth is that the Big US Corporations are using the money to INCREASE their Automation so they can FIRE a lot more American workers. The inconvenient truth is that Bernanke is the biggest DESTROY of Good American jobs (the Permanent and Forever Destruction of good jobs) in the history of America.

The more faggot money that the FED pumps out, the richer the Gordon Gekkos get, and the More Middle Class workers LOSE good jobs and end up with sh*t jobs.

I guess big US Corporation profits being high, and they ARE high, and US Banks EXPANDING, is the reason WHY American keeps needing a Trillion + Dollars of FED fabricated queer money every year, year after year after year FOREVER?

Certainly the Profits $$ of US Big Corporations are HIGH. WHY wouldn't they be? US big corporations are getting products and materials for ALL OVER THE WORLD and "paying" for them with FED faggot money that represents NOTHING. America is economically Raping the World.

The Bernanke/America economy is more and more being built on a foundation of queer money FRAUD. Wall Street is ABSOLUTLEY CORRECT, without the FED's queer cream faggot money Wall Street is NOTHING.

Almost ALL of the people in Washington DC: President Obama, the US Congress, the Democrats, the Republicans, the General Staff at the Pentagon, the CIA, and especially the morons at the FED; they SINCERELY believe that the American Rape of the World's economy in some magical way WILL go on Forever.

Well, the Madoff FRAUD went on for 20 years, and the FED f*cking the World might go on for years. However, it won't go on FOREVER before the whole World becomes pissed-off and some VERY BAD things start to happen to America. Like the World DUMPING the US Dollar as the World's Reserve currency. Then America would have to "buy" products with money that actually represented somebody in America doing real work. What a disaster that's going to be. Like the Defense Budget CUT by 60%. Like "entitlements" cut by 30%. Like Medicare CUT by 40%.

America can do what Europe is doing NOW. Take some of the pain now, spread the pain out over time while helping the really needy. Or, America can keep kicking the cans down the road (while it lives in its queer money paradise) until there is a MAJOR American economic collapse and ALL of the Pain comes AT ONCE. That could mean an ultra right-wing revolution in America.

As one of America's Proven best military grand strategists for the last half century, I know that a right wing revolution in America (under extreme USA economic duress) WOULD SUCCEED. Why? Because to the shock and surprise of all of the left-wing Democrats, the Army, and most of the Police, plus 80 Million gun owners would be on the right wing side. 

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