Title: Is the New Immigration Bill the SAME Mistake as School Busing but only a Lot Worse?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed July 3rd, 2013



Is the New Immigration Bill the old School Busing MISTAKE but only a Lot Bigger and a Lot Worse?

THE IMMIGRATION BILL? For the last 10 years the Correct Way to describe the Republican Party "Leadership" would be: "Brain-Dead." "On the WRONG Side of History." "Hiding in the PAST," and "Ultra Right Wing Religious Fruitcakes."

McCain ran a stupid campaign, and Romney's 2012 campaign was WORSE. Romney was anti-Women's Rights, anti-gay rights, he was PRO-war, Pro murdering more American troops in stupid wars, and PRO murdering more Muslims to bring the Second Coming of Jesus. Romney was PRO repressive colonialism and PRO slavery. How much more "Out of It" can you get than to be Pro repressive colonialism in the 21st Century?

Romney was like Paula Deen who couldn't figure out that if you want the popular-vote you have to know how to Play-The-Game. Romney, like Paula, never "Got It." Emeril also has restaurants in the South, and he ALSO had an all Black band on his TV show. Daa. How many Black cooking quests did Paula have on her show? None that I remember. How many times did Romney have himself photographed with well know Blacks like Clinton has ALWAYS done? None?  None that I can remember.

Now we have so-called "Immigration Reform." The idea that America needs a LOT MORE VOTERS who are unskilled, stupid, and on the political LEFT. It seems like a cleaver 12 year old would "Get" this Con Game, but apparently the Republican "Leadership" is still behind the Barn looking for more 1955 Hayseeds.

A friend said to me, "Andy, you're in Florida, you know that the Cubans are really good, and have been a major economic asset to Florida." I said, "Yes that's TRUE. But the original Cubans who came to Florida were: Doctors, engineers, business owners, managers and people with advanced skills. They came to America because the Communists (Cuba's Democrats) were taking everything of value. Florida's Cubans speak good English and good Spanish, and they work at being Americans. When it comes to left-wing demagogues, like many Democrats, most Cubans say, 'Been there - Done that.' However, most of the illegals from Mexico and South America before sneaking into America had been living in mud huts for the last 10,000 years. They ONLY understand absolute ruler-dictatorship/kings, or a Cortes on a White Horse, because that's all they had for 10,000 years. That's the EXACT OPPOSITE of Classic America. When you mix two glasses of clean water with a glass of sh*t water you do NOT always get three glasses of pure clean water. Sometimes you get three glasses of sh*t water, like south LA. I see this immigration thing as a lot like the school busing mistake but only a lot worse."  

This "Immigration Reform" is a variation of the "Weapons of Mass Destruction." To this day I'm not sure if ding-dong Crusader-Bush Gets It? Anyway, thanks to Bush, America won the "War on Terror," al Qaeda is gone forever, and there are ZERO problems in the Middle East today.

Reminder, nine years ago I started to CORRECTLY predict exactly what would really happen, and what DID Happen, in the Middle East.

Has anyone in the Republican "Leadership" ever asked, "WHY are the Unions supporting this voter expansion Bill?" Is it because the Unions (who love the Republicans SO much), think that America needs Millions MORE Blue Collar workers when America Has, and WILL, continue to LOSE ever more Blue Collar jobs for as far into the future as I can see? "NO!"

The Unions know that an extra 10 Million left-wing votes is a Giant Step towards the DEATH of the Republican Party.

"Immigration" CAN and Should be done "piecemeal." Those with college degrees, with provable high-end skills that are needed, SHOULD be very fast-tracked into American Citizenship. America should be Switzerland & England, anyone with lots of money who wants to "Buy" their way into America, that Should be done. American should be Australia, if a person has NO high-end skills needed in an advanced economy, then it's By-By, go knock on somebody else's door for you free lunch.

EVERYONE in Washington DC needs to accept the FACT that America is already de facto bankrupt, and in large part living off of the FED's Queer Money. America can NO LONGER AFFORD Every half-wit, feel warm and fuzzy, goodie-two-shoes economic masturbation.

America is an Empire in irreversible DECLINE. America's ONLY Option for SLOWING the Decline is to START running America like an Empire, rather than a faggot florist shop. That means LEAVING the sick puppies on the side of the road. It means managing America for on a Costs/Benefits bases for more money and profit rather than pretending that we are still the World's soup kitchen. It's accepting the FACT that the WORLD is in 2013, and NOT 1948.

America needs to Start running itself like a Cost-Benefits Business rather than a combination of: hippy-dippy Ashrams, religious Nazis, and Bill Gates guilt compensators.

What Bill Gates is doing is Okay because he's compensating for his guilt feelings with HIS Money, and Not somebody else's money. Everyone should be FREE to do as much Good as possible with THEIR MONEY and THEIR TIME.

I also write opinions on my Factbook page under, Andrew M Molchan. Happy 4th of July. It's also my birthday, and a reminder to me that Classic Americans came to America to be FREE via their own work. They didn't come to America looking for a way to live off of somebody else's money. What Classic Americans wanted was to NOT have a Government on their backs taking their money and their work.

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