Title: A Reader asked what I thought about the Anthony Weiner Thing.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun July 28th, 2013



Hi, I was away on a two week unexpected trip. I'm back.

A week ago a reader asked what I thought of Anthony Weiner running for NY Major. Hmm, Major Carlos Danger? What's the objective? Make New York City a bigger joke? 

I love New York City, but New Yorkers in my view are some of the dumbest, smart people in America. In my opinion they love crackpot politicians: Charles Schumer, Charles Rangel, Anthony Weiner and so forth.

Weiner says that, "His private life is ONLY his business." A person's "private" life is his business only if he stays a PRIVATE citizen. When a person runs for PUBLIC OFFICE and wants to go on the Public Payroll, and make laws for the Public, and be paid by the PUBLIC tax payers than he has chosen to make THIS LIFE Public.

A legal question is, "If you put pictures of your Dick on the phone and  Internet is that keeping your Private life Private?"

I've studied military and political leadership for a half Century. The #1 BASIC RULE of "Leadership" is: "Personal Example is the Very Essence of Leadership."

In my opinion Weiner's actions and "Personal Examples" are those of a slimy pervert with delusions of being some kind of Rock Star. Weiner in my opinion has an out of control (sick) sex-addiction problem and needs psychiatric help.

People in New York City look down their noses at people from Florida, but in Florida AnthonyWeiner's sexual showboating would have been a total JOKE from day one. Even in California the politicians DON'T put pictures of their Dick on the Internet.      





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