Title: Thoughts about Trayvon, and what Americans are NOT doing for America.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu August 1st, 2013


8/1/2013. Once every three for four years some simple thing happens that shocks me into clearly seeing the present.

Yesterday I saw my Doctor for a simple blood test. The Doctor's offices are painted "Robbins Egg Blue" walls with white ceilings. The Nurse was taking my blood and I said, "When I was by Battalion's Lab Tech on the Korean DMZ (i.e. 2nd Inf Div,1st Bat Hq 1/23rd Inf) I painted my lab this same color. It's also called Infantry Blue."

The Nurse said, "Thank you for serving your country."

I was kind of shocked. It must have been a good 40+ years since anyone said Thank You for being in the US Army and helping to keep the peace in Korea. 

ALSO, Fifty-three years AFTER joining the NAACP (when that was the right thing to do at the time), NOBODY in the last 40 years has said to me, "Thanks for doing what was dangerous at the time, unfashionable at the time, but needed by America at that time."

After the Nurse said, "Thank you for serving your country" it shocked me into clearly seeing that 21st Century America has in many ways degenerated down into a Country where the attitude is, "America gives me everything I want but I'll give America NOTHING."

Like 11 million illegals want FREE Citizenship so they can sue everyone they do any work for (slip & fall), and vote for communists. 11 million illegals getting FREE Citizenship means 4 million new lawsuits, and millions of honest small business people and home owners LOSING MONEY to the WORST LEGAL system in the industrial world.

A law the Congress SHOULD pass is a law making all lawsuits and their settlements public.

The moron economists say, "Immigrants add to America's wealth." Really? The illegals are not engineers, doctors, nurses, computer designers living in a foreign country and waiting to come to America. Most of the illegals CANNOT speak or read English past the 3rd grade level. The illegals are ALREADY working in America and under cutting the wages of poor Black and White American citizens. They are ZERO economic advantages for making them voting citizens because they are ALREADY working in America.

Let's be honest about genetics and value, the Italians who came to America in the 1890s; 2000 years earlier they were building the Colosseum in Rome. The Chinese who came to America in the 1880s-90s, 2400 years earlier they were building the 1500 mile long Great Wall. However, the Central American "illegals" who are in America now wanting FREE Citizenship. Their immediate relatives in Central America are STILL living in mud and grass huts with no running water and dirt floors. Anyone in Congress "Get It"?

The "Cure" for Detroit is to being in a million Chinese immigrants, give them the vote, and have them live in Detroit for 20 years.

Millions of Americans want FREE food, FREE housing, FREE medical care, and a FREE income forever without working. Every year Obama wants another FREE Trillion queer dollars from the FED faggots.

Today in 2013, in my opinion, the NAACP has been corrupted and is Anti-American, Anti-Truth and Pro-Crime. In my opinion  today's American Black racists want all Whites (and all the Police) to totally ignore the FACT that young Black males are statistically 600% more dangerous than young White & Asian males.

The TRUTH is that Trayvon Black males age 15 yrs to 29 yrs are less than 4% of the total population but are responsible for 28% of the total violent crime in America. They are responsible for 66% of violent crime in Chicago and 83% in Detroit.

The USSR "solved" problems by denying they existed. It didn't work for the USSR and it's NOT going to work for America. Step #1 on the road to solving ALL problems is to first admit there is a problem. 

The TRUTH is that Trayvon was NOT shot in the back from 50 feet away. Trayvon was shot with the gun being pushed into his chest as Trayvon was trying to murder Zimmerman by smashing his head into the concrete sidewalk.

As an NAACP worker in 1960-64 I WAS several times stopped by the Police, and arrested three times. I was NEVER shot. WHY? Because I did NOT attack the Police, or anyone. When the Police (even a Mall Cop) want to know who you are and what you're doing - you tell them. You don't jump them and start smashing their heads into the concrete sidewalk.

When I was in my 20s I was a party animal, and ran with a dangerous crowd. Sometimes the Police stopped me, and asked what I was doing. I was usually armed. I did NOT think with my Dick like Trayvon did, and try and kill the Police. You play the game: "What can I do for you Officer? Just passing thought to meet a few friends. ID, sure, here it is, anything else you need? Thank you for watching everything - have a good night."

If Trayvon had said the same things he'd be alive today. Here's a suggestion for being a "man." I've known a lot of true professional killers over the last 50 years. A characteristic of almost all of them is that they were very courteous and low key.

In my opinion the whole Trayvon thing is a mass mental ploy for many Blacks to AVOID thinking about the TRUTH. The TRUTH is that the  Solution for ALL Black males to being treated better is for ALL Black males to Act Better. True respect has to be EARNED, it's NOT Free. The Charles Rangel assh*les want every Black thug to be treated like a Doctor, and because thugs are not treated like Doctors that's "discrimination." It's NOT discrimination, it's the HONEST TRUTH.

Almost everyone in America today is talking about what they want for FREE. How much of everyone else's money and work they "deserve" and are "entitled" too. However, Few Americans today are talking about what THEY are doing to make America a better Country.

I'd like to say, "Thank You" to all of America's Police who have a very tough job that's made HARDER by the Black racists who insist that the Police ignore the FACTS and TRUTH of where crime is coming from." The CORE of Good and Effective law enforcement is Profiling. The "Police" are only 1/3 of 1% of the population. However, 80% of the violent crime is caused by only 5% of the population. By Profiling and concentrating efforts on the 5% the Police (only 1/3 of 1%) CAN have effective law enforcement. A Good Detective is a person who's really good at Profiling.  Profiling is the ONLY way to have effective law enforcement. That's the TRUTH.

The unwanted TRUTH is that it's Blacks who are responsible for the way they are treated. A Black teenager is murdered on a street in Chicago by another Black. There are 10 Black eye witnesses. The Police arrive and NOBODY SAW ANYTHING. Is that Zimmerman's fault?     





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