Title: Is the Trayvon Martin fiasco the END OF THE ROAD for Dr. King's Civil Rights Movement? YES
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat August 3rd, 2013


8/3/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. To me, the Trayvon Martin incident represents the END OF THE ROAD for the Civil Rights Movement that Dr. King started.

In my opinion, America's Black political demagogues, and race-card exploiters, turning Trayvon Martin into a Civil Rights Martyr was a MAJOR grand strategy Blunder.

Trayvon was NOT a 12 year old Black girl trying to ride in the front of the bus, or go to a White school only a mile from her home rather than being bused to a Black school 15 miles away.

In my opinion Trayvon was an arrogant punk, who like so many young Black males let his d*ck do his thinking.

When Zimmerman questioned Trayvon, rather than saying, "Hey, I belong here, I'm at that house right over there. Let's walk over and check it out." Oh, no, Trayvon jumped Zimmerman like a dangerous African animal and started beating Zimmerman's head into the concrete sidewalk.

The FACT is that Trayvon was NOT shot in the back from 50 feet away. The gun was being pushed into Trayvon's chest as he was on top of Zimmerman trying to smash Zimmerman's head open.

America's Black political demagogues and racial exploiters are NOT on the moral high ground with Trayvon Martin. In my opinion they are on the grubby con-man LOW ground trying to sell an arrogant thug as a Boy Scout.  The White and Latino population are NOT buying it, and they are NOT going buy it in the future.

In 1960-63, I was proud to be marched with Dr. King, but NOT in 2013 for a punk assh*le who acted like a vicious animal and died like one. The "Civil Rights" issue is clearly BANKRUPT and has become its own form of White-hating, America-hating, Racism.

Zimmerman had EVERY RIGHT to be apprehensive. The TRUTH and the FACT is that Black males 15 yrs to 29 yrs like Trayvon are only 4% of the total population but they are responsible for 28% of the total violent crime. The biggest single "occupation group" for Black males 18 to 29 is Jail Prisoner. It's a National disgrace that costs Whites hundreds of Billions of dollars EVERY YEAR. If we want "Justice" then there should be a special "Equal Reparations Tax" on Blacks to Re-Pay Whites for the massive yearly costs of Black Crime that is WHY out of proportion to the Black population.

The Black demagogues blaming Black lawlessness on the Zimmerman's of America is a TOTAL DISGRACE. To the Charles Rangels of American I say, "Shame on YOU, Dr. King would NOT approve."     





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