Title: Andy's Global Warming Predictions Nine Years Later.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat August 10th, 2013



Nine years ago I wrote my first essay on Global Warming. At the time the Al Gore heads were saying, "The Earth is warming, the ice will melt, and the sea will raise and drown everyone in Florida." (Al really did NOT like Florida).

Most of the other so-called "Experts" on Global Warming were (and still are) saying the Same Thing. Gore got an Academy Award for his so-called "Brilliant" Sea raising film "An Inconvenient Truth."

At the time, I wrote that Al Gore was your typical Washington DC small-minded stuffed-shirt who was incapable of thinking in more than One-Step.

I wrote that you cannot have Global Warming WITHOUT the Earth's atmosphere warming. I wrote that there's about Two-Billion sq. miles of cloud carrying air around the Earth.

Historically the Earth's air has held .001% water, or 3100 Sq Miles of water. With the Earth's atmosphere warming, I wrote that if the number goes from .001% to .002% that's an EXTRA 3100 Sq Miles of "ice melt" that would go up into the air. If the volume of water in the air went to .005% that would be an extra 12,400 sq. miles of "ice melt" going up into the air.

I also point out what everyone should know; Winters have NOT gone away. There are still NOT a lot of swimmers on Chicago's beaches in January. Even now in 2013 nobody is putting up signs saying "Farmland in Central Greenland FOR SALE." When they start growing Organes in Greenland we can get out the boats.   

My prediction nine years ago was that the Oceans would Not significantly raise for a long time. My prediction was that much of the current "ice melt" would go into the air, and cause increased flooding around the world. Nine years ago the "Canary" predicted that some dry areas would become dryer, and some wet areas would become wetter.

As Global Warming seems to progress some wet areas might become very wet, and wind dry/wet patterns might significantly change. For example, Israel might continue to get a lot more rain and water than in its past 100 year pattern. Russia and Canada would be BIG winners with massive farmland expansion. 

August is historically NOT a flood mouth. However, the sub-headline on today's newspaper was, "Seventeen Areas In the USA Are Under a Flood Warning." The Canary got it more correct than Al Gore.

For those American's who insist on being hysterical, do my suggestion of years ago. Dig a canal through South California and turn up into Death Valley. Flood Death Valley. This would give a lot of additional air moisture (rain) to New Mexico and West Texas, plus use up a lot of Sea Water. 






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