Title: What's Needed for America's Long Term Survival. or WHY Pres Obama is an Economics Coward.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun August 11th, 2013


8/11/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. What's Needed for America's Long Term Survival.  

A few days ago I wrote that I loved Pres Obama for NOT (like W. Bush and most of the Republicans), for NOT being a fellow traveler with the insane suicidal Zionists. For NOT murdering more American troops in a criminally-incompetent "Crusade" to make the West Bank's Apartheid Slave-State continued existence safe.

I also wrote that Pres Obama was an economics idiot. The word "idiot" was an example of LAZY WRITING, and I apologize. Mr. Obama who was twice elected President of the USA is not an idiot. However, Pres Obama, Ben Bernanke, most of the FED faggots, and 50% of America's Ph.D University economics teachers ARE in my opinion economics COWARDS and WEAKLINGS.

Any clever 16 year old we wants can LEARN correct economic grand strategy, and/or military grand strategy. The "Problem" with people like Mr. Obama and Bernanke (and the Pentagon's General Staff), is NOT "Learning." It's NOT basic intelligence. The Core Problem is "UN-Learning."

Nobody can LEARN the correct answers to anything without FIRST Unlearning and Clearing their minds of the WRONG answers.

The Core Problem with Pres Obama, Bernanke, and most of the Republicans, is that they do NOT want to Unlearn the Wrong Ideas that are core to their current thinking. They are too WEAK, and too COWARDLY to look at the FACTS, the TRUTH, and to "Change." They are too WEAK to ruthlessly cross-examine their core belief systems to see if their current mental-paradium can stand a stress-test of factual TRUTHS.

Much of the Washington DC government, and al Qaeda, are THE SAME in that they are going to believe what they want to believe regardless of the FACTS. A lot of people are going to be angry, but I see al Qaeda's anti-colonialism as MORE modern than America's 1960 Vietnam War to today's 2013 Afghanistan/West Bank attempts to re-establish White Man colonialism in the World. Hey, if al Qaeda wants to live in the 15th Century isn't that the kind of "Diversity" we Americans are constantly told to respect and love?

Decisions in Washington DC are NOT based on the FACTS. They are mainly based on the delusional wishes of how people think the World should be running. In Washington DC you are ALWAYS CORRECT if you Should have been correct. You're always WRONG if you SHOULD have been wrong.

Let me put on my spy hate for a few seconds. Let me also remind people that over the last 40 years I got a LOT of the big things correct when the CIA got them very wrong. The above Washington DC fanatical insistence that ONLY those who should have been correct ARE correct makes Washington DC HIGHLY PREDICTABLE. This is a military/spy MAJOR WEAKNESS. Osama bin Laden understood this major weakness and played it like a master violinist playing his violin. Osama exploited this weakness and INCREASED his 911 winnings by a factor of 50.

The suicidal Zionists have for decades ALSO skillfully exploited the above weakness and keep getting American troops to fight and die for the Zionist's ego-religious, Apartheid, anti-democracy delusions of a greater Israel ONLY for Jews.

Today's Zionist fanatical delusions are the same fanatical ego delusions that destroyed Israel 2000 years ago, and MIGHT destroy America sometime in the future. Jesus Christ died fighting the same delusions we have today while trying to save Israel from the Zionists. Jesus failed in his attempts to save Israel from itself; America and the World in the 21st Century should NOT fail. 

What are a few of the Wrong economic Coma-Ideas that Obama, Bernanke, etc have a DEATH GRIP on? (1) The belief that Keynesian spending can work in America because America is still a 90% CLOSED economy and the FED's faggot Trillions NEVER flow OUT of the USA. (2) The belief that massive amounts of New Government DEBT is the Solution for Economic Stagnation caused by Too Much Debt. (3) The belief that the Stock Market IS the American economy and if the Stock Market is pumped UP with Trillions of faggot dollars than EVERYONE is benefiting. (4) The WEAK and COWARDLY inability of Mr. Obama and Bernanke to "SEE" that 90% of the Stock Market's faggot money manipulation UPWARDS has gone (and is going) to ONLY the top 10% of the richest part of the population.  (5) The COWARDLY INABILITY to "See" the FACT that after Trillions of New DEBT 65% of the US Population has a LOWER Standard of living than in 1995, and that Standard of Living CONTINUES to go Down. On the other hand, Bernanke's faggot Trillions $$ is the Best Thing that's happened to the Wall Street Pigs in the history of America. (6) The Cowardly inability to Understand that Government Spending does NOT create National Wealth. The Cowardly inability to understand that if you put 100 million into making an old bridge look better the "NEW economic value" of that is ZERO. If YOU spend your money on some new expensive shoes when you old shoes were doing the job, has YOUR net worth gone up? NO. A 12 year old with a delusion-free mind can understand this, but the President of the USA cannot. (7) Bernanke's fanatical insistence that the 1929 Crash was Caused by TOO LITTLE money/debt/credit in circulation rather than Too Much Debt (8) The belief that America is in a "Recovery" because Obama's and Bernanke's stocks are up. Let's all Cowardly ignore the FACT that the "Recovery" is based on the FED pumping $4,250,000,000 (4.2 Billion $) of faggot money into the system Per WORKING DAY! The 2012 net profit for GENERAL MOTORS was $6 Billion. Every two days the FED faggots pump Over 1/3rd More faggot money into the system than GM's total yearly 2012 net profits. (9) Let's all COWARDLY IGNORE the FACT that after 4 & 1/2 Years of the FED pumping Trillions and Trillions of faggot money into the system (in the totally wrong belief that MORE Debt is the Cure for Too Much Debt), let's all ignore the current FACT that the Phony "Recovery" is all based on the FED pumping $4,250,000,000 into the system Per Working DAY. (10) Let's ignore the FACT that if we took Away the FED's faggot money then America would be Back into 2008. (11) Let every American Cowardly ignore the FACT that America is NOT going to remain a Great Power by being the World's biggest DEBTOR Nation and by living off of FED faggot money forever. (12) Most of all, both the Republicans and Democrats have to find the COURAGE to "See" that the WORLD has fundamentally changed. All of the FED faggot Trillions are NEVER GOING to change the World back to 1965. Yes, it's NOT fun to become older and poorer, but America PRETENDING that faggot trillions will somehow produce a magical solution is THE PROBLEM - Not the Cure.  

My point is that Mr. Obama is not an idiot, and his Actions of not getting America into more unwinnable wars are excellent. However, Pres Obama IS also very much an economics COWARD. Both the Republicans and Democrats need to find the COURAGE to "See" that the FED's Madoff/Enron accounting FRAUD is NOT a long term solution. The FED faggots are NOT going to do the VERY HARD LEGISLATIVE JOBS of changing much of America's basic systems for a TRUE RECOVERY.

Frankly, in a Democracy, I don't know if Congress CAN do what's needed for a true American Recovery. Perhaps the BIGGEST question for America right now is, "Are the weaknesses of a Democracy Terminal for the United States?" 

The above is THE WHY I believe the FED needs to STOP its queer money. YES, if the FED Queer is stopped then the American economy definitely WILL Crash. However, ONLY a Crash can produce the MOTIVATION for REAL CHANGE. 

As long as America is on FED faggot money life-support nothing of true fundamental significance will change for the better. Debt will continue to Grow. The living standards for 65% to 80% of the US population will Continue to decline. Eventually the World will view Americans as spineless WEAKLINGS addicted to faggot money, and the US dollar will be replaced as the World's Reserve Currency. (A process that has ALREADY STARTED). Then America will NOT be able to buy products from the world with fabricated faggot paper money. America will have to GIVE things of Real Value to GET things of Real Value, and then America will REALLY BE IN DEEP TROUBLE because it does NOT have items of REAL Value to pay for what it imports.

Without fundamental and BIG changes TIME is NOT on the side of America.     





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