Title: The REAL Inconvenient Truth about Global Warming and some SOLUTIONS.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed August 21st, 2013


8/21/2013. ANDY'S INCONVENIENT TRUTHS. In 2005, a year before Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth was released. Mr. Gore was saying, "The ice will melt, the sea levels will raise, and everyone in Florida will drown."

The Democrats (especially Gore) hate Florida as much as Republicans hate California. Most college academics are left-wing Democrats and as dumb as Gore when it comes to one-step thinking about "global warming."

In 2005 I said, "Gore is a typical Democrat one-step-thinker. What's going to happen is that as the air warms, MOST of the ice melt will go up into the atmosphere. Some dry areas in the world will become dryer, but a lot of the world's wet areas will become wetter."

Who is history Proving correct? The Vice President of the United States and his camp following of ding-dong college professors? Or, the Canary in the coal mine?

Last September in the USA there was considerable FLOODING - in September! In yesterday's Wall Street Journal (8/20/2013) the Side-Bar headline was. "The worst flooding in Russian's Far East in 120 years...Flash floods in the Philippines displace thousands..." (This is August, NOT May).

History proved me correct. Parts of the world are become MORE wet as other parts of the world become more dry. Ice levels in many places ARE going down, BUT the Sea Level is not significantly going up.

Today, the moron Gore heads are screaming about the DRY AREAS in the USA's South-West and are asking, "What do we do? What do we do to get more moisture into the trees and plants?"

Some of the "dry areas" in the world's changing climate are: Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas and Colorado. 

The Canary had part of the ANSWER years ago when I wrote, "Dig a canal from the Ocean, across South California, to almost the Nevada border. Much of that land is ALREADY below Sea Level, or only a little above. Run the canal North and FLOOD Death Valley. Death Valley is 282 feet Below Sea Level and the hottest area in the USA."

The new Death Valley Lake would put hundreds of tons of much needed moisture into the air for the South-West thus keeping down at least some of the wild fires."

Maybe the people in the South West who had their homes burned down might tell their do nothing politicians to STOP hiding under their rocks while they wait for the FED faggots to save the world, and to actually do something NOW?

As to the BIG PICTURE of  "Global Warming." Years ago in one of my essays I asked, "A man in shorts is comfortable standing five (5)  miles from a permanently frozen location, WHERE in the world is he standing?"

One of the BASIC laws of thermodynamics is, "The hotter something becomes the FASTER it LOSES HEAT." ALSO, the energy to keep a hot item growing hotter increases geometrically. 

It's like a boat, if it takes 100 hp to get the boat moving from 10 mph to 20 mph it takes an ADDITIONAL 300 hp to get the same boat moving from 20mph to 30 mph.

The "Man" in the above question could be standing almost  ANYWHERE because Everywhere in the world (including the middle of the Sahara Desert in the month of August) is only 5 miles away from PERMANENT frozen air 5 miles straight UP. The one-step-thinking Gore morons of the world ASSume that the rate of heat LOSS for the World's atmosphere remains Unchanged as the Earth's atmosphere becomes warmer.    Daa.

Yes, there IS Globel Warming and it WILL cause problems. It will cause some good, but a lot of potential bad.  The SOLUTION, the Only Solution is to Cut the growth of the World's population. Increasing the world's population by the FOUR Billion Additional people that ARE going to arrive over the next 35 years; that population Increase WILL totally and completely NEGATE Every anti-warming program and proposal in the WORLD.

One of the reasons WHY I know that morons like Bernanke are MAJOR DANGERS TO THE WORLD is because we in the World Cannot have programs based on Unlimited Forever GROWTH. The real "Inconvenient Truth" is that  the World Cannot have unlimited world product and people growth on a Planet that has LIMITED land and limited raw materials.

If you like the above suggestions send a copy of this essay to your Congressman and Senators. 




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