Title: WHY Bernanke and the US FED are the Best Things that's Happened to Asia in the Last 1000 Years.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu August 22nd, 2013


8/22/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. The Wall Street Journal Headline for 8/20/2013 was, "Fear of FED Retreat Roils India."

Ever since 2009 I've been saying, and re-saying, that the FED's Trillions of faggot money would NOT return America to the 5% growth rate that Bernanke had POMISED in 2009, again in 2010, and again in 2011.

I started saying in 2009, as my long term readers will remember, that Bernanke was an economics moron, and the FED's faggot money would FLOW OUT OF AMERICA and make mainly Asians richer BECAUSE that's where most of America's manufactured products now come from.

For the last four Years the fanatics at the FED have been saying, Oh, No, No, the Bible of the Great God Keynes says that all fabricated money stays 100% INSIDE of the Country doing the Funny-Money Fabrication.

Everyone at the FED was (and is) a Keynesian al Qaeda. However, EVERYONE in Asia understood that their great Bonanza was the FED's Trillions of Queer flowing OUT of America and into their pockets. 

With the FED's Failure becoming clear even to the blind, the Indian's are worried that their Trillions of queer-dollars gravy-train might be stopping.

For the last four years the FED's faggot money has flowed OUT of America, and into Asia. That's WHY America's GNP has been Growing at 5%+  every year for the last four years, and WHY China and Asia for the last four years have had ZERO economic growth. Right? Bernanke says Right, so it must be right? Right?

Hay, 21st Century America is now like the old USSR. The new rules are: Ignore Reality, ONLY believe what the Government tells you. Best of all, Do NOT think, only believe what you're told to believe.

A 12 year old could go to Wal-Mart, walk up and down the MANUFACTURED products section, and notice that almost NOTHING was manufactured in America. The 12 year old could say, "If the FED pumps out Trillions of queer dollars, a lot of that money MUST flow OUT of America Because what Americans are buying is NOT made in America."

A 12 year old could GET IT. And, like the WSJ's article (mentioned above) says, all of the Indians GET IT. Everyone else in Asia GETS IT. However, the morons at the US FED (plus Obama & Congress) they Cannot Get It. The FED, and most of the Congressional morons cannot "Get" that the bottom line with all of the Trillions of faggot money DEBT over the last five years is that the average-worker US Taxpayers have been chained to Trillions of dollars of NEW AMERICAN DEBT while Asia has received the Real Value, Real Profits, Real Increased Savings and the new GOOD Jobs.

Bernanke and the US FED are the BEST Thing that's happened to Asia's workers in the last 1000 years, and in my opinion, the WORST thing that's happened to America's average worker in the history of America.





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