Title: Is Bernanke the BEST Thing that's ever Happened to the Stock Market?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon August 26th, 2013


8/26/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. A reader said, "You keep getting down on Bernanke, but my Stocks are doing great."

Yes, if you have a fat 401K full of stocks Bernanke has been better than God. Bernanke and the other FED faggots have fabricated and pumped out Trillions of queer dollars, and the FED has succeeded in bringing back both the Stock Market Bubble of 2007 and the Real Estate BUBBLE of 2006.

For the Gordon Gekkos, Bernanke is the greatest thing that's happened to them in the history of America. It's literally FREE money for rich pigs. If you're an S&P 500 corporation you can borrow at 1/2 of 1% and "invest" that money out at 3% to 8%. Borrowing at 1/2 of 1% and getting 4% back is a 700% gross profit margin.

Gee, S&P 500 profits are UP, who could have guessed? All we need for the Stock Market BUBBLE to stay there is for the FED faggot queer Trillions to keep rolling out forever and ever.  

However, if you're an ordinary worker, or poor, Bernanke is a long term disaster for YOU. The FED's Trillions and Trillions of NEW DEBT will, and IS, lowering the living standards for 75% of the voters. 

Using the Government's OWN Bureau of Census Labor Statistics. The Real Median Household Income (RMHI) today in 2013 is $51,000. The SAME Government figures show that in 1988, a Quarter Century Ago, the RMHI was also $51,000. ZERO GROUTH FOR 75% OF AMERICA'S WORKERS IN A QUARTER CENTURY.

After this current FED faggot created stock market BUBBLE has once again Crashed. Many of the Super Rich pigs (and their money) will be OUT OF AMERICA, and living in one of the world's great resorts. However, the average American worker will be stuck in America with Trillions and Trillions of FED created new DEBT that will stagnate the living standards of workers for DECADES.  

Under Obama and Bernanke, HALF of what used to be the Black economic Middle Class in 2007 has ALREADY been Wiped Out, and is BACK to economic Lower Class.

"Good JOBS" are NEVER coming back to America based on faggot queer money that's an exercise in THEFT. The majority of America's Black's are going to be at the back of America's economic Bus until we have an economy based on Production and Savings.

President Obama is going to turn out to be the WORST THING that's economically happened to Blacks in the history of America. In the 1930s Blacks became poorer, but EVERYONE in America became poor. Today, Blacks are becoming poor and the super-rich are becoming a LOT richer.

On the Front Page of today's Wall Street Journal is a graph. It shows that for those workers who get, "Hourly wages for nongovernment, nonsupervisory jobs;" it shows that from June of 2010 to July 2013 their pay has DECEASED by over 2% (that's over a 6% DECREASE in WAGES in 10 years). This during a time when Bernanke and the FED faggots were flooding the Stock Market with Trillions of New Debt queer dollars that BUBBLED UP the Stock Market $$ to an all time high.

Yes, I absolutely and totally agree, for the super rich pigs Bernanke is their Golden Cow. However, for average workers Bernanke is Cow Sh*t in their face.

If the Republican leadership had ANY imagination and courage they could turn the tables on the Ever MORE QuEer $$ New DEBT Democrats, and become the champions of classic American working class values. The champions of SAVING rather than New Debt Spending. Champions of saying that Savings is the cure for DEBT. Champions of Money that has Value rather than faggot-money that represents NOTHING and is ROBBING value from every owner of American Treasury Bonds in the World, and thus Destroying the World Market for US Bonds.

If you like this essay, I encourage YOU to send it to your Republican Congressman or Senators.





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