Title: Has the FED's Theft ALREADY Destroyed the World Market for US Treasury Bonds?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu August 29th, 2013


8/28/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Today was the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King's "I have a Dream" speech in Washington DC. I was an active member of the NAACP in Chicago 50 years ago. I wanted to go to Washington DC, but being a college student I had about $85 extra dollars to my name.

The NAACP was a good organization back then, and I'm proud of the work I did in the early1960s. However, the American "Civil Rights" revolution is like the Russian Revolution, a Revolution that was stolen by people who corrupted it for their own power. Today, "Equal" means if a White person is working 10 hours a day, and a Black is at home watching sports all day, then "Equal" means they should both get "Equal Pay." That was never Dr. King's definition of "Equal." It's also NOT the "Equal" that's in the US Constitution. 

Today "Equal" means that if a White person works hard, is responsible, takes care of his family, his community, his city, is a good father to his children, is a good citizen working for the long term advancement of America; "Equal" today means that the above good-citizen should be treated "Equal" to a repeat offender criminal who's only interested in his own immediate pleasures, and who's contributions to America are Less Than Zero. That's NOT what Dr. King wanted.

I listened to most of the  speech President Obama gave today in honor of Dr. King. It was mainly sugar sweet PR copy fluff that ignored the realities. Dr. King was never a hippy-dippy flower child and if Dr. King was alive I wonder if he would have liked Obama's speech?

Pres Obama talked a lot about "cooperation" and "working together." I did battle with the American Left-Wing for over 40 years and THIER definition of "cooperation" is, "Everyone does exactly what the American Left-Wing de facto communists want."

Why doesn't President Obama "Cooperate" with the Congressional Republicans who say that American CANNOT run on FED faggot queer money and DEBT forever?

Wouldn't it have been nice if President Obama said something like, "After almost 400 years in America it's time for all American Blacks to learn how to speak civilized English. It worked for Dr. King, and it worked for me."

Pres Obama's speech touched on most of the old, rancid, left wing delusions. One of the oldest and  BIGGEST was when Pres Obama said, When it comes to medical care, THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD can afford to give ALL of its people whatever they wan..

Over the last 40 years of dealing with Left-Wingers I must have heard that idea, in one form or another, about 10,000 times. I think it's California's State Mott? "America is SO Rich it CAN Afford Any and Every kind of welfare."  

Yes, a half century ago the above idea had SOME validity. After WWII America WAS the richest country in the world. What happened before and during WWII was a Matrix of HISTORICAL FLUCKS that had Never happened in the history of the world, and probably will never happen again. Yes, WWII made America the LOTTERY WINNER OF THE WORLD (but we SPENT all of that money a long time ago).

WWII gave American three things: (1) Most of the military power in the world, (2) Most of the money in the world, and (3) a LOT of delusional ideas about how the world was going to run forever and ever. Factors #1 and #2 were Gone 30 years ago, but America's Delusional Ideas about how the World should work are still marching onward, especially at the Pentagon.

There is a 2500 year old Greek military saying, "God save the victors from themselves."

What the left wingers like Mr. Obama fanatically refuse to understand is that history moves on. The World of 2013 in NOT the world of 1953. American is no long the 1950 "King of the Hill." America TODAY is SLIDDING DOWN the back side of the Hill, and no force on earth can stop that slide. The Self-Lies, FED faggot money, and the FED stealing wealth from the world will keep America's self-delusions on life-support for a while longer, but not forever.

The FACT and the TRUTH is that America in the 21st Century is the World's Biggest Debtor Nation. America is "Rich" in exactly the same way that Madoff was "Rich" before his whole rotten house of financial manipulation cards collapsed.

ALL of the DEBT in America: private, corporate, government, everything, is one-hundred Trillion dollars. That's MORE than the Value of ALL of the residential and commercial Real Estate IN THE WORLD!

ALL of the Gold in the World weights about 155,000 Tons. At the current Gold price of about $1,400 per ounce ALL of the Gold in the whole World is worth about 7.5 Trillion US dollars.

FACT #1, America's Total Debt is One-Hundred Trillion Dollars. That's NOT my opinion, that's a FACT. FACT #2, ALL of the Gold in the total World is worth 7.5 Trillion US Dollars. FACT #3, it would take OVER 13 Times ALL of the Gold in the World to make America DEBT Free.  Does Mr. Obama "Get It"?

America is NOT the richest country in the World. American CANNOT afford "Everything." The TRUTH is that the living standards (i.e. real income) of the American Middle Class have been STAGNANT for 30 Years. The TRUTH is that under President Obama 80% of America's Blacks have become poorer. The TRUTH is that "Good Jobs" have NOT been created by the FED's faggot money, and will NEVER be created by faggot money Debt. The TRUTH is that the only reasons why the American house of cards is still standing is because Bernanke and the FED are manipulating the American T-Bond Market and STEALING wealth and value from everyone in the World holding US Treasury Bonds. The TRUTH is that 21st Century America is like Madoff, living off of embezzled money and market manipulations.

If the America Treasury Bond Market is "Free" and NOT an exercise in embezzlement, then Cuba is the #1 Freest Country in the World. 

The TRUTH is that America has become the biggest Financial Criminal in the history of the World. This is a Big Mistake, and Big Mistakes Always Eventually come with a Big Price Tag.

Here's the Biggest Joke of all, Bernanke, the FED faggots, President Obama, the CIA, the NSA, the General Staff at the Pentagon, almost everyone in Congress both Democrats and Republicans, and almost everyone else in Washington DC and the TV News. They are all so Wacked-Out they sincerely believe that IF the United States FED ever stops Stealing Money from every holder of US Bonds in the World. If the FED decides to STOP its market manipulation theft. The Washington DC Wackos sincerely believe that once the FED stops fu*king the World; in some Magical Way the World Market for US Treasure Bonds will "Return to Normal."

Sure, like all of the people around the World who ARE losing Billions of Dollars in income RIGHT NOW because of the FED's market manipulations; all of them are going to say, "Oh, well, it was only money, and there's nothing we love more than losing money. We'll keep buying US T-Bonds so next time the FED can Fu*k us Bigger and Deeper, and we'll lose even more money."

After the World US T-Bond Market Collapses, and maybe it's ALREADY Collapsed? Who knows? America RIGHT NOW is "selling" it's Bonds only to itself. Anyway, after the World US T-Bond Market Collapses (and the US Dollar is thus no longer the world's reserve currency) everyone in Washington DC and the TV News will be asking, "Who could have known?" 

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