Title: One of America's PROVEN Best Grand Strategists gives his Solution for Ending the Syrian Civil War.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri August 30th, 2013


8/30/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. As one of America's best PROVEN grand strategists, here are some thoughts about Syria.

A reminder, in 1964 my prediction was that America would LOSE the Vietnam War. 99% of America's Generals were 100% sure America would win. They were Wrong, and I was Correct. It took over ten years for history to prove me correct, but it happened.

A reminder, in 2004 when moron Bush Re-Opened the CRUSADES, my written GAND STRATEGY comment published in AFI Magazine was, "Washington DC ONLY knows how to take PROVEN failures and make them Bigger. After a 1000 years the Crusades are still the Western World's greatest military disaster. The whole Weapons of Mass Destruction Con-Game is something a 12 year old should  be able to see through. However, the Con-Artists knew that Bush is an Evangelical fruitcake who sincerely believes that Jesus wants Christians to murder Muslims for the Glory of God." 

The one thing I love about President Obama is he's smart enough to NOT buy into most of the on-going let's murder MORE American Troops Con Games.

As I've been saying for two decades, and as one of the PROVEN best Grand Strategists in the world; the Biggest wellspring of continuing DEFEAT FOR AMERICA in the Middle East is America's backing and maintaining the West Bank slave state colony. America needs to JOIN the 93% of the TOTAL WORLD that wants the UN to declare the West Bank an Independent FREE Nation.

Question, "What is the vital advantage to the average American worker of KEEPING the West Bank Slave Colony monkey on the back of America?"  There's 3 answers: None, None and None.

America needs to get its lying lips, and its ACTIONS onto the same sheet of paper. America is the biggest victim of its Own Propaganda and "sees" itself as a Middle East Joan Of Arc. However, 80% of the rest of the World "sees" America in the Middle East as a dangerous, slavery loving, double standard Schizophrenic Whore.

The living-in-the-past Washington DC dancers, and America's TV News talking heads keep asking, "Why don't more nations support US in an attack on Syria?" The answer is they DON'T want to publically seen standing next to a Schizophrenic double-standard Whore.

Is anyone in Washington DC, or with the moron TV News talking-heads asking. "What about America's GREATEST MILITARY ALLY - Israel? What kind of support and help are American pilots going to get from Israel that borders Syria, and has several big military airbases a few minutes fly time from Syria?"

The Israeli Air Force was, and is, 80% bought and paid for by America's tax payers. The question the TV News suck-ups should be asking is, "If America has air attacks against Assad, will the Israeli Air Force give the American Air Force anything more than a warm cup of piss?"

Yesterday the British Parliament voted AGAINST helping America attack Syria. WHY? Because they didn't want British pilots over Syria, facing Russian rockets, while the Israeli pilots are a few miles away on lounge chairs, under Orange trees, and having afternoon cocktails.

WHY is Israel NOT helping, and will NOT help America in the future? Because in the Israel military they are saying, "Hey, we have Muslims using Poison Gas against other Muslims - what's the problem?"

Here's my grand strategy view. Assad is never going to give up as long as he has the military backing of Russia. Russia is a MAJOR POWER in the area. Russia is very close and America is far away.

Pres Obama should secretly talk to the Russians, and say that if Russia helps to get rid of Assad, and bring peace to Syria, and have Syria NOT become a closer ally of Iran, then America will do everything it can to see that Russia keeps its Syrian Navel Port at Tartus.

The Tartus Navel Port is grand strategy INSIGNIFCANT for America. In a shooting war between NATO and Russia the Tartus base would be GONE in one day. However, the Syrian Navel base IS a Major Ego factor for the Russians, and for Syrians on ALL sides of the fighting. 

The usually asleep CIA, and ding-dong so-called Military Intelligence need to be asking, "Is this poison gas thing significant for America's grand strategy interests? Or is it Another Con Game Super-Spin to sucker American forces (this time) into a second hand war with Russia?"

Vietnam was a second hand war with Russia and China. Like now with the West Bank, Vietnam was a war to protect rancid Western-World Colonialism. Syria is starting to look like the same old mistakes in the same old ways. 

The delusional Generals at the Pentagon need to be asking, "Are we really going to start bombing things in Syria, and risk starting a shooting war with Russian forces to protect the West Bank Slave State?"

The HONEST TRUTH is that as long as America supports West Bank Slavery it makes NO DIFFERENCE who eventually wins in Syria because they will ALL hate America. The "Winning Side" for America in Syria is to say Bye Bye to the supporting the Slave State next door.

Well America make a deal with Russia to end the killing in Syria? I can give you a one million percent guarantee of "NO." WHY? Because Washington DC is a collection of Stepin Fetchit dupes who are too stupid to understand that they are supposed to be working for America. The British are Correct in NOT wanting to stand next to Schizophrenic proven schlemiels. 

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