Title: The Immigration Bill & the Jobs Issue, Grand Strategy Suggestions for what the Republicans Should Do.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat August 31st, 2013


8/31/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Grand Strategy Advice to Republicans about the Immigration Bill and Jobs in America.

The current Immigration Bill that gives 11,000,000 illegals the Vote, and thus expands their Rights to Sue everyone, and expands their Rights for Welfare is a disaster for America. For the Republican Party in particular it's SUICIDE because 90% of the new Voters are going to vote for Left-Wind Democrats.

Rather than vote "Yes" for the Immigration Bill as is, the Republicans should put a Smith & Wesson .44 magnum in their mouths and pull the trigger. The Suicide would be a lot quicker.

Parts of the Immigration Bill are good. If a person has a PH.D, Yes, give them citizenship NOW. Like Switzerland, if a person wants to BUY permanent residence in America, Yes. Sell it.

In the short term, to side-track the disaster, the Republicans need to introduce a Bill that will pay for an in-depth Demographics study of the illegals. This would be a Politically Saleable move because in TRUTH the only thing we know for sure about the illegals is that they ARE all criminals.

Yes, doing NOTHING about the illegals is an evil, but it's a Lesser Evil than giving 11 million left-wingers the Vote. America is ALREADY CLOSE to the TIPPING POINT of never being classic America again. Let's NOT rush it.

Politically the Republicans can say, "All we want to do is know exactly what we are buying. Who are we giving 11,000,000 votes to? Is asking to know more about what we are buying so unreasonable?"

When the left-wing press pushes the Republicans they should  say, "Black unemployment is a de facto 18%.  The Democrats want to give the  illegals free citizenship, but when the illegals are citizen they will be able to take over a lot of the casher and service jobs that Blacks now have. All we Republicans want to do is make sure that's a good thing. What do you think?"


The TRUTH is that "Good Jobs" in America are in PERMANENT DECLINE. This is the New Reality. America is NOT going to faggot-money its way Back to the World of 1955. America's new policies and new programs MUST be built around the New Realities if America is going avoid a major financial collapse.

The TRUTH is that all of the FED's faggot money, and the Trillions of Dollars of New DEBT will NEVER reverse the decline of Good Jobs in America. The FACT is that the over FIVE Trillion of New Debt that the FED faggots have already added to America's 100 Trillion of Total Debt has created ZERO Good Job growth in America.

The FED Faggot DEBT is a FAILURE, and will Always be a Failure. If the FED faggots ADDED 20 Trillion of New Debt the number of  USA good-jobs would go DOWN. WHY?  Because America's executives would use the almost FREE faggot money to buy machines that replace humans. This is Exactly what corporate executives have ALREADY been doing and ARE doing. It's the "WHY" for WHY there has been NO GROWTH of good American jobs in over ten years.

The PROVEN TRUTH is that the more ultra low-cost loans that the FED faggots give to big business the MORE good jobs will be Lost because the money will be used to buy technology that replaces humans.

Like daaa! The LESS that machines cost via ultra-low FED loans, the MORE of an advantage it becomes to buy machines to replace ever more costly (Obamacare, payroll tax increases, etc) humans.  Keynesian fanatical fu*kheads like Bernanke are too brain-fossilized to "see" what's right in front of them.  

The asshole left-wing economics keep saying, "Immigration adds wealth to America." Yes, a 100 years ago that was true, but NOT today. The TRUTH is that ALL jobs in America, even the bad jobs, are in PERMANENT DECLINE. The more no-skill people we add to America the BIGGER we make the eventual massive crises of NO Decent paying Jobs.

Yes, American CAN live off of FED faggot money for many years, but NOT FOREVER. The longer America lives off of FED faggot money, the more it lives off of INCREASING DEBT, the BIGGER the eventual Financial Collapse.

The TRUTH is that the 11,000,000 illegals who are ALREADY in America picking tomatoes and washing cars; whatever "wealth" the College left-wing asshole economics talk about the illegals creating is ALREADY being created. The illegals are ALREADY in America. Giving the illegals citizenship so they can vote for left-wing communist Democrats adds LESS THAN NOTHING to the US economy.

The left-wing economist assholes keep saying, "Advancing Information Technology will add jobs." That's Bullsh*t. For now let's put aside the FACT that 75% of the illegals CANNOT speak English or Spanish past the 3rd grade level and that's not good for "Information" Technology.

Let's do something that people like Bernanke NEVER do and look at the PROVEN FACTS. 135 years ago the BIGGEST group of "Workers" in America were farm/agriculture workers. In 1877 Agriculture Workers were 66% of ALL American workers. The 2nd biggest group of Workers were servants.

In the last 135 years a lot of TECHNOLOGY was added to farm/agriculture labor. Especially after WWII. Today's University asshole economics are saying, "Technology creates jobs, and with advancing IT technology American will need a lot of additional illiterate hot bodies for all the millions of new good High Tech jobs."

What are the FACTS? What's the TRUTH? The Truth is that with the ADDITION of  new Technology to farming/agriculture the farming/agriculture Work-Force went from 65% of all jobs in America to Two-Percent (2%) of all jobs in America. 

Well, that PROVES that "New Technology" creates a lot more jobs. Right?

The TRUTH and Proven Reality is that Post-Industrial-Age Technology in the long run destroys more good jobs than it creates. The BIG PICTURE grand strategy is that Homo sapiens today are Steam Locomotives in the 1920s. They have arrived at the END of their possible development. Conclusion, we do NOT need more hot bodies, especially genetically stupid ones.

Super Grand Strategy Conclusion: American does NOT need more people. The WORLD does NOT need more people. The World needs about 3 Billion LESS people.

FACT, the Japanese have Already engineered a tomato picking robot that's 85% effective. With continued advancements in Technology it will soon be 99% as good as a human. In another ten years it should be able to understand and speak English better than 60% of the illegals.

So you're a tomato farmer in California. Are you going to hire the former illegals who are now citizens, and YOU have to now BUY Obamacare for? The former illegals who can now Sue YOU for sexual harassment, slip-and-fall, mental distress and all of the usual American Legal Extortions? Are YOU going to buy the VERY EXPENSIVE Liability Insurance you need when you have employees? With the illegals as citizens you'll  have MORE government hacks on YOUR back demanding that YOU PAY FOR all kinds of "Entitlements," or YOU will be fined heavily. Are YOU going to suffer all of those bankrupting expense and that kind of quality of life Torture? Or are YOU going to get some FED low-cost loans; buy some Japanese tomato picking robots, and FIRE every hot body?

All of the left-wing asshole economics are telling the Republicans that the above Farmer example will chose to keep his tomato-picking hot  bodies, pay for Obamacare, pay for the increased employment taxes, be sued, go broke buying insurance, and die of a heart attack because of the aggravation.  Sure!

All of Congress should take a field-trip to Detroit. General Motors, Ford, Chrysler ALL added Billions $$ and billions of dollars of IT Technology to their companies.  Detroit is what you get when you ADD a lot of post-industrial-age Information Technology to an industry. Would 11 million no-skill, low IQ immigrants turn Detroit around? Or make it worse?

For "Immigration," the last time I looked at America I did NOT see a horrible LACK of low IQ, no-skills people. As a business owner and employer, I do NOT hear a lot of my fellow small business owners saying, "I need to be hiring a lot more dumb people so I can pay More Obamacare, pay more FICA, need more workers comp insurance, and have more headaches."

I guess the FACT that America has almost 50 MILLION people on Food Stamps because they do NOT have jobs, or good jobs, that PROVES that America needs a LOT MORE no-skill hot bodies?

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