Title: The Syrian Debate, to Attack or NOT? Additional Thoughts about Military Actions.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon September 2nd, 2013


9/2/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. President Obama did the right thing by making the possible Syrian Attack a Congressional Issue, and open to Debate by Congress, and Everyone.

Certainly whatever happens in Syria some things WILL go wrong. If Pres Obama had gone it along then whatever went wrong everyone would have said, "Oh, I never liked that action and NEVER supported it." So now everyone can go ON THE RECORD before what's going to go wrong goes wrong.

It's also good "Mafia Management." If you're going to kill somebody you get everyone who knows in on the killing so they are as guilty of murder as you are.

Not that my opinion is a big deal, but I totally 100% AGREE with Senator John McCain when he says, "We can't just fly over and drop some bombs. There has to be a comprehensive grand strategy plan for the total region."

It's my understand that some Russian law makers are flying to Washington DC today. If I was President Obama I'd CERTAINLY talk to them (in secret).

To me, the slow motion explosion of the Middle East is starting to look a lot like pre WWI Europe. Everything has been containable up to now, BUT if the world keeps down this road then sooner or later it will be Saudi Arabia that goes into revolution and/or Civil War. THEN America has a very BIG Problem. As I see it getting the Russians on our side now is an ultra high priority. 

As a proven good grand strategist I see Russia as the must have indispensible Ally to any workable long term improvements. Make a deal with the Russians. We help the Russians keep their Tartus Navel Base, and the Russians help US in trying to calm down the Middle East. If the Russians keep Tartus, then a peaceful and stable Syria is an even bigger advantage to them than to America.

Now IS ALSO the time for Congress to openly Debate America's support for the West Bank Apartheid slave state. The Reality is that it makes NO DIFFERENCE who eventually wins in Syria if the USA continues to support the colonial slavery of Muslims because whomever wins in Syria will be an enemy to America.

For OVER 30 Years the "Plan" has been for a continuation of West Bank Slavery and "In time everyone will accept the reality on the ground." The FACT is that everyone in the WORLD, Except the Blind-Mice in Washington DC, can see that the Muslim world is NOT accepting the reality on the ground, and Never Will. The West Bank Slave State is a fountainhead of hatred that is poisoning the Muslim world's attitude towards America.

What makes the American suicidal stupidity even worse is that the West Bank Slave State means LESS THAN NOTHING to America's interests. American support for West Bank slavery comes from a collection of Evangelical religious fanatics who sincerely believe that Jesus wants Christians to enslave and murder Muslims for the glory of God.

Let's turn the question around, "Exactly and specifically what are the Military and Economic advantages and benefits that are going to the average American worker from America's support for the continuation of slavery and colonialism in the West Bank?"  The answer is, "Less than NONE."     

Yes, the suicidal Zionist in Israel and America DO have a fanatical death-grip on their West Bank colonialism. However, I see West Bank Freedom as part of the Solution for Israel's long term survival. Yes, the Zionist do Not see it that way - they are Wrong, I'm correct.

As a proven, skilled grand strategist, I see NO WAY for America to keep supporting slavery in the West Bank, AND be effective in claming down the exploding Middle East. An explosion that I see growing worse and expanding. The UNWANTED TRUTH in Washington DC is that it's 2013 and NOT 1953. America is NO Longer the ruler of the World. America today is a massively over indebted empire in DECLINE. You have to build successful military strategy on reality, NOT on delusions of past grandeur. 

In super grand strategy the ROOT of serious problems has always been the same. The power structure of  the world changes. The old powers decline, and new powers grow. What usually happens is that the old power (like America) refuse to see that they are in DECLINE. The old power usually refuses to give the new powers (or new world forces) any status or recognition. The old power refuses to accept the New Realities and continues to act like nothing has changed. This makes the new powers and forces VERY frustrated, and if the frustration continues that boils over into some kind of war, or revolution or conflict.

To avoid big wars and conflicts the TENSION in the World's Tectonic Political Plates must be relieved by everyone recognizing the new realities of power. America does NOT have to power to make colonialism work. America could NOT bring back colonialism in Vietnam, and at the end of the day American backed colonialism is ALSO going to FAIL in the West Bank.

America is no longer THE World like it was in 1950 when America had 50% of all of the Manufacturing in the World. Today America is only PART of the World. With each passing year America IS, and will, become a smaller percentage of the World's Power.

Yeah, American does have a lot of useless nuclear weapons. Are we going to nuke Assad? Most of America's nuclear weapons, Stealth Bombers and Aircraft Carriers are worthless status symbols.  

Let's be HONEST, the American economy RIGHT NOW is running on FED fabricated queer money that represents: zero work, zero property, zero savings, and zero real value. The American economy TODAY is so pathetic the FED has to "buy" a Trillion Dollars of the Treasury's Bonds each year with Madoff queer money to keep the American economy from collapsing. All of the "Growth" in America is "Growth" built on financial fraud queer money. The FED is "stimulating" the American economy by STEALING Billions of dollars of value from the World's holders of USA T-Bonds. The INCONVENIENT TRUTH is that America has become the old USSR, a Bankrupt economy with LOTS of nuclear weapons and a very big, mainly useless, military.

The "solutions" for America are to act accordingly.     

If you like some of the ideas in this essay, and think your Congressman or Senators need to see it, then email them a copy.





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