Title: The Syrian War, what the US Congress Should Do, the Correct but Unpopular Opinion.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed September 4th, 2013

9/4/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Yesterday I watched the Senate Debate with Sec. of State John Kerry etc. It was in my view the usual Washington DC SHALLOW and  naive mindset that's dominated for over half a century.

Let's keep the Big Picture in mind, the gang in Washington DC are the "managers" who have turned the USA into the most  IN DEBT Nation in the history of the world. A Nation living off of FED faggot money. The Congressional "managers" have de facto LOST every big shooting war for the last half century. After Congress makes a decision about Syria it would be statistically safer to do the exact opposite.  

GOING DIRECT TO THE BOTTOM LINE: As a proven excellent grand strategist for the last half-century, my analysis is that if the Elmer Fudds in Congress ("Shoot the Muslim Rabbat") keep insisting on America's support for the West Bank Slave State, THEN America should stay 100% OUT of Syria. Is America going to keep the Muslims in the West Bank in Slavery, AND start bombing Muslims in Syria, AND this is going to win the Hearts and Minds of the Muslim world? I don't think so.

Outside of Fantasy Land on the Potomac everyone else in the  World sees it the same way.  

Syria is potentially a much BIGGER mistake than Vietnam and Iraq put together. WHY? Because up to now America has been the only  nuclear player in the Vietnam, Iraq War II, etc military debacles. The Syrian War will have THREE nuclear players: America, Israel and Russia. All three are THERE together, ALL have nuclear weapons, and they all have Big Fat Egos that periodically have lapsed into insanity.

As a side note I keep hearing the politicians in Washington DC saying, "Americans are tired of war." What Americans are tired of is LOSING. For the last half-Century the Pentagon has been the Chicago Cubs. 

Russia does NOT especially like America, and it dislikes Israel even more. America dislikes Russia, and is usually Israel's mindless servant. The Zionist are historically suicidal, and I'm not sure if they even like themselves. 

Most wars are insane, and illogical. In warfare planning you CANNOT SAY, "Oh, that would NEVER HAPPEN because it doesn't make any sense."

Example, in 66AD it was totally INSANE, 1000% illogical, Suicidal, and made no-sense whatsoever when the Zionists in Israel Declared war on the Roman Empire because Israel was not totally ruled by Zionists. The suicidal Zionist ego fat heads, and religious fanatics, declared war on Rome when Rome was at the height of its military power! There was only ONE possible outcome - Israel was wiped off of the map of the world.

A core grand strategy questions is, "Did the Zionists learn anything from 66AD?" The key answer for American grand strategy planning is, "Not really." 

The Zionists that were around 2000 years ago think almost exactly like the Zionists today. They are still on a mission from God.  NOT especially good for America, the Stepin Fetchit Dupe of the Zionists.

I'm NOT a military Tactician, I'm a grand strategist, but let me pretend that I'm a typical American General of the last 60 years who is part of an American military system that after WWII ONLY produced Tacticians. Let's see, 6 million Jews (6,000,000) in Israel on a piece of land that's about 100 miles long by 50 miles wide. Israel is a country that lives in large part off of America's money, and America is already de facto bankrupt and itself living off of FED faggot money. The Zionists in Israel are surrounded by One Billion Muslims (1,000,000,000) who are growing richer and smarter by the year, and are on land that's about 4,000 miles wide by 1,000 miles high.  Hmmm, I guess every Pentagon General would say it looks like a sure-thing military win for the Zionists and that's WHY America is backing the winning side.

Every good grand strategist knows that it's a joke to mention "rational logic" and "war" in the same sentence. By September 1943 the Germans and Japanese had lost World War II. Logically it was ALL OVER. However, the Germans and Japanese fought on for almost two more years and murdered MILLIONS more of their own people, and burned down half of their own countries. That's the "War Logic of Illogic" you have to understand to be a strategist. Wars have a LOT of insanity and the more the fighting Increases the more the insanity increases.

With a shooting war in Syria we have THREE Players with nuclear weapons. Considering the FACT that almost every war has Black Swans this is NOT good. Considering the FACT that America has de facto LOST every significant shooting war for the last 63 years (especially the ones where America mainly goes it along) a shooting war in Syria with nuclear players is potentially a grand disaster.

America's wars from 1960 Vietnam through Iraq War II and Afghanistan have been exercises in stumbling delusions. Now we have a multi-sided War with THREE of the many players having nuclear weapons.

I ran out 61 possible Syrian War scenarios, here's one of them:

The USA starts bombing Assad. The bombing does a LOT of damage to Assad. Assad IS in pain/fear and goes more crazy, and shoots some poison-gas rockets at Tel Aviv. WHY? Because Assad would be crazy desperate, and warfare is crazy. After Tel Aviv is hit the Zionists go crazy, and shoot some nuclear rockets at Syria, INCLUDING the Tartus Navel base. The Israeli rockets kill a lot of Russians. The Russian shoot a nuclear rocket at Tel Aviv and kill 300,000 people. Then what?

America's Pentagon Generals would all say, "That can't possible happen because it's not logical." That's the kind of thinking that won in Vietnam. If the Zionists fired a nuclear rocket at the Russian base at Tartus; would that be any Less suicide-insane than the Zionists in 66AD declaring war on Rome?

One of my 61 scenarios has the Russians exploding one of their own nuclear weapons at Tartus, and then using that as an excuse to nuke Israel knowing that will make Russia the golden boys in the Muslim world.  Crazy? Absolutely. That doesn't mean it can't happen. 

If something has even a 1% chance of happening, it should be part of the Scenario builder's planning. The idea is to have as FEW totally unseen Black Swans as possible.

Some of my Syrian War scenarios are based on the idea that the Russians understand America's many mental weaknesses as expertly as Osama bin Laden understood them. Osama killed 4,000 Americans in New York City and other 4,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan (and destroyed over a Trillion dollars of American wealth) while living in a cave. That makes Osama one of the most brilliant Generals in world history.

I'm sure that there are some Russian grand strategy planners who have been thinking, "If Osama could judo the predictable Americans, why can't WE? But only a lot Bigger."

Is Syria a giant trap to make Russia look like the hero of the Muslim world? Like a protector of Muslims from the nuclear holding Zionists who are also colonial slave holders of Muslims? Slave holders of Muslims with the backing of America. Remembering that Russia would ALSO like to get there old USSR Muslim provinces back into being on much closer terms with Moscow.

History is full of irony. Modern America's fanatical support for slavery in the West Bank de facto means that the old South's philosophy won the Civil War. Who's Abraham Lincoln in the Middle East? America cannot support Slavery in the West Bank and Freedom in Syria at the same time without looking totally Schizophrenic. The "solution" for the West Bank IS Lincoln's solution, "A Nation Cannot live half free and half slave."

The bottom line is that once again we'd have Americans bombing and killing Muslims in the name of "peace." Hmmm, haven't we been down this road before? Like Iraq and Afghanistan? Like Vietnam where America bombed the sh*t out of everything, killed a million Vietnamese, and all in the name of making life better in Vietnam?

One thousand years ago what America is doing in the Middle East today was called the Crusades. For the past 30+ years I've been describing Washington DC as, "A place where the ONLY thing the people know how to do is take PROVEN FAILURES and make them bigger."

One of my 61 scenarios was for the USA to work towards a Middle East economic union, that included Israel and a FREE West Bank. The core, CORE problem in the Middle East is too many Muslim males in the 15 yr old to 28 yr old age group who have too much testosterone, but no jobs, and no believable vision of a better future. This scenario was for a European like economic union, AND a NATO like military union. That would solve the nuclear weapons issue by making everyone in the middle East part of a nuclear military power. On paper this scenario had the best long term outcome. HOWEVER, in scenario building you also give them a probability rating. The Probability of Washington DC finding the Imagination and Courage to do the above is the SAME probability of the ghost of Osama bin Laden opening a Pork Chop Sandwich stand on Coney Island.  

My suggestion is a Congressional LAW that spells out Exactly and Specifically how far American can go if Israel is nuked by the Russians. Forget who was responsible, or why, and all of that crap. Leave that to the historians. A law that says, "If somebody uses nuclear weapons and it's NOT against America, then America STAYS OUT. If the Zionists once again want a mass suicide, American should make the decision Right Now to NOT be sucked into that party." 

My prediction is that Congress will NOT do the above, and will as usual think they are re-fighting WWII.

If you like the above suggestions, then email a copy of this essay to your Congressman and Senators.






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