Title: America Should NOT Attack Syria, the WHY from a Proven Grand Strategist.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat September 7th, 2013


9/7/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. The USA Should NOT Bomb Syria. WHY?

Since 1964 I've been mainly correct about the directions that America's grand strategy should have taken. However, since 1964 Washington DC has done mainly the opposite.

After thinking carefully about Syria, and building 61 scenarios, and mentally taking the "Obama Side" by arguing the case (in my mind) FOR a Syrian attack. (In good analysis you must ALWAYS put yourself in the other side's shoes). Bottom Line, the more I think about a Syrian strategy the more I believe a meaningless Showboat attack would be a mistake. The rule America should follow with Syria is, "If you can't win than don't play."

The brain dead in Washington DC keep taking about "Credibility." Everyone in the World knows that America has the biggest, most bloated military in the World. Everyone in the World knows that America has the ability to murder people. My military view is that when the most expensive military machine in the world went into Vietnam and LOST to a collection of teenagers in black pajamas; that's when America's CREDIBILITY TO WIN was destroyed.

Iraq War II and Afghanistan's "SURGES To Victory" did Not do anything to make America less of a military joke.

King Arthur wannabe Bush's re-opening the Crusades for a war on "Islamofascism" will go into the history books next to the Zionist's 66AD declaring war on the Roman Empire.

America's world credibility to murder is still there. America murdered a million Vietnamese, and directly and indirectly 200,000 Iraqis. However. America's credibility to decisively WIN (and dramatically Change situations) is none existent outside of Wonderland on the Potomac. 

Certainly, a few bombs over Syria is NOT going to change much. Showboating some Cruise Missiles against already empty ammunition warehouses isn't going to make America (in the eyes of the World) less of a military Attention Deficit Disorder adolescent.

THERE ARE DANGERS: One of the biggest is that THREE of the players (USA, Israel and Russia) have nuclear weapons. In warfare there are ALWAYS Black Swans, and Black Swans when the players have nuclear weapons is something that no rational person should take lightly.

In my view, as a proven excellent military strategist, AND as a businessman who has run businesses for over 40 years, Mr. Obama understands LESS about warfare than he understands about business, and he understands almost NOTHING about business. The ONLY thing that Mr. Obama is clearly a master at is Illinois/California politics, and that is: "Vote for ME and I'll steal somebody else's money and give it to You."

As I recently wrote on my Facebook page (I have three different Facebook pages), you have to be Washington DC brain dead to believe that Assad has NOT Already moved most of this poison gas ammunition to MANY different locations. The "Targets" are now empty warehouses.

As I also wrote on my Facebook page, the Historical FACT is that most National Leaders DO NOT care about "Casualties." Assad is NOT going to care if America murders 100,000 of his supporters. Assad knows that the 100,000 dead would  make his survivors fight harder.

If National Leaders cared about "Casualties" World War One would have ended in 1915.

The truth is that as a military grand strategy analyst I ALSO do not especially care about other people dying. I see the Civil War in Syria as regrettable, unfortunate, but irrelevant to America's VITAL Interests.   

The tunnel-vision lovers of yesterday in Washington DC (who are mainly lawyers) believe that Assad will fear American bombing because after the bombing Syria's Tort Lawyers will Sue Assad for damages to their clients, and that will cost Assad a lot of money.

It's time of Washington DC to STOP its mental masturbation. America is an Empire in Decline. America is the world's Biggest Debtor Nation. America is living off of the FED's faggot money, and stealing wealth from every Treasury Bond holder in the World. America has become the old USSR, a NOT-Free Corrupted Economic system that's bankrupt, BUT has a very LARGE Army. It's time for the US Congress to check OUT of Hotel Delusion and check into motel reality - and act accordingly. 

Behind closed doors members of Congress are probably being told that Israeli/CIA Intelligence knows where all of the poison gas has been moved to. This is the SAME Israeli/CIA Intelligence that knew where all of the Weapon of Mass Destruction were at in Iraq.

A reminder, in June 2006 Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was taken by rebels in the Gaza Strip. They kept Private Shalit captive for over FIVE YEARS. During that Five Years Israeli rescue forces were NEVER more than 15 minutes away, BUT ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE COULD NOT FIND Private Shalit. He was released (alive and well) by the rebels in Oct. 2011. So now Congress is probably being told that the same "Intelligence" that could NOT find Shalit in FIVE Years (when he was never more than 15 minutes away) NOW knows where all of the poison gas in Syria has been secretly moved to.  Sure.

Let's take a short walk down the road of American military history, and see WHAT WORKED. Our QUESTION is: "What are some of the factors that made America the Super BIG Winner of World War II?"

ANSWER: One of the BIGGEST factors for America being the SUPER WINNER of WWII was America NOT attacking and NOT getting involved (until America was attacked and no choice).

FACT: WWII started with the 1933 Japanese invasion of Manchuria. America did Nothing.

FACT: The Japanese in 1936 expanded their invasion of China killing tens of thousands of civilian women and children in the process. America did Nothing.

FACT: In 1939 German and Russia invaded Poland. The Russians murdered thousands of captured Polish Army Officers. America did Nothing.

FACT: In 1940 German invaded and defeated France. America did Nothing.

FACT: Between Sept. 1940 and May 1941 the German's Blitzed England killing over 40,000 civilians, many women and children. America did Nothing.

FACT: In June 1941 German invaded Russia, pushing all the way to Leningrad and Moscow, and killing over a million civilians in the process. Many women and children. America did Nothing.

FACT: America was the SUPER WINNER of WWII in large part by DOING NOTHING. America eventually Won the war in Europe with only a few more military dead than the tiny Rumanian Army.

The Grand Strategy of NOT doing anything was the Most Successful in American History. One of the major lessons of WWII was, "Always be the LAST to fight."

After WWII most of the people in Washington DC became Fathead assh*les. A historically typical MISTAKE when a Nation wins a Big War to easily. America's military attitude went from, "Let's NOT get involved," to "We never saw a war we didn't like."

In my view an American attack on Syria would be a Schizophrenic Joke. Obama is playing Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes and saying, "Oh, it's a moral offense that Assad is using poison gas." HOWEVER, a few miles away from Syria in the West Bank, Mr. Obama and Washington DC are supporting and defending the West Bank Slave State and the oppression of Muslim women and children. That's the Real "Credibility Gap" that everyone in the World can see Except Washington DC brain dead. 

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