Title: Syria, the Grand Strategy viewpoint of Bombing Syria Now.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun September 8th, 2013


9/8/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. A Grand Strategy Look at Syria & the Middle East.

All of the Muslim World is in a state of cultural and social transition. Syria is a full scale Civil War, while Egypt, Sudan, Afghanistan, Mali, Nigeria, Iraq, etc are in slow motion civil wars. Libya is a war-lord state. The biggest Muslim power, Turkey, is NOT happy with America's racist and religious bigot support for the West Bank Slave State. Places like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc "keep the peace" the American Puerto Rico way by putting everyone on government welfare.

The Middle East is in a state of "Creative Destruction." We are at this time mainly in the "Destruction" phase.

A key grand strategy question for American planning is, "How long will the Creative Destruction phase last?"

Based on historical precedent, I'd say the "problems" in the Middle East will be serious for 15 years at the short end, and 40 years at the long end. I'd say a lot closer to the 40 years. However, if the Middle East "troubles" continued to the end of this Century it would not surprise me. Europe's "Creative Destructive" period has been going on for over 2,000 years. Hopefully WWII was the final Blow-Off?

The immediate, small, tactical question is, "Exactly WHAT will change if America showboats some cruise missiles into now empty warehouses?" As far as I can see, the answer in relation to the BIG PICTURE is "Nothing."

At its CORE grand strategy is mainly about Psychological Change. In grand strategy, fighting is NOT the end, it's a means to the Psychological Change in the minds you need to change.

America grand strategy WON the cold war by NOT fighting, and having the realities of the world change the minds of the Russians and Chinese. Ultimate victory is always in the same place, it's in the MIND of your opponent.

If there was LESS fighting in the Middle East then most Muslims would SEE SOONER that no country in a now One-World can live in al Qaeda's 16th Century world.  

Will America firing some cruise missiles into a few now empty warehouses, and into a few barracks full of drafted young men, will that really change Assad's mind? What would it change Assad's mind to? Giving up and being killed by the rebels like Muammar Gaddafi was killed?

What America needs is a grand strategic Middle East plan to deal with the grand strategic situation. Hillary never had one, and neither does Kerry.  

I do NOT see Anyone in Washington DC that has the ability to think and plan in grand strategy terms. Washington DC is a Two-Pony Act: (1) Take PROVEN failures and make them Bigger. (2) Have a BS smoke-and-mirrors act while in reality kicking the cans down the road.

America has make it clear that the USA does NOT approve of poison gas. Everyone in the world now knows this. As I see it, at this point America has the  moral high ground. However, if America starts its usual "Humanitarian Bombing" then in many Muslim eyes, (the people we need to convince to win) Assad gets the moral high ground.

So would a cruise missile bombing of Syria be a grand strategy advantage in the Big Picture of the Middle East? Or would it be the usual mental masturbation of America's delusions of bombing the Middle East back into yesterday?

Considering America's passion for attacking and killing Muslims who are NOT attacking America. It's easy for me to see how most of Iran's population view the building of  a defensive atomic weapon as not especially desirable, but highly logical.

When King Richard wannabe W. Bush re-opened the Crusades in 2003 with Iraq War II, I wrote at the time, "America is attacking a country and people who are NOT attacking America. The USA is planting murder and death. My prediction is that the morons in Washington DC are going to be totally and completely Shocked when what they have planted grows and spreads."

Maybe I'm wrong? Hitler planted a lot of murder and death and it worked for him and the German people. Right? Luke 6:38, "For with the measure YOU use it will be measured to You."

The unwanted truth is that America was bombing and killing Muslims in the Middle East (to protect the West Bank Slave State), long before that "measure" was returned to America on 9/11.

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