Title: Syria has Moved its Chemical Weapons, What is America's Solution?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri September 13th, 2013

9/13/2013. Today's Wall Street Journal headline is, "Syrian Unit Scatters Chemical Arms." What's the Solution?


A WEEK AGO I wrote that you'd have to be as brain-dead as a Washington DC planner to believe the Syrians were not ALREADY scattering their Chemical Arms. Today's WSJ went on to repeat the STANDARD WORLD JOKE by writing, "U.S. and Israeli intelligence believe they know where MOST of the chemicals are (now) located."

Sure, and it's Saddam Hussein who's driving the Syrian trucks to the poison gas new hideouts.


In my 9/7/2013 website essay I pointed out that Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was kidnapped in 2006  by rebel forces in Gaza. Private Shalit was NEVER more than 15 minutes away from "Israeli Intelligence Forces." However, after FIVE YEARS of intensive searching Israeli "Intelligence" could NOT find Mr. Shalit. The FACT is that Israeli Intelligence in five years of  Intensive searching FAILED to find Mr. Shalit. The Gaza rebels eventually released Mr. Shalit unharmed in 2011.


Let's remember that it was ALSO Israeli Intelligence that said Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction were real. 


Even if "Intelligence" knew all of the 100 new Syrian poison gas locations, AND THEY DON'T. It's now 100 bombing sites with women and children being killed by American bombs and/or released poison gas. The bottom line is that America would kill MORE women and children with poison gas than Assad.


The "Bombing Equation" also changes. Before it was 100 Cruise Missiles for 10 locations. Now it's 100 Cruise Missiles for 100 locations. 


As I wrote in past essays, America MUST HAVE Russia's help in Syria, and America needs to make whatever deal is needed to get that help. If NOT, then America should return to its HISTORIC 1933-1941 WWII Proven WINNING GRAND STRATEGY and Ignore the total Syrian mess.


The Russian's can be motivated, the Russians are already stuck with "boots on the ground" in Syria, but America is NOT. The Russians want Tartus, and Tartus is of no significance to America. If the morons in Washington DC have the courage to realize that it's 2013 and NOT 1953, and act accordingly, a deal can be made.


The WORLD Grand Reality is that the Post World War II Power Paradigm has ENDED. It ended for Russia in 1989-1993. It has ALSO Ended for America, and that is America's CORE PROBLEM because America is fanatically refusing to accept the new World Reality. The cowards in Washington DC are still deep into the delusion that the Post WWII World is still there, and in some magical way America can bomb its way BACK into yesterday.


It was a lot of fun being King of the Hill, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to live during the American Empire's Golden Age, but it's OVER. The more America wallows in its now past power, the more America Ignores the FACT that America is de facto bankrupt and living off of FED faggot money, the WORSE the future of America will become. Vladimir Putin is doing America a favor when he tells America to sober up.


If you like this essay, email a copy to your Congressman and Senators. God knows Washington DC needs the help.        





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