Title: The Navy Yard Shooting, WHY? The BIG Picture
Date: Tue September 17th, 2013

9/17/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Yesterday's Navy Yard shootings: WHY? What's the Big Picture?


As usual, all of the "News" assh*les like Piers Morgan are screaming, "Guns, Guns are the Cause!" 200 years ago America did NOT have the kinds of mass shootings we have today. Not 200 yrs ago, NOT 150 yrs ago, NOT 100 years, ago, NOT even 50 years ago. FACT, 100 yrs ago America had MORE Guns per capita than now, and NO mass shootings like today. Conclusion: "guns" are NOT the cause of people being driven crazy. (So what is?)


As I've been saying since Columbine in 1999, the shootings are symptoms of serious, real cultural, social and economic problems that are being caused by TOO MUCH bullsh*t from people like Piers Morgan, and too much government bullsh*t. In 1999 I predicted, "There will be MORE shootings and each time the big press will be asking in wonderment, why? why? Why? " The "WHY" is because all of the left-wingers do NOT want the CORRECT answers and have a death-grip on their failed delusions.


What's NEW is that this mass shooting was by a Black man rather than the usual High School or College White Male. WHY? Black males are used to more frustration than young White males, but the shooting shows that the level of frustration is now very high even among Blacks. And with good cause.


The hysterical reaction among many Blacks to the Zimmerman verdict is part of the same symptom matrix of reactions.


American Blacks have good reasons to be frustrated. America IS an empire in DECLINE. When the tide goes out the falling boat takes down Everyone. EXCEPT the 2% Wall Street pigs who have become Billionaires off of Bernanke's faggot money that long-term only befits the already super rich, but leaves everyone else with the DEBT and reduced standard of living.


Bernanke's faggot Trillions of dollars to big business is FINANCING their automation so they can FIRE employees and replace them with machines.  Two years ago the grocery store I shop at had six checkout lines, ALL with Black checkout clerks and Black baggers. NOW, three are GONE, replaced by self-check-out machines. My local Home Depot is the same.


Bernanke's almost free money to Big Business is financing the immediate expense of transferring GOOD JOBS from America to overseas factories. America's "New Jobs" are increasingly Dead-End jobs, with no or small benefits, and no future. The FED is hollowing-out the American economy. I'm mad too. 


50% of what in 2007 was the USA Black economic middle class have already been wiped out, and are now economic lower class.  Today's Blacks are in a FED faggot money Nation (that's de facto bankrupt) and a FED Dictatorship Nation that ONLY makes the super rich even richer. Blacks get the worthless bullsh*t promises (often from Obama), and the Wall Street's 2% gets 90% of the money. I'm mad too.


The Super Big Picture is that the WORLD is in a slow motion Global Failure. There is growing world psychic stress EVERYWHERE. A growing realization everywhere that many of the world's problems ARE unsolvable by today's rules. The clock really IS running out on today's world paradigm. By the end of this Century most of what we now see will be GONE.


America in 2090, if it's still one Nation and not several, will be just another ALSO THERE. The age of a raising world tide taking up all boats is coming to an End. People are losing, machines ARE winning, and Bernanke's faggot Trillions $$$ are financing those job-killing machines everywhere in the world. Bernanke is the Terminator's mother.


One of the reasons for WHY young men are killing each other in places like Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc is because there's NOTHING else for them to do.


The result is that people everywhere in the World are in the process of being driven crazy. It will get worse before it gets better.


Long term (100 years) I'm very optimistic. A better world IS coming. However, there is a necessary "creative destruction" period. YOU cannot have the new without getting rid of the old. Many of America's problems center around Washington DC trying to save the old world because that was the world where America was King.


America's big picture solution is to become part of the future and to lose its death-grip on the past. (Like America's death-grip on the West Bank slave state). Is that psychologically possible? NOT without a LOT OF PAIN. That's WHY I keep saying America needs to kill the FED, say "No" to America's queer money addition, and let the PAIN HAPPEN. No pain - No gain.  


One thing is for SURE. America is NEVER going to be able to bomb the world back into 1955. America either becomes part of the future, and deals with the ego downsizing, OR America in classic-historical-mistake form destroys itself with even MORE over extensions and dies with the Past.





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