Title: What Andy Molchan and Pope Francis Agree on
Date: Sun September 22nd, 2013



 As usual, history is in part catching up to where the Canary in the Coal Mine (me) was years ago.


Pope Francis said that too much time and energy is being WASTED on abortion and the gay marriage issues. These personal issues have become an unhealthy obsession with too many religious fanatics. These relatively unimportant religious-subjective issues are crowding out time and energy for issues that Do need attention and affect the WORLD. This is the SAME advice I was giving to the Republican Party long before the 2012 election. In the election campaign Romney did the EXACT OPPOSITE, and as I had predicted if he went down that road, Romney Lost.


Romney worked hard at been an Evangelical religious assh*le and he succeeded. P.S. I DO believe there is a God, and I don't think She is against women's rights. Only women give birth and create new life, and isn't Creating new life what God does?


ALSO, as touched on between-the-lines by Pope Francis. Too many people, like some Republican Party sickos go hysterical over Hollywood male movie stars having sex, and over abortions. However, these SAME People think that bombing and murdering thousands of Muslim Children and women is absolutely wonderful and what Jesus wants.


When America bombs and murders women who were pregnant that's NOT abortion if the women were Muslims. Right? 


The world ALSO caught up with the Canary in one of Today's Wall Street Journal editorials. It was by Mr. Holman Jenkins Jr. who wrote. "Asset Bubbles for the rich and a welfare boom for the rest does NOT a recovery make." Exactly what I've been saying for over 3 years. The faggots that the Mitt Romneys, Rick Santorums, Newt Gingrichs, etc SHOULD be speaking out Against are the FED faggots who's queer Trillions of never ending Debt IS causing Massive and PERMANENT damage to America.


Is there ANYONE in Washington DC who can think past the next election? America CANNOT live on FED faggot phony money forever. American Cannot keep stealing wealth from the World with its now faggot Treasury Bonds. There are ten years olds who can GET THAT.


FED faggot money has Re-Created the Stock Market and Real Estate BUBBLES. FED faggot money HAS made every slimy Gordon Gekko even Richer. FED faggot money has Already turned MILLIONS of American's into welfare zombies. The FED's ant-free market manipulated cheap money for Only S&P BIG corporations (NOT little people) is financing the AUTOMATION of good jobs in America, and replacing good jobs with lower-pay dead-end sh*t jobs. If Osama bin Laden was alive he'd say, "The American faggot FED is My Dream come true."


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