Title: American Firearms Industry Magazine Is Starting A New Monthly Column: How To Survive The 21st Century. The New Monthly Column Will Have Information And Ideas You Must Know To Be One Of The Survivors.
Author: Andrew Molchan
Date: Thu July 28th, 2005

Dear Follow FFL Holder.

Looking back over the last 50 years of my life, on big grand strategy questions I have been amazing correct. I don't want this to sound conceited, and I'm not conceited. However, as a simple statement of fact, when it comes to big social issues, looking back over the last half century, I have been in the top 1% of people who were correct.

Way back in 1963 I predicted that America would lose the Vietnam War.

In 1975 ABC, CBS and NBC had 95% of America's TV news audience. In 1975 I predicted that the novae communist, anti-white worker political agendas of the network's news departments would open up ABC, CBS and NBC to competition, and reduce them to “also runs." That is exactly what happened.

In 1973 I said that Friedrick Hayek was correct, and Russian Communism would collapse internally of its own schizophrenic contractions. Two months before the Berlin Wall fell 99% of the CIA's “Russian expert analysis" said nothing had fundamentally changed with the USSA and things would continue as-is for decades into the future.

A year before the November 2004 Presidential election I predicted in the pages of AFI that President Bush would win. I predicted that the Democratic Party was in long-term decline and in the Nov. 04 election would fail to regain either the House or the Senate.

Before the Iraq invasion I said the CIA was infiltrated with moles feeding the CIA false information, and the CIA's analysis of Iraq was a systematic calculated set-up. The CIA is still infiltrated with the same moles.

Before the March 2003 invasion of Iraq I said that America's grand strategy in the Middle East was fundamentally wrong. It would produce devastating long-term costs, continuing American deaths, high oil prices in America, and precipitate anti-America feelings around the world.

If you are a subscriber to AFI, and have been reading AFI for the last three years you know that with Iraq, six months before the American attack on Iraq, I predicted an easy first win for the American military, but then a very long period of multi-year frustrating guerilla warfare.

There are a lot of variables when it comes to short-term economic predictions, and that makes the job much harder. However, back in February of 2002 I said the stock market would go back up to 10,000, but then stay in that range for a long time. That call was better then 98% of what the big name brokerage houses on Wall Street were telling their clients.

I do get it wrong sometimes, but on the big issues for over a half century I've been 70% correct. That puts me in the top 1% of people who are able to correctly see the future.

On the other hand sometimes I surprise myself. The Pope is a de facto king. I have been writing my 8 volume series of John Dagon novels. In the copy I wrote two years ago there is a future German king. I never planned any of the storyline in the novels. I just let my mind go where it wants to go. A year ago a friend of mine was meandering through the rough copy in my office and came across the part about a future German king. He said, “What is this crap? A future German king, no way, a snow balls chance in Hell. Andy, you're really going off the deep end." I said, “I have no logical explanation, my mind wanted to go in that direction and I let it write what it wanted." So, on April 19th I turned on the TV news, and what's there? What everyone said was impossible, a German king.

As you might know, American Firearms Industry Magazine rotates through the total FFL list during the year. So if you are not a subscriber you have see a few issues each year. However, the new How To Survive The 21st Century is a new MONTHLY COLUMN. It will be in each issue, and all the information is vital to you and your families survival.

American is definitely NOT going back to the past. The degree of change and chaos will increase. The 21st Century is going to be a very dangerous place for Americas. Much of the danger will come from the progressive collapses of the welfare state. The decrease in government is going to be painful, ugly and dangerous for everyone.

You are not going to hear the information and ideas that are vital to you and your family from the news media because they are as delusional as the government.

Here are only a few of the areas that well be covered in future issues of American Firearms Industry. In the modern age we are in now, profits come less and less from products, and more and more from information and knowledge. Knowledge is already the main profit producing substance, and will become more so with each passing year. If you use the advice give in future issues of AFI it should save you a fortune.

Some people think that ignorance is free. The most expensive items in every person's life, and in your life, is ignorance. Mistakes come with big price tags. In the near future mistakes will come with crushing rice tags. The objective of AFI's new monthly section is to give you information that will avoid disastrous mistakes. In the near future up to ten million people in they're 50's and early 60s will lose everything they have. They will be old, tired and poor in a country where the welfare system is collapsing. We don't want YOU to be one of those people.

I can, with 100% certainty, give you a future New York Times and USA Today headline. Sometime in the future the headlines on newspaper all over America will read: Where Did All These Tens Of Millions Of Poor People Come From? Right now, as you read this letter, there are 45 million people who are only three or four paychecks, or welfare/Social Security checks, away from financial disaster.

Good, bad or otherwise, America today is a collection of tribes. We “firearms people" are a tribe. We are family. We can't protect freedom and our self-defense rights if we are poor and ignorant of the dynamic changes that are happening. We have to be out in front of all the change curves. We must make money and keep the money we make. Our family, our tribe, needs the power that knowledge gives tribes in the information age. Many other tribes in America are part of the past and on the way to impotence. We have to be one of the survivor tribes. We have to work together. You helping us with your financial support, and AFI helping you with knowledge will be a benefit to our total tribe. Frankly, the scumbag lawyers, and the socialists who down deep hate America, they will definitely NOT like the things we suggest. The left-wingers will hate our suggestions to you because our suggestions will short-circuit their double-dealing exploitations. Working together our tribe can be smarter and stronger, and still be around after the dust settles.


1. How to organize you company. Your accountant and lawyer are telling you to be a sub-chapter S company. They are wrong. We'll tell you why, and what to do. With 98% of the people, your own account won't give you this advice. Why is that? Because, accountants are licensed by the government, not you. Most accounts worry about mainly keeping the government happy. Sub-chapter S companies are recommended because they are good for the government, at your expense.

2. How to legally arrange your company and your assets so even if you are sued, and lose, you'll still be judgment proof. Many lawyers do for themselves what we'll detail in this information, but they don't want you to know. With 98% of the people, your own lawyer won't give you this advice. Why is that? Because, most lawyers worry about keeping the law gravy train going for all the collected lawyers, at your expense. You can phone in your Association Membership, call 954-467-9994.

3. Credit cards, all the many things about credit cards, and credit, that are ticking time bombs. All the highly dangerous built in traps that your friendly banker, credit card company, lawyer and account never told you about. For example, did you know that the credit card companies can legally change the turns on your credit card to just about anything they want, any time they want? All they have to do is mention the new turns on your monthly billing. The billing you never read anyway, right? 30 days after you pay that bill the terms become binding as if you had signed a new contract. Yes, for real! So you become sick, and on the billing your credit card company says they can demand total payment in full at any time. Then, 30 days after you pay that Bill your credit card company can sue you for the total amount you owe. You didn't know that, did you? There are a lot of other things about credit you don't know about-but we'll tell you.

4. Credit card companies all exchange credit information. So, if you are late paying on one card, that gives any card the right to raise you interest to 20% or 25% or higher because you are a “problem payer."

5. Real Estate, you home is NOT an investment. An investment is something that pays you money every month. An expense is something that you have to pay money out to every month. Your home is an expensive asset that can increase or decrease in value.

6. Are we in a real estate bubble? The short answer-“yes." After 9/11 2001 the Federal Reserve flooded the system with money. That drove down interest rates that were already going down, and low interest rates added to the current worldwide real estate bubble. We'll give you suggestions that could save you a ton of money, and/or make you a lot of money. Fill out the Membership offer in this letter and mail with your check today.

7. We'll give you advice about the courts in America. Did you know that 90% of all judges in America are elected? Did you ever make a campaign contribution to a Judges election? 95% of the readers of this letter will say, “no." Most Judges don't even publicly ask for campaign funds. Why? Because 90% of the money to elect 90% of all the Judges comes from lawyers and law firms. Law firms run one of their members for a Judgeship. When a Judge, many times in my opinion, that person pushes the law for rulings that will make money for his old law firm, and for lawyers in general. After a while the lawyers will agree that somebody else from a law firm will become a Judge, and the old Judge will go back his original law firm. Do you get the picture? In my opinion, it's a highly corrupt system. Once you are in this highly corrupt system you can be absolutely positive of one thing, the lawyers will get a lot of your money. We'll give you advice about how to protect your assets and money from what is in my opinion a corrupt and parasitic legal system.

8. With reference to the above comments about Judges in America. In my opinion, the big banks and credit card companies have most of the Judges in their pockets. The bankruptcy and collection laws were just changed to take rights away from YOU, and give more power to credit card companies, banks and lawyers. The big banks and lawyers spread tens of millions in hard and soft money around Washington DC, and there are lot more laws favorable to them coming. We'll give you advice about how to protect your money. You can call in your membership, 954-467-9994.

9. In the 20th Century the communist failed to elect political candidates in the USA. However, America's legal system became much more communistic than the big media. Some people might be puzzles by the current vicious fight over Judges in Washington DC. It is highly vicious because it's a fight between a communist legal system and a capitalist legal system. Under the current highly communist legal system, basically corporations are guilty. The details of cases are totally irrelevant in many courts. As an example, look at the communist style conviction of Glock in California. Look at the way left-wing Judge Weinstein in New York totally twisted and manipulated the law. If you have money, and are a business, in many courts all other facts become irrelevant. After play acting at justice you will be found guilty. We'll give corporations advice about how to stay out of this trap.

We can't give you the information you need if you are not a member of the Association, and receiving all the magazines. Fill out the special card in this letter and send it back today.

10. I'm very good at long-term geopolitical predictions. Looking at the 21st Century, there is unfortunately, a high probably of a big war. Every major change in culture for the last 3000 years has produced a big war, and/or a series of wars. The factory age is ending and the information driven age in expanding. This is a major cultural change. Unions will die, the welfare state will die, big government will die, the economic gap between the smart and the dumb will increase, and there is a high probability of a major wars in the 21st Century. Sometimes there is only so much you can do, but we'll give you advice to put the odds as much in your favor as possible.

11. Many firearms retailers, distributors and manufacturers are pessimistic about the future of our industry. If history is any guide we are going into a period of instability and war. We, the firearms industry, are part of the military defense industry, and police industry and individual self-defense. I sincerely wish the future would be a future of peace, but it won't be. In times of danger and war the arms industry is needed. I am convinced that our firearms industry will survive because even our political and social enemies will need us. We'll give you business advice about how to position your company. What you have to do right now is take the special offer of Association Member in this letter.

12. The future of hunting? For tens of thousands of years people hunted to live. They needed the food. A significant part of hunting will go from “sport," back to necessity. When ground beef is $30 a pound have a deer or two in the freezer will mean added meat to a lot of families.

13. The Democratic Party will die, but they will probably win the White House a few more times. The Democratic Party was built on an industrial factory society that is dying in the USA. The gays, trail lawyers, hate America groups, anti-Christian groups, welfare groups, etc. the Democratic Party currently appeal too won't stay with the Democrats once it's clear the Democrats can't deliver. It won't be an easy or pretty death. We'll tell you how to position yourself and your family, but we can't tell you if you are not getting the magazine and are an Association member.

14. The importance of religion will grow in America, and the world. In the 20th Century the state tried to replace God with state run welfare. In the 21st Century nation states will either fail, as in Black Africa, or they will be exposed as incapable of solving problems, as in much of South America. As the false God of the nation state become irrelevant. God, the real God, will grow in influence. This will be a positive advantage to the firearms industry.

15. The 20th century saw the height of the Industrial Age. In the Industrial Age bigger was always better. In the 21st century “invisible" is going to be better. We'll give you suggestions for how to arrange your affairs for the world as operates now.

Big world trends are unchangeable. Nothing can stop the decline of American power relative to the rest of the world. You, or I, cannot control mega trends. However, you have great control over your life, and the life of your family. You can protect you, and your family. I'm NOT going to be talking about saving Social Security and Medicare, I'm going to talking about saving YOUR retirement. I'm NOT going to be talking about saving the American dollar, I'm going to be talking about saving YOUR wealth. I'm not going to be talking about saving factory jobs in America, I'm going to be talking about saving YOUR job. I'm not going to be talking about saving the Titanic, I'm going to be talking about how you and your family can be in one of those in the lifeboats.

Although the old world is going, and there will be many dangers. There will also be many new opportunities for great wealth. I sincerely believe that any futurist who is 100% gloom and doom is 70% wrong. Out of the coming chaos a better and richer world will grow. The future articles in AFI Magazine will be realistic about today's dangers, and it is vitally important you not make any big mistakes in life, but many of the articles will also be positive about the future. They will be about having the courage and imagination to seize the many opportunities the new world will bring. The future articles in AFI will not be written as an excuse to do nothing because doing nothing is going to be one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make.

The 20th century had unbelievable changes, many horrible events happened, tens of millions of people were killed, but there were also many fantastic opportunities. The 21st century will be like the 20th century, but more so. It will be a century of great danger, and great opportunity. You must be aware of both the dangers and the opportunities.

The people who are waiting for some government to take care of them, or waiting for yesterday to return. They are already in trouble. The people, like you, who understand that the world is changing rapidly, and they, like you, are looking for the new opportunities in a new world. Those people, like you, will do just fine.

Fill out the special membership forming enclosed. Send a company check, (AFI is an industry magazine and a business expense) or fill in the credit card information and charge your membership to your card.

The firearms industry is a very old industry, and we sell things that are made out of steel, wood, and so forth. However, in the 21st century knowledge is the big profit maker. Bill Gates is the richest man in America, and everything he sells could be sent over a phone line. When you become an Association Member, and receive all the issues of AFI, you will be receiving knowledge worth a fortune. Call in your membership using your credit card, call 954-467-9994.

Andrew Molchan
President, Professional Gun Retailers Association Inc.
President, National Association of Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers

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