Title: Surviving The 21st Century-Article #2
Author: Andrew Molchan
Date: Wed September 7th, 2005

(September 7th 2005) Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans a week ago, and it's still a mess. People are asking, “What does it all mean for America?"

We have three time frames: the immediate answer, mid-time period, and long-term grand strategy answers. I have a God given talent for seeing into the future so let's go to the big one, long-term grand strategy.

Back in 1975 I wrote an article in American Firearms Industry Magazine, the Stocking Dealer supplement, about welfare, and big cities. I wrote, “The Democrats are spending billions of dollars to create African islands inside of most of America's major cities. This 20th century plantation system will give the Democrats permanent one-party control of most of America's big cities." As events proved, I was totally correct in my prediction.

I also predicted the patches of Africa inside of America's big cites would eventually be a national disaster. In 1975 I wrote, “The solution is the Federal Government paying rural recipients of welfare, food stamps, etc. 20% more than recipients in big cities."

Being a former NAACP member (1960-back when it was a good organization) and always having the best interests of all Americans at heart. I wrote in1975, “Having welfare receiving Blacks, and Whites, out in the country, with land for a vegetable garden, chickens, and so forth. Away from the rat infested city slums, the drug dealers, the gangs, the crooks, the pimps, the drug infested big city schools, the sex stores, the gay bars and the Democratic Party latter-day plantation owners. This will be much healthier for the children of poor Blacks, Whites and Latinos."

The top 1/3 of America's Black population is hard working and excellent citizens. The bottom 1/3 of American's Black population refuse to think of themselves as Americans, and they use “discrimination" as a excuse to be irresponsible and/or criminals. Spending hundreds of billions of dollar to finance, breed, and expand a fifteen million person criminal underclass has turned into a national disaster.

As we know, the Democrats successfully conned the nation, and passed laws to pay urban welfare recipients much more money than rural welfare recipients. Thus turning major parts of most American big cities into versions of Zimbabwe and Botswana. They successfully created dozens of one-party African plantations from one end of America to the other: from Philadelphia, to Detroit, to New Orleans to Los Angeles.

Let me change gears and come back to the immediate present, and what you can do to survive the 21st century. If you live in a city that has more than a 25% poor Black population, you should get out while the getting is still good. If you're a competent Black, working to be a productive American, rather than an African, you should get out of the urban plantations.

Let's shift gears again, and go back to the big grand strategy picture, and to national defense and national survival. I have a talent for seeing the future. So, let me spelling it out and hopefully somebody in Washington DC will get it. (1) America in now history's biggest debtor nation. (2) America must keep its hundred of billions of dollars worth bonds rolling over with new monthly sales. (3) Bond sales and prices are primarily psychological. (4) Pictures on TV like we've had this last week, coming out of New Orleans, and going around the world, are NOT good for the psychological impression of America's health. (5) There are patches of Black Africa all over America.

Now we go were few dare to go, the future. (6) There are two-dozen Russian nuclear artillery shells missing. The CIA and KGB have no idea of where they are, or who has them. (7) Nuclear artillery shells could be smuggled into: Harlem, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago, Birmingham, Houston, Los Angeles, etc. (8) Once detonated, we'd have a dozen New Orleans all at the same time. (9) TV pictures of looters running though America's streets, setting buildings on fire, would be broadcast and viewed on TV around the world. (10) Some country would panic and dump their US Treasure Bonds on the world market. (11) That would start a collapse of US Bond values worldwide, and US Bonds would lose 50%-60% of their value (12) This would cause a run on the American dollar and it would lose 50%-60% of its value. (13) The dollar losing 50% of its value means gasoline and most manufactured items would go up in price by100%. (14) Without the ability to sell Bonds to foreign buyers, the government would have to monetize the Federal Reserve (i.e. inflation). The dollar would lose 70% of its value, and interest rates would be 25% to 35%. (15) America, as we know it today, would be gone forever.

Washington has probably never thought of the above series of events. However, I'm sure they are crystal clear in Osama bin Laden's mind.

Many people in the American firearms industry mistakenly believe that if America suffers a nuclear attack, or a depression, the left wing Democrats will sweep into power. They are totally and absolutely wrong.
The left wing Democrats will be lucky to not end up hanging from lampposts. The American government will change into a moralistic and authoritarian form. The Libertarian Party, Patriot Party and the America First Workers Party will replace the Democratic Party. The Republicans might also be replaced.

The left-wing Democrats are not the long-term danger to our firearms industry. They're all the walking dead. The danger is the possibility of a furious police state with only the police legally owning firearms. The NRA's policy of moving even closer to law enforcement and the military is exactly the correct program.

In relation to New Orleans, everyone is saying, “This didn't have to happen." And everyone is asking, “What went wrong?"

True, New Orleans should have had only 1/50th the damage it suffered. The flood, looting and arson didn't have to happen. What went wrong is the Democratic Party. New Orleans is a perfect example of a one Party plantation city with its priorities ass backwards. If the shit head Democrats had put as much effort into flood control as they put into gun control the flood would have never happened.

I think the administration in New Orleans should be charged with criminal negligence. They should be held personally liable for the damages. This is a situation where I would recommend the people and business owners of New Orleans, the shipping companies, oil companies and the insurance companies, hire lawyers, lots of lawyers, and sue the City and the Mayor.

Look at Detroit, in 1927 is was the richest big city in the world. Today it's a one party plantation city paid for in large part with Federal money extorted from taxpayers everywhere in America. Does the Democratic Mayor of Detroit worry about most of his city looking like something you'd find in the Congo? No way, he spends his time and your tax money trying to stop White people in upper Michigan from buying deer guns! In my opinion, most of the Democratic Party Mayors in most of the plantation cities are assholes.

A hundred years from now, in 2105, a student will ask their teacher. “Back in the last half of the 20th century, did America really spend two trillion dollars to create African style ghettos in America's big cities?"

The teacher will say, “Yes, it's hard to believe, but they did."

The student will ask. “But why?"

The teacher will answer, “Well, sometimes nations just go crazy. Why did the cultured Germans, in a free and democratic election, vote Adolf Hitler into power? Why did the Russians think Joseph Stalin was a great humanitarian? Why did the North Korean military enslave their own people? Why did the Cubans love Castro's poverty producing fascism for half a century? Many times a nation's people just don't think about what they're doing."

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