Title: Chicken George Comes Home To Roost
Author: Andrew Molchan
Date: Wed September 14th, 2005

Chicken George Comes Home To Roost

The following article is my personal opinion, and my personal view of the world.

(Sept. 11th 2005, Ft. Lauderdale) I have a reputation for telling it like it is, and this article is especial to the point. The opinions in this article are my personal opinions. New Orleans has opened a lot of festering sores that have been growing worse and worse for 40 years. Yes, we should turn it all into a national debate, and fight it out. Yes, the corruption and American weakness exposed by Katrina should be central to the 2006 elections. It's time to stop pretending that everything is just wonderful and the massive mistakes the Democrats continues to impose on all Americans are cost free.

It's a few weeks after Katrina hit New Orleans and things are still a mess. If you have read my columns for years, you know I've said the government's priorities have been ass-backwards. For years I've said the left-wing stone brain Democrats Washington still think it's 1960. They still think America is half of the world's economy, half of the world's production, and American can make massive mistakes and all the mistakes are cost free.

What better example than gun control? Back in 1961, when I was captain or my college debating team, gun control was that year's national topic for all college debates. During the last 44 years, how many billions of man-hours, and billions of dollars, have been squandered on efforts to disarm honest American citizens? If the Democrats in New Orleans had put half as much effort into flood control as they put into gun control the situation today would be 1000% better.

Over the last 30 years, in the pages of AFI, I must have written at least a hundred times, “Gun control short-circuits the whole law enforcement system specifically, and much of the total system in general."

America's founding fathers were a million times smarter than today's anti-gun half-wits. America's founding political geniuses had it right in 1776. Armed honest citizens are the solution, not the problem. If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

Today's communist anti-gun jerks like to say. “1776 was a long time ago, things change." Wrong! In 1776 our founding fathers had 4000 years of written history to study, and to see what dumb Homo sapiens in governments consistently did wrong for thousands of years. America's founding fathers read history, and learned, and put their knowledge into the Bill of Rights.

America's current anti-gun idiots are incapable of effective thought about either the past or the future. They sincerely believe in spending massive amounts of money on “socialist engineering." They believe they can take genetically stupid and violent people and turn them into Bill Gates. They've already borrowed, and then wasted two trillion dollars to prove themselves wrong, but they still refuse to learn.

We, the working citizens of America, are liable for all of the wasted money. Somewhere in the future, through a combination of inflation, and a reduction in living standards, we'll have to pay all the wasted money back.

Katrina and New Orleans is a test for the Republicans. The Democrats will do the only thing they know how to do, blame somebody else. Louisiana has been a major oil and gas producing State for over a hundred years. It's still a major oil State. The Port of New Orleans makes a fortune. There are gambling casinos, farms, manufacturing, tourism in New Orleans, conventions, sports and tons of money. The crooked Democrats have also been in power in New Orleans and Louisiana for a lifetime. Where has the money gone? Billions and billions went down the rat hole of Democratic Party corruption. The current Democratic Party bullshit is that Louisiana has always been a poor State, and the reason why the levee broke is because the Republicans didn't tax everyone else in America to pay for what poor, natural resource barren, Louisiana couldn't afford. If the Republicans lay down for that crap, they deserve to lose nationally in 2006 elections.

The corrupt Democratic politicians of New Orleans never asked President Bush how to spend the oil riches of Louisiana and shipping riches New Orleans. But now that their live only for today corruption has produced a national American tragedy that will cost all Americans a lot of money, it's all President Bush's fault. Sure!

How about the tradition “conservative" American idea of taking responsibility for yourself? I live right in the middle of the hurricane zone. I built my house up, I built it to withstand a hurricane, and I have a big generator in my back yard that can run my total house. A generator I used for 4 days when Katrina first hit Florida on it's way to New Orleans. My role model is John Wayne, it's not Stepin Fetchit. I believe if Americas going to survive the 21st century it has to reject the Democratic Party's current Stepin Fetchit mind-set, and go back to being John Wayne.

Here's a short list of what government should have been, and should be, worrying about:

1. American has to de-communize its legal system. We have a communist system that says if some stupid person is hurt through their own irresponsible actions, they are not responsible, and somebody, somewhere, has to pay. America's communist legal system is destroying American's manufacturing.
2. We have to dismantle America's big-factory school system. A nightmare of bussing kids to schools that are like Soviet factories. This is another example of the Democrats wasting five trillion dollars to fix something that wasn't broken. We need to return to community-based schools.
3. Schools must stop having “the love of diversity" as their main objective, and they have to return to learning as their main objective. This is another example of left-wing Democrats doing massive and irreparable damage to America's standard of living.
4. Schools that tell kids with mediocre performance that they're just wonderful and they should be proud. Those schools are enemies of both their students and America. It's not a closed world, and the false “pride" in mediocrity isn't going to make those kids effective competitors against the Chinese, Japanese and Europeans.
5. Hot bodies that can't speak English, and have no 21st century skills, should not be coming into America for any reason. Those like the above who are here already, should be sent back.
6. As of 2005, there are 4 States where Whites are a minority. Texas was the most recent State with that “honor." So, in Texas, if there's a government job between a White person and a non-White person, and everything else is equal, does “affirmative action" mean the White person gets the job? Or will it be like Detroit where Whites are a small minority but Blacks always get the government job?
7. There are probably twenty million people who were born in America, but refuse to think of themselves as Americans, and mainly hate America in general, and White America in particular. The government should offer them free tickets to Africa or South America. The only condition is they give up their American citizenship.
8. Most government people are lawyers who sincerely believe law and government create all of America's wealth. America needs government to DECREASE by at least 20%.
9. One place where more laws are need is the area of factory and business protection. Manufacturers need new laws to protect their property from the Genghis Khan horde of American lawyers, taxes, fees, and stupid regulations. The recent law to protect firearms manufacturers is a step in the correct direction (if passed), but we need a lot more of the same for all American manufacturers and business.
10. Modern nuclear power plants are very safe. In the last 50 years more Americans have died in Teddy Kennedy's car than in American nuclear power plant accidents. We need to pass laws to get the gray haired hippy dippys off our backs, and to build 200 new power plants in America. The United Nations Science Form, hardly a right-wing organization, just released the results of a big 2005 study of the 1986 Chernobl nuclear power-plant accident. Of the 600,000 emergency workers, and local resident evacuees, after 19 years, the cancer rate is only 3% higher than normal. Modern American nuclear plant designs are a 1000% better than the Chernoble plant. Right now, today, if the Saudi Arabians said they would only take payment in Euros rather than American dollars, America would be up shits creek with a broken paddle and a leaky canoe.
11. New Orleans proves what I've been saying for years. The one-party big city dictatorships that are spread across America have their priorities backwards. A federal management agency should be set up to legally manage local priorities and local taxes. Because these big city one-party dictatorships have no political opposition, there's little to keep them honest. It's like New Orleans, tons of money for private airplanes for the Mayor, big parties, Black History celebrations, African Heritage Month, etc. but no money to straighten the levee! So when the levee breaks from the hurricane everyone knew would hit someday, it's the fault of White people everywhere else in America! It just like “gun control," some ass hole gets drunk, plays with a loaded gun, shoots himself in the foot, and it's the gun manufacturers fault!

I do have a talent for seeing the future. If America keeps doing things the easy way, rather than the right way, when the depression comes, and it's out there somewhere, it will be all the worse. It's just like New Orleans. A hurricane hitting New Orleans was never a question of “if," but only a question of “when."

I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. Let me point out something you've probably never noticed. In African-American talk, there is no future tense.

A big part of everyone's thought process is done with language. Being skilled with language means you can think more effectively, and the other way around.

Black governments cannot plan for the future because African-American talk has no future tense. Most native African languages have no, or a very weak, future tense. Show me a dedicated “African-American" and I'll show you somebody who cannot really grasp the concept of, “five years from now." In African-American there's only the here and now. I become profoundly unset when I see public schools teaching in African-American present tense only English rather than traditional English.

Standard English, if used correctly, is one of the world's best languages for effective thinking about the future. If you have kids, one of the best things you can do for them is teach them good English.

Language is one of the main reasons why AIDS has exploded in Africa. There are, and have been, thousands of American and European White health workers in Black Africa. They've been there for years, and have always had unlimited supplies of free condoms to prevent Africans from getting AIDS. However, if most Black Africans are not sick today, their languages cannot grasp the concept of “tomorrow."

The above is one of the reasons why AIDS in African-Americans is 100% higher then White Americans and Black Americans who have learned regular English. See for yourself, turn on a Black rap radio station and listen to the words. There's no future tense, and there's no future though. Like, if the levee isn't broken today, why think about it when there's money to spend on today's good times.

There's a total and immediate cure for AIDS in Africa. It's the ultimate book of instructions, the Bible. Don't have sex until you're married, and then only have sex with your spouse. God said, don't go out and screw everything that moves!

Most people think if times become really bad the socialist and left-wing Democrats will come into power. I can see the future, and they are wrong. The Communists and Democrats have no answers. All their programs are horrible failures. They only know how to blame outer people, like they blame we honest gun owners for the crime infested Africa ghettos they built in every big city in America. They blame the Republicans for the corruption and laziness of the long term Democratic Party dictatorship in New Orleans. Question, what's the difference between New Orleans and a typical Black African country? Answer, “not much."

It's time for America to learn what the Russians and Chinese learned. We can't afford socialism, and can't afford the left-wing Democrats and their suicidal delusions.

Andrew Molchan, PGRA President

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