Title: A Gun Writer Has Fun With The Internet
Author: Andrew Molchan
Date: Wed October 12th, 2005

Jeff Quinn is a member of a gun writers group started some time ago by John Taffen. Mr. Quinn writes for his website,

The writers group recently had a charity auction on and raised a nice amount. Mr. Quinn only had nice things to say about “They were a big help, and contributed their percentage of the sale. is good for many reasons. I especially like heir 15 minute rule for bidding. This way somebody with a computer program can't dominate the process. I love guns, and especially older guns. I go to the big show in Tulsa twice a year. It takes two days to just walk the show. What's nice about is you find all kinds of interesting things you only see at the biggest gun shows."

AFI asked, “How long have you been writing review articles for your website?"

He answered, “Years, but it's fun. I still type with two fingers, but I have a lot of readers. The big newsstand gun magazines have watered down articles. I guess the manufacturers don't want anything bad said about a gun even if it might be true. However, guns today are overall better than ever, most of the junk isn't made anymore."

AFI asked, “What do you like and not like about the firearms industry right now?"

He replied, “I don't like the gun companies who test market ideas at the SHOT Show. They have a prototype gun and fish for feedback, but many times they never go into production. Sometimes they do the same with articles in gun newsstand magazines. The gun written about never goes into production. I understand the manufacturer's point but it's an aggravation to me. I only write about guns that are actually in production. What do I like? I like Savage's new AccuTrigger. You don't have to pay a gunsmith $180 to adjust the trigger. If you bring the trigger pull way down, but then want to sell the gun, you can bring the pull back up so you're not selling a gun with a hair trigger. On my personal wish list side, I sure wish Colt would get their act together. It's a heart break to see a great American name like Colt flopping around like a fish in the bottom of the boat."

You can contact Mr. Quinn via his website,

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