Title: The 2005 Year End Summary
Author: Andrew Molchan
Date: Thu December 29th, 2005

The end a year is a good time for summaries. First, there's a lot of current confusion. In America, mainly about the Iraq war, but also many things.

In the 20th century, the majority of the government's analysts for Congress, the President, CIA, FBI, military, etc. have been wrong the majority of time about the future. This is true of every big government because it's systemic to all big, older, organizations, worldwide.

On the other hand, for 5000 years, there have always been a few people, usually a little wired, usually kind of anti-establishment, who have been right the majority of time. I'm one of those people. I've been correct about the majority of big grand strategy issues, all of my life.

THE WORLD, what do I see? The 21st Century has a high probability of a major war. Big, grand, shifts in civilizations always produce wars, usually big ones. For example, World War I, and its second act WW2, a short 20 years latter, and then the “Cold War." The “Cold War" wasn't so cold in Korea and Vietnam. The three-act play was fundamentally caused by European civilization shifting from rural and farm, to city and industrial factory.

Advanced countries right now, in the early 21st Century, are going from city, to spread out, and from industrial factory economy, to a “smart economy." Karl Marx was correct when he said, “When you change the means of earning a living you change the civilization."

Every major social change has produced wars. Unfortunately, there's no specific reason to think things will be different in the 21st Century. Also unfortunately, the American power structure in NOT challenging and correcting the core causes of world tensions. This is especially true in the Middle East.

THE MIDDLE EAST for America is both hope and massive danger. There is a Middle East solution that's good for America, and good for the world, but it's a solution the Washington DC power structure: Democrats, Republicans, CIA, FBI, Military, most of the big media, most of America's church leaders, etc. do NOT have the courage to face. For America's power structure the Middle East is a triumph of egotistical delusion over common sense survival. Like all great empires in decline America's power structure sincerely believes the rules of history do NOT apply to them.

The core problem is this; America is the world's biggest supporter of fascism, slavery and giant concentration camps. The sweet words of America's power structure DO NOT match our actions, and this is why most of the people in the world fear and hate us. The bullshit plays in America, but it's not playing anywhere else in the world.

What America's power structure is saying to the world is, “We support freedom and justice everywhere except those places where we support fascism and slavery." American's power structure is sincerely and honestly dumbfounded as to why their form of schizophrenia isn't playing better on the world stage.

9/11 was a wake up call. Unfortunately, America's power structure is still sleeping. If they continue to sleep, there will be other wake up calls, and so on, and so on, until we get the message and learn.

In the spring of 2005 I sent a letter to the total US Senate. It outlined exactly what had to be done to bring peace to the Middle East, and to take the American people off of the firing line. I also predicted the power structure would NOT do what was needed until after future 9/11 like wake up calls. Unfortunately, a characteristic of empires in decline is they can only learn the hard way.

Still, there is great hope. The solution for America's Middle East problems is in the collected minds of America. Without killing people or spending massive amounts of money we have the ability to dramatically turn things around for America in a matter of weeks. President Bush could make one speech and most of the world would be on our side, and offering their help. America's real enemy isn't Osama bin Laden or al Qaeda, it's American's death grip on the dead past.

It's like the main qualification for being a part of America's power structure is you have to be totally grand strategy brain dead. I'd like to go to Washington and shake people and scream, “Fucking wake up!"

At this time about 2100 American soldiers have died in Iraq. Compared to world military history that isn't much. However, I was in the Army. I had two people die in my arms. I put dead bodies into body bags. The profound sense of waste never leaves me. I think of the lives the young dead Americans could have had. The Christmas mornings, birthdays, weddings, and children they never had, and grandchildren their parents never had. If the Americans in Iraq died to help bring stability, and justice, to everyone in the Middle East that's one thing. However, if they died so the American power structure can continue to wallow in the comfortable dead past, the totally unworkable past, then that's an unforgivable sin, and in my view, murder.

At this particular point, December 2005, President Bush is standing next to Robert McNamara and Lyndon Johnson. Let us pray for President Bush to find the courage to change, and to do what's right for the American people and the world.

Andrew Molchan

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