The Unwanted Truth

The unwanted truth is that crime is NOT caused by honest people, and it's NOT caused by physical things like cars, phones, food or firearms. Every crook in the USA uses cars and phones. Banning cars would be no more effective than banning any other physical object. There was crime before cars and murder for thousands of years before firearms. On an historic percentage basis, over the last million years ROCKS have killed MORE people than firearms. Banning rocks to reduce crime is just as stupid as banning firearms to stop murder. Morality and ethics are NOT rocks and guns, rocks do NOT have morals, only people have morals.

The unwanted truth is that criminals are criminals in the USA because of three reasons: (1) Crime is a lot of fun. (2) Crime in the USA is very safe. (The average actual stay in jail for MURDER is only seven years!) (3) Crime in the USA pays, and pays well. (The potential rewards are very high, and the risk is very low.)

If anyone is NOT talking about making crime LESS FUN for criminals, they are talking B.S. If anyone is NOT talking about making crime LESS SAFE for criminals, they are talking B.S. If anyone is NOT talking about making crime LESS PROFITABLE for criminals, they are talking B.S.

THE REAL UNWANTED TRUTH: The real unwanted truth is that if the USA really wants to get serious about reducing crime, the USA is going to have to increase its execution rate to two to six criminals A DAY . And it's going to have to keep it at that rate for three to five years. This will change the mental perception of crime in the minds of criminals. This will change the equation, in the minds of the criminals, and make crime less fun, less safe and potentially very costly. We are also going to have to admit that the crime-bureaucratic complex in the USA WANTS crime, because it's very profitable for them. Crime in the USA is a bigger business than General Motors. The USA also has to take the fun, safety and profitability OUT of America's crime-bureaucratic complex. It has to make crime LESS profitable for lawyers, the courts, insurance companies and politicians.

The ultimate unwanted truth is that honest armed citizens are the only real world, workable, doable and affordable solution for reducing street crime in the USA. The sooner we admit this truth to ourselves, the sooner we can start to save lives and reduce the crushing costs of crime to average working class people. Honest Americans with firearms are NOT the problem, they're the solution.

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