Causes of Death in the U.S.

All Causes 2.155.000
Heart Disease s 734,000
Cancers 496,000
Tobacco* 320,000
Strokes & Other Cerebrovascular Dieaseases 146,000
Alcohol* 120,000
Alzheimer's Disease* 100,000
Medical Negligence* 88,000
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases 84,000
Pneumonia & Influenza 75,000
Infectious & Parasitic Diseases** 56,000
Motor Vehicle Accidents 47,000
Diabetes 47,000
All Other Accidents * Adverse Effects*** 45,000
Diseases of the Arteries 43,000
Suicide*** 30,000
Cirrhosis & Other Liver Diseases 26,000
Nephritis & Other Kidney Diseases 23,000
Homicide & Legal Intervention 22,000


* Estimated causes may overlap with official causes-asp. tobacco with cancer and heart disease, and alcohol with cirrhosis, homicide and motor vehicle and other accidents
** Because of the dramatic increase in deaths from AIDS, as of 1989, more American males died of AIDS than of homicide.
*** This includes the reported deaths from medical mistakes and about 1,400 firearms related accidental deaths
**** Roughly 60% involve firearms. Using the above listing, the total for firearms related deaths at about 33,000 would fall between arterial diseases and suicide. Advice columnist Ann Landers, with typical inaccuracy, has falsely reported that firearms are the fourth leading cause of death in America.



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